1. Stevie1982

    Mapping and warranty

    So I've had the c63 for a month or so now and it's by far the most enjoyable car I've had to date. From a back ground of tuned cars so would like to have the car mapped. Not so much for the top end figures but as it makes the car more responsive and driveable. Now I've been hearing great things...
  2. P

    Warranty Due

    My c63 manufacturers warranty ends in 3 weeks time, does MB get in touch about extending warranty or is it left to the customer to contact MB, just curious as I would have thought MB would have been in contact by now?
  3. K

    Thoughts on extended warranty for C63?

    Warranty on my 2013 C63 is coming to an end in a couple of days and was wondering how many of you opted to for the extended warranty? MB is quoting £1,293 for tier 1 with no excess (£980 with £250 excess). Given that I don't put on a lot of milege on the car (<3,000 miles in 8 months) and...
  4. Cousy

    Warranty Advice

    Having now owned my C63 coupe for 6 months the dealer's 6month RAC warranty has now expired. Has anyone got any recommendations on decent warranties or advice on the MB Warranty? The car has not missed a beat and has a full MB service history, 62 reg with 26K Miles, do I risk it and not...
  5. I

    Should I purchase extended warranty protection for CL600 (and a couple of other q's)?

    Hi all, I have a 2007 CL600 which I bought last July. I bought with c35k miles on it and it now has 40k miles. I bought from a MB dealer so got the usual UsedApproved 12 month warranty. Since that time, I have got a major service (spark plugs changed etc). In my time of ownership it has been...
  6. P

    Which cars have the 30 year Mobilio warranty?

    Bit confused. I keep hearing conflicting info. Some say its only cars registered upto 2008, others say different. Can anyone clarify please? Just don't want to buy AA if I have the Mobilio thing. Thanks
  7. V

    Tier 1 warranty worth it?

    Been quoted £1597 for tier 1 warranty on my December 2011 facelift C63 AMG saloon. This was quoted online. £250 excess. I haven't called MB to enquire about the ins and outs of the warranty.. Cars a facelift 2011 with 47,000 miles and full MBSH. Mods are secondary cat deletes, quaife...
  8. M

    Mb extended warranty

    Anybody any experience of Mercedes extended warranties, cost, value for money etc? How much do they wriggle if you try to claim etc. Cheers.
  9. toffee-pie

    3 month warranty Q

    Guys, I still dont have my CL55, (still in process of selling Lexus plus the CL has been at a specialist getting ready, MOT and a clean bill of health (engine mounts were required)). When I pick her up (cars are always female...:crazy:) what does a 3 month warranty cover exactly...
  10. C


    Just noticed a 2" square of micro blisters on my Obsidian Black W205 rear bumper, is that covered under warranty?
  11. Growy16


    The missus' Ml63 has gone in for a recurring ESP light on and it's got itself mixed up in a technical case that we had hoped was closed out a year and 8000 miles ago. That saw me and Daimler UK CEO Gary Savage going nose to nose and the W164 whipped smartly onto a car transporter and teleported...
  12. HughJarse

    Extended Warranty

    When I put my car reg into here https://www.mercedes-benzwarranty.co.uk/CarDetails/Index It brings up the completely wrong car... right class, but wrong model, even down to it being auto and not manual and diesel not petrol... Does this happen to anyone else??
  13. Palfrem

    Warranty issue (Not MB)

    Some of you may know I bought a AUC Range Rover last year. there was a host of faults present but I liked the car and persevered until the dealer had got them all fixed. It has recently (2 weeks) started not opening the OSF doors. Not even from inside. It was recovered to a LR main...
  14. D

    Servicing and warranty

    Hello I purchased a 2012 E250 last Aug, currently still in warranty till Aug 16. The car requires a B service and I was hoping to use a local specialist, who has always looked after my cars. German specialist. Had a search of the forums and the warranty booked but wanted to check if it would...
  15. J

    E55k one owner black low miles tier 1 warranty

  16. J

    CLS 350 - Problems Soon After Purchase - Reassurance Needed!

    Evening all. I'm in York and recently (10 days ago) bought a 2010 CLS 350 Grand with 50,000 on the clock. Bought from a Mercedes dealership (not in York) with the usual one year breakdown and warranty (just as well). Unfortunately I've hardly driven it as it was towed following a power steering...
  17. N

    Retro Fit Reversing Camera Warranty

    Hi I am new to the forum and have just purchase a 2014 E class SE. I would have liked to have got one with a reversing camera but i had no luck finding one. I have looked at getting a camera retro fitted and think i can get one with turning circle indication guide lines. Can any one tell me...
  18. P


    My C63 has developed a ticking noise from the engine:( Its 2 years 7 months old. Is it still covered by MB warranty if so how long is the MB warranty as my handbook says 2 years. Just bracing myself as it sounds expensive!! Thanks
  19. W

    Picking up my first MB tomorrow (2012 w204 C220 AMG Sport Plus) do I need a warranty?

    Hi guys I will be picking up a used 2012 w204 C220 AMG Sport Plus tomorrow from a small independent garage. Car is in great condition has 35K miles and comes with full MB service history. Should I look to buy a warranty for the car as being a MB I assume any repairs will be costly. If a...
  20. T

    06' E320 Dumb bi-xenons

    hello. 1st forum ever and 1st MB car brought in Sept 2015 with useless warranty from Mb indy in leicester. I also have issue's with injectors on this 101k E320cdi 2006 facelift avntgarde estate brought for £7500. 1/Since purchase ,the lights were very poor so issue raised with supplying garage...
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