1. J

    E300 Hybrid - gearbox gone just outside warranty

    :fail So my immaculate and always MB serviced E330h needs a brand new gearbox! 40 months old, 85k miles. Never thrashed or abused. Apparently an internal failure of some kind has destroyed the gearbox. I'm getting a decent contribution by my dealer (MB Oxford) who have been good, but it...
  2. MD5

    Car Care Plan warranty

    I'm considering buying a car that has a 6 month Car Care Plan "B" warranty on it. Does anyone have any experience of them please?
  3. H

    extended warranty

    does anybody know the cost of an extended warranty for a 2012 c class 180 petrol as the web site wont tell me as my warranty is still valid until march . Just wondering if the cost differs or are the prices same no matter what car you have got .
  4. John

    Warranty Wise?

    So I've heard mixed good and bad reviews for Warranty Direct - more good than bad it has to be said. I've read some bad stuff on here on Warranty Wise - anyone had any recent or fairly recent experience with them? I'm not a big fan of these warranties as everything seems to be not covered...
  5. russwagg

    Approved used service - warranty.

    Brought my 2013 C204 in April last year, B service is now due; dilemma is, pay £600 for Merc to do it or pay around £200 for someone else to do exactly the same service.? However burning question is, if anything is found wrong at Mercedes would they repair it under their warranty or would I...
  6. B

    Mercedes tier 1 warranty

    Hi everyone. Picked up my new to me 2014 s350 today. The Mercedes warranty runs out on the last day of January and I really don't fancy paying £1400 for the Merc tier 1 if there are any alternatives. Can anyone suggest one that they have bought and claimed on? I'll go with Merc one for peace of...
  7. N

    Extended used car warranty

    The Approved Used MB warranty for my late 2011 E class cabriolet, E350 Cdi Sport expires in a months time. Mileage 41,000. I have just been quoted for a Tier 1 extended warranty with no excess of £667. I had already dismissed extending the warranty as I was led to believe it would be far more...
  8. L

    Dealer warranty

    Hi I bought a 2003 M series at the end of October with a three month warranty backed up by A1 Approved. Within a week the pads light came on, dealer said that was wear and tear so I paid a local mechanic £100 for new pads all round. A few weeks later it struggled to start one cold morning and...
  9. Doc matt

    No checks when purchasing tier 1 warranty.

    I've had my CLS63 a month now and to be safe I purchased a Tier 1 warranty this afternoon online via the mb warranty website. :cool: Years ago When I bought a second hand 911 without warranty I purchased a warranty from Porsche for 12 months and as part of the warranty purchasing I had to...
  10. C


    Hi guys selling my c63 6.3 amg i wont bore you woth the details were all petrol heads on here and know there 450 bhp plus etc. Mines a great example is a merc used approved car bought in may so still has 6 months full mb tier 1 warranty left. Obviously has full mb history great bodywork etc...
  11. C

    C350e battery warranty & space in estate

    I'm very tempted to order a C350e estate but have a few questions that I haven't managed to get answers to: What is the warranty period on the battery pack? What are the expected life of the battery pack and the projected cost of replacement? How much space (linear, rather than volume) is...
  12. Piff

    Extended warranty

    Letter from MB today inviting us to extend the warranty on our E Cab 250CDi Car is registered April 2013 and has 20k miles They are offering 1 year extension to the Tier 1 warranty at a cost of £667.70 with 0 excess, £624.80 with £100 excess or £537.90 with £250 excess. In the last year the...
  13. A

    MOT warranty help

    Purchased a E class from a dealer in Feb, I pointed out at the time of collection that the discs have a heavy groove which I was assured was within tollerance. Car has covered 10k since and now due its mot. Question is, going through the terms and conditions of the warranty, it says if the...
  14. merc85

    Would you buy from dealer without warranty?

    As above been offered a Merc without warranty and i would presume as is "Trade Sale" so by by rights etc Dealer says for a £300 it would include "a" warranty, What would you guys do? It would be no different really to buying a vehicle from a private seller, Also the 3 month Sales of goods...
  15. J

    Warranty Claim - Please Help (2013 E-Class Coupe)

    Hi all. I have a facelift late 2013 E-Class Coupe E220 diesel in the UK. There are three faults I am currently aware of but would like to understand if there is other work I should be asking to be fixed under warranty. Main faults: 1) Distance Warning will alarm on the motorway almost...
  16. F

    Aftermarket warranty?

    So after having my CLS63 (W219) for over a month, I thought the possibility of head bolt and tappet issue wouldn't worry me too much, or at least, too soon, however I'm thinking of one thing or the other and can't quite decide which way to go. Do I pay for the SLS buckets and revised (or...
  17. Stevie1982

    2014 C63, 8700 miles, extended warranty

    After only a few months of ownership I've had a huge blow dealt from work, they have decide to make my position redundant and my future after 9 years service looks to be over (find out Monday) so covering some bases this would be a very reluctant sale of my C63. I bought the car from Ascot...
  18. J

    Brake pad and alignment issues after only 5 months - any rights?

    Hi all. My 2010 CLS 350 Grand is in for its Service D today. It's 5 months and around 4,500 since I bought it. They've called to say that the front alignment is out and the rear pads are 80% worn. I'm not surprised they didn't offer to fix either of these things under the 12 month approved...
  19. Bigrichw

    All fixed under warranty

    Just had my CLS55 back from MB Nottingham with a bill of £2300..! Work done: Dynamic seat pump replaced Vacuum tank replaced Hydraulic oil lines to oil cooler replaced Cam covers re-sealed V belts replaced Reseal leaking breather boxes Now she is 100% fault free, and was all done...
  20. A

    W219 CLS alloy wheel warranty?

    I have a late 2010 CLS Grand Edition and the polished alloy lacquer has started to flake and bubble quite badly. I'm looking at a a bill of £400 to have the wheels refurbished and diamond cut again, but does anyone know if wheels are subject to the same warranty as car bodywork? Would be...
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