1. R

    E350 CDI Sport....3 weeks on

    I bought my late 2011 Mercedes E350 CDi Sport Coupe in Metallic White three weeks ago from a main dealer in Stockport. Its a lovely looking thing and I actually prefer it to the facelift model which replaced it. Its got the panoramic sunroof which looks great but doesnt have COMMAND which is...
  2. S

    3 weeks, 2 days and counting...

    ...until my C350e estate is delivered. Ordered just before Christmas and I finally got the "in stock" call from the dealership on Friday. This will be my first MB after several other German motors.
  3. S

    W213 SE Estate 8 weeks in

    This is my feedback on the first 8 weeks of living with my new E class estate. 1. It is true, you can only get into 9th gear if you are in excess of the motorway speed limit. At 75 mph indicated speed, the gearbox smoothly moves into 9th. 2. On long motorway runs I have returned figures...
  4. mcshape

    Adaptive Main Beam assist INOPERATIVE! 3 weeks left on warranty!

    Hey everyone!, This is my first post, delighted to be here. Have trwled the threads the last 2 weeks about this error but said i would ask the question see if anyone could advise. I have a 2010 W212 E200 CDI Avantgarde with the Active BiXenon lights. About a month ago the drivers side xenon went...
  5. gaz_l

    Acer 8” Windows 10 Tablet – 3 weeks old

    I have for sale an Acer Iconia 8” Tablet PC. Bought on a whim over Christmas, on the pretext that I might be able to use it to run the company MRP software when walking around as opposed to at my desk. Unsurprisingly, trying to run a heavy duty relational database on something with an Atom...
  6. Palfrem

    Cyprus mid-Feb for two weeks?

    Never been to Cyprus before, just remember all those BFPO names from Worldwide Family Favourites when I was a lad. Any recommendations as to locations please? Doubt we'll need too much kicking night-life or pitchers of vodka. Ideally need places to be mostly on the flat due to ticker...
  7. M

    C63, 6 weeks with no use

    I'll be working away for 6 weeks from 26th June and was wondering if there's anything I'd need to do with my C63. I'll obviously leave the park break off as to avoid the brakes sticking, but should I need to put it on a trickle charge or anything else? In the past I always ended up with a flat...
  8. Ajay Bhatoa

    3 weeks into ownership problems!

    Hey guys, Had my car about 3 weeks and for the last week it's been in the garage because the panoramic roof will not open! They've changed the control motor and still it's getting stuck.. Now they're saying it all needs fully replacing. Is this common? Also what are my rights. An almost 20k...
  9. M

    Worth delaying Reg by 2 weeks..???

    My Merc is expected to be in Feb second week. Is it worth waiting another 2 weeks and get it registered in March 2016 to get '16' plate...?? Is there any danger in keeping vehicle @ dealer for 2 weeks ..? Will they use new car as 'test drive car'..??:devil:
  10. CSR

    This makes eBay one of a few weeks ago look a steal at £12,200

    Used 2002 Mercedes-Benz AMG E55 AMG for sale in Rutland | Pistonheads
  11. D

    First few weeks with w211 e55

    I thought I'd jot down a few notes about my initial experiences. Generally good, very comfortable and large, certainly easier to manage with than the impreza it will ultimately replace. Goes well enough although maybe not as quick as I had imagined. It might be that you don't get that much sense...
  12. RyanTheSeaOtter

    Second Mercedes in as many weeks :-)

    Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I purchased a lovely S600 coupe and since then my better half has been moaning non stop about her car - problem solved. I picked up a black SLK 230 on a 52 plate with only 60k on the clock, 2 keys and a 12 month MOT with nothing advised and of course a little...
  13. M

    Busy couple of weeks

    Over the last few weeks I decided to try and bring the old barge up to date and I'm quite pleased with the outcome so far. She started off as a completely standard W211 E320 CDI. First thing to do was add some LED bulbs and HID headlights. After this was the addition of the wind deflectors and...
  14. bpsorrel

    Two weeks left with my SLK!

    Unbelievably, two years with my SLK have just flown by! I loved every moment with this car, albeit I only managed 8000 miles with it. So, feeling like I hadn't fully scratched the itch, I will be welcoming a new SLK to my drive in three weeks time! :D:D:D A bit higher spec this time...
  15. Lapchien

    CLS 400 Back To The Dealers After 3 Weeks

    Bought a new CLS400 and 3 weeks later the engine management light comes on. So I call in at the dealers, thinking it's going to be a quick wait while you reset the fault code. It turns out that I needed a new NOX sensor, and the technician said that the wiring loom was trapped and not...
  16. Palfrem

    Pension company website down for almost two weeks

    The company that handles the funds in one of my pots' website has been down for two weeks. I've emailed their IT bods but nothing really concrete by way of a date to have it back up. Does it take that long to fix a website or is there a more sinister work afoot bearing in mind the...
  17. P

    Not running C63 for 2 weeks

    Since i bought the car, its been in constant use. I am going to store it in the garage for two weeks while i am away on business. Just wondering if i should disconnect the battery or not to avoid battery being flat while i away. it's a two year old vehicle.
  18. C

    2 weeks in, how she looks

    [/URL. [URL=http://s255.photobucket.com/user/craigo_album/media/image.jpg4_zpseixqhglw.jpg.html] New continental sport 5 tyres Sourced 18" AMG alloys New discs and pads all around Powder coated wheels Windbreaker Major service Exterior paint detail What a difference spending a little cash...
  19. DazNich

    Owned the C63 for 4 weeks and started changes already

    Well what an amazing motor this is, puts everything else I've owned to shame, even the E90 M3 isn't a patch on the smile factor this car gives me. The only thing I didn't like was black wheels so decided to have them back to the normal silver, collected the car this morning and just can't...
  20. R

    rear ended, 3 weeks before lease expiry.

    Typical! Almost 2 years of ding free motoring, ready to hand back a pristine c63 and someone runs into me at a roundabout. I was fuming. The damage can hardly be seen, but I suspect the whole bumper has moved by a couple of mm, so there was no way I was letting go of that one without getting...
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