1. E

    Printing MB WIS

    Hi All, I have aquired a soft copy of the workshop manual. My laptop is running Windows 7, but the WIS runs on Windows XP which is running on a Virtual Machine (emulator). I want to print out odd pages so I can work on the car with the info in my oily hands. I'm sure others must have come across...
  2. astamir

    WIS part identification help

    Hi guys! Help needed with WIS and part identification. Was servicing w208 clk320 today and the black pipe that goes from the manifold to master cylinder broke off, it looked like someone tried to repair it before. The pipe itself looks ok just the black plastic connector that connects the pipe...
  3. bikesforme

    wis and epc

    Anybody using this and know how to find out how check model designation. On my clk 230 kompressor they list 4 model designations. 208347,208348,208447 and 20844i, how do i find out which one covers my car. Thanks
  4. T

    A207 Driver Seat WIS

    Anyone have a WIS sheet for removing the rear panels on the driver's seat - I need to replace the lever (700) that folds the seat forward- I have the back panel off but need to remove the next panel Item 380.
  5. M

    Paying for WIS (Vacuum pipe)

    Hi All, I recently had some work done at a local garage on my W204 220Cdi (they changed the EGR Cooler and stop some blows from it) however i now have a pipe left off which they said they thought vented to atmosphere.. The pipe is sucking rather than blowing. Long and short is, I think...
  6. Timster

    WIS instructions - Removal of rear bumper S211 (2003)

    Hi Folks. I've searched all over adn got many different How To's for the removal of the rear bumper on my S211 E320CDI 2003 estate, but would love a copy of the WIS instruction / diagram. Can anyone help with this? I'm fitting a towbar at the weekend! Cheers. Tim.
  7. jasons

    ebay WIS discs,are they any good.

    hi has anybody had any experience with the ebay WIS discs are they any good and work ok or would I be wasting my money.if you have purchased some and they are ok could you point me in the right direction.
  8. R

    Mercedes Electronic Parts Catalogue online and WIS.

    I've just subscribed to the online Mercedes Electronic Parts Catalogue(EPC) for a year. I assumed this gave access to the Workshop Information System(WIS) but the tab for it is greyed out on the webpage and I can't access it. Is it accessible with the online EPC or is it unavailable in the...
  9. D

    Comand in WIS

    What section do I need to look in, in WIS to find info on wiring, etc for comand modules? Tried electrical but the stereo does not seem to appear? Probably just me, as there is so many catagories. Trying to find info on location, wiring etc for TV tuner Neil
  10. B

    Wis Epc

    This is without doubt the worst and hardest to use manufacturers data system ever invented, the person who designed it should be shot in front of a firing squad, i personally would pay to fire the first shots. Over the years i have subscribed to many manufactures data programs and never ever...
  11. Dave Richardson

    Part number needed or WIS scheme sketch

    I've just replaced the centre air vent in my 2002 CL203 with one that has illuminated dials. The e bay seller had cut the cable just away from the plug that fits into the socket which is mounted to the air vent; there are two wires coming form the plug 1 wire is brown & the second blue with...
  12. pfarre10

    MB WIS & EPC workshop guide and parts (using for Vito Van)

    Hi all. Posted a few threads and realised everyone else seems to have access to knowledge I don't. Bit of internet trickery later I've installed the MB WIS & EPC. 40gb in size I'm assured it knows everything about every vehicle made! Problem is its like photoshop to operate. I'm...
  13. L

    Picture of w220 front suspension on WIS?

    Hi All I have a couple of suspension issues on my 2001 S320cdi which I need to get sorted asap. It was reported to me that front lower ball joints were worn to excess and yesterday whilst changing the oil I had a look when the car was up on axel stands. There appears to be two 'arms'...
  14. B

    mercedes WIS subscription???

    Hi Guys, How do i subscribe to the genuine WIS system as i don't want any ebay copies or downloads. Looked online but can't seem to find it. Already have a 2008 E320 estate, just bought a damaged 2010 Ml350, probably getting another damaged 2008 E320 estate on friday, so need WIS for parts...
  15. KillerHERTZ

    WIS Wanted - to remove CLS W219 central console/gear surround

    Anyone happen to have a copy please? :thumb:
  16. P

    Can anyone post Rear suspension WIS please?

    Hi All I am looking at having my rear suspension arms replaced. Can anyone provide with a WIS pic of the rear set up please? Its a 2003 CLK Convertible 320 Thanks
  17. simon1966

    W211 - WIS instructions for front and rear bumper removal and side mouldings

    W211 - WIS instructions needed for front and rear bumper removal and side mouldings Hi All I'm about to embark on some work on my car including re-painting both bumpers and possibly de-chroming the side mouldings. I wondered if anyone on here has access to WIS and can post up the stages...
  18. Andy67

    Help with WIS part numbers

    Hi Guys Really need some help with my CLK 270 2003 W209 MOT is due in Jan, just had my Auto box Recon and new RAD,, because of the Valeo Rad... Had new front springs fitted back springs yet to fit. had the car 3 mths. After this costly work and payment taken, they show me the shake down...
  19. Kingpin!

    EPC WIS ASRA etc.

    I wonder what possible alternatives there are for access to spare parts catalogues and possible workshop instructions how to change/repair different parts on a modern MB? I understand that some information are available online and free via Russian sites (but that is in Russian) and also via...
  20. Danny DeVito

    What about WIS

    I understand talking about wis etc can be not allowed, but how much chat about it is allowed ? I mean obviously 'getting it' etc with links etc. is not. I just wondered if general support is allowed or is it ...shut up :(
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