1. The Boss

    las vegas MERCEDES Pics and other Marques.. WOW

    Hello, hope you all are well. I Have added numerous pics from out here in Vegas of the various mercs I saw and other top Marques. Hope you like. enjoy... more to follow..
  2. 0

    Wow 190E Top Gear Rally

    Looks like a Evo II! Kind of fulfilled what Merc had for the 190E 2.5 in the first place!
  3. A

    SL65 Black (wow!)

    Was in WHSmiths today reading EVO or Car (think it was CAR) SL65 Black.....WOW !!! Just googled it. It takes a while to load up, its worth it. :bannana: Dear Santa I've been very good all year.......
  4. S

    GTechniq C1 coating applied - wow!

    The filthmobile went back to Bryan @ for it's final treatment for the winter - he's removed all the stone chips and treated the paintwork to an application of GTechniq C1 - I am astonished by the results! Today was a perfect sunny autumn Friday for a few farm pics :)
  5. J

    wow 35.5 mpg from a V6

    Driving from the Wirral to Leeds yesterday in ordinary traffic in my 1998 CLK 320 I was amazed to discover the car averaging 35.5 MPG. I was driving normally between 60 and 70 sometimes lower sometimes higher depending on traffic. At one point it even got up to 36.2 before I hit Leeds city...
  6. High-Lo

    Cherished Number SL55 WOW

    Looks like the plate still hasn't sold since June 2005 when it was on offer for £8000. Now available and starting at just £1k which actually looks like a good buy. I blame the credit crunch...
  7. C

    WOW!!! The only book!!!!

    Hello! I discover this book: It's amaizing!!!!
  8. A

    VXR8 Sound..... wow

    Hello I was at Cheshire oaks the other evening and one of these started up and just cruised out of the car park...what a rumble... Then I heared it being opened up on the dual carraigeway just a little distance away.....wwwoooooowwww OK I know its a vauxhall but at this price /...
  9. A

    SL500 £24995.... wow thats a lot of car..

    Didn't know these are at this price now... A lot of car for the price of a 200SLK (second hand) :)
  10. S


    Just Dreaming..... [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  11. Bobby Dazzler

    Mikesslk - CLK55 AMG - WOW!!

    Nice car!! :cool: What a colour is it? Not seen anything like it before. Is it a designo colour, a lens, photoshop, or just unusual? It gets the Dazzler seal of approval.
  12. Iain

  13. andy_cyp

    Wow... Clk Dtm Vs Yamaha R1

    Let the vid do the talking.
  14. R

    Wow, talk about great service!!!

    Okay, to cut a long story short, I live in Peterborough (Cambs) and because I have the MIL warning light return (after having all the fault codes cleared) I took my car to the local MB dealers today:rolleyes: Anyway they diagnosed the fault and quoted me £1475 to rectify it :shock: Having...
  15. H

    CL63- Wow!

    I found this review in Car Magazine by Ben Whitworth. What a good read: - “The CL63 AMG is the thirteenth model in the AMG line-up (the S63, is the fourteenth) and frankly, it's bloody marvellous. Muscular yet agile, sophisticated and powered by a magnificent engine, it makes the Bentley GT...
  16. P

    Wow, no more duty on biodiesel commencing 30th June !!!

    Wow, no more duty on biodiesel commencing 30th June !!! Had a look on the hmrc website and its true !! its in the whats new section for 8th June. So basically, for own use below 2500l per year you no longer have to pay a penny :D
  17. portzy


    I'm posting this with a Sony Vaio laptop and a 3g card yards away from any fixed BT socket or direct connection. This is fun, to an IT novice at any rate. Pointless post, but there you go, surely I'm allowed on now and then?. Portzy.
  18. saorbust

    Wow, what a blender... Unreal - marbles to DUST. And lots of other bits. Great advert.......its the new spirit of the old OU professors on BBC2.....
  19. grober

    BMW parts site- wow!

    Found this on another forum during my search for a cabriolet hydraulic pump. looks the business. For all you defectors out there.:D
  20. uumode

    Wow... BP ultimate keeps things clean

    I didn't totally believe the hype of it's cleaning ability. Watch this video, they re-engineered an Audi A8 V8 engine to concurrently run with normal unleaded in half it's cylinders and the other half with BP ultimate They then stick a camera down into each side of the engine - judge for...
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