1. KillerHERTZ

    'Lil Bow Wow's G500 Brabus

    If THIS was in Black, it would be perfect :bannana:
  2. Thmsshaun


    Had no idea a train could go so fast :eek:
  3. Howard

    Wow !! Very nice !
  4. mobeyone


    love to own one of these
  5. Thmsshaun

    Wow 500Bhp On 2 Wheels :eek: But very :cool:
  6. mobeyone


    You are a lucky!! sod!!!! What a beast!
  7. R

    WOW! - Tested SLK55 AMG at Mercedes Open Day...

    Whilst waiting 40 minutes for the test I had a spin around the track as a passenger in an E350 sport very nice handling particularly nice when we hit the 40 degree banked curve at 110MPH! Then we did an ABS test at 90MPH which was all very impressive! Anyway after some more coffee and sandwiches...
  8. kikkthecat

    Wow !!! Cheaper petrol

    The supermarkets have alledgedly slashed petrol prices Well my local Tesco was charging 90.9p on Monday It had gone up to 92.9p on Tuesday and 93.9p on Wednesday despite no rise in oil prices Today they have cut 4p a litre off due to the falling price of oil. That puts it at 1p a litre...
  9. fatherpierre


    I doubt the seller will get a bid with the silly starting price, but even so - what a motor :bannana: . Imagine drivin this down your local high street :D . You'd get some admiring looks:
  10. P

    SL55 WOW

    Hi all, New to the forum after many years as a BMW owner :mad: but the service department let me down to often. Now in the MB fold after buying myself a SL350, but due to cashflow problems will probably have to downrange soon. SLK probably. Anyway, I was hoping to keep my new number...
  11. Flyer

    1mb Broadband - wow!

    I've just upgraded my ADSL connection to 1Mbps with Eclipse (Business 1000; 20:1 contention ratio) and ... OH MY GOD! What a difference. MBClub loads instantly, everything's so much "snappier". Of course, some sites still load slowly (but not ours, cheers Maff :D ). ADSLGuide reports 931Kbps...
  12. F

    Chrome Mercs- WOW

    Now available in chrome!? Not to my taste, but nonetheless, very impressive! Link:
  13. uumode

    Wow.. what architecture!

    The Mercedes-Benz Center and the Museum Webcams too!
  14. Jukie

  15. Sp!ke

    Wow 3.8 V8 W201

    This would be an absolute steal...
  16. S

    wow :cool: :bannana:
  17. Koolvin

    wow bargain?
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