1975 280ce pneumatics question

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Oct 2, 2008
2000 E55 AMG Estate
I dunno if anyone has any experience of these, I have been playing around with mine today and ive got all the central locking working, swapped the passenger door lock over so I can use the key in the drivers door and found out the petrol flap don't lock cos its from a non central locking car so theres nothing for the pin to lock into.

Cos mines a coupe it has to have tip up seats, the backs tip forwards while the seat base stays where it is, it looks to me like they lock using the same pneumatic system as the locks but my drivers one is disconnected and its locked in the upright position, while the passenger one appears to be connected but is permanantly unlocked so the back can tip forwards.

so, should they

A: lock in the upright position when the doors are locked (seems a bit strange, you'd have to drive everywhere with the doors locked to make the seats safe)

B: lock in the upright position when the engine is started (more sensible but probably still mildly annoying sometimes)

C: lock in the upright position when the super secret mercedes ejector seat button is depressed that I cant find.


D: none of the above you ignorant gimp, they work thusly..........
They should only be locked with the doors shut and the engine running.

As soon as a door is opened, the seats should be released.

Without the engine running they should also both be free to move.
Thank you muchly, that'll help me with trying to get em working. :)
There's also a button near the bottom of the B pillar (if there was a pillar) on each side to release the seat back.

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