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Why would you expect the dash to be perfectly symmetrical?

If I was driving a 2 seater sports car (or any car for that matter) I would not be standing on the rear parcel shelf. I would be sitting in the drivers seat and so would expect the dashboard to be biased towards me as the driver.

Many cars see the dash curve around the driver to a point.

The only viewpoint that matters on a car like this is from the drivers seat. Nothing else matters.

the dash does not have to be symmetrical. Purely, mercedes dash seem to work best balanced, whilst, bmw and audi for example have a tilt to the driver and works best in that scenario.

Whilst mercedes does not position the dash towards the driver, if it was a flast dash, mis aligned it looks pretty poorly designed!
Its not that noticable though is it? takes a good couple of looks to notice it. compared to that W140s one which is totally different.
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R231 SL500 very well received!

Excellent Autocar test reveiw of the new SL. I want one! :D

Mercedes SL500 review -

bpsorrel said:
Excellent Autocar test reveiw of the new SL. I want one! :D

Mercedes SL500 review -

Good review. Interesting on

A) ABC isn't standard on the V8 anymore
B) they prefer the steel sprung car.

I'd save my money and get a 350. Still quick but as its a luxury car a really high performance isn't needed
I agree the performance of the 350 is adequate, but there would be the odd occasion when the V8 would make the cost seem worthwhile. And it does 31mpg, meaning you now don't have to keep filling it up.

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