A45 AMG Project Thread: One step at a time

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Like you, I've had a few including a Bugeye running 515 ft lbs but I guess your Spec C. They have always stood out for me despite the fact that I haven't owned one. My favourite was my last, an 09 330 Hatch but the 2.5's just seem weak unless you want to spend loads and tune cautiously. I would like something similar that will stand my abuse and the A45 is on a very limited possibility list along with the new RS Focus.

The SPEC C is a superior "drivers" car imo, but is very raw compared to the A45. I haven't taken the A45 on track yet (will do though), but the SPEC C was pretty epic in that discipline. As a comparison, I took part in a race event called Tuner GP back in 2005/6. The SPEC C was at around 370bhp and I came 4th in class, beating quite a few big hitters, with one being a 500+ EVO race prepped tuners car. SPEC C's are quick on track.

Personally I love the A45. It's quick, comfortable (relatively) and is quite special imo. The A45 (price aside) is exactly what the STI should have evolved into. I don't regret the change one bit.

As you mention the RS, I would suggest you wait to see how that goes. I think that car will upset the mid range models across the board. At the price it has the potential to be quite a car..... and you know that tuners will be jumping on the back of it!

I'm an old Cossie boy.... so I'm really hoping this RS does the business.
Many thanks Shaun, very interesting. I think the time has come to sell my R35 and take an A45 to Ian :)
Keep up the good work please.
Featured now in Mercedes Enthusiast magazine:

Went to Santa Pod today for the first "drag rag" of 2016.

Plagued with traction issues and the gearbox Sports mode was playing up with the shifting (had this a few times before tbh). Anyway.... didn't break my previous record, but still managed to bag an 11.86. Happy with that tbh, as that's 11.8x on two separate occasions and two different tracks now.

I did try altering my launch technique, but not letting RS hit 4k. I was launching @ 3k. Made no difference and still axle tramped. Think I'll try soft/HOLD launch next time.

As you can see by the varied times.... I had a couple of issues today! Ha

Today I fitted the rear lower diffuser off the Face Lift A45. The rear looks so more aggressive now in my opinion. A great mod to the pre-fl A45.

Good to hear you're still modifying.

Some rear wing!
Managed to "finish off" the aero upgrade on the A45 today and fitted the rear vent flicks.

All done now.

Well...... it's time to move on guys and girls.

A45 has been sold and I pick-up my brand spanking new RS3 this Saturday.

Time for the next project! lol
Not that I don't like the RS3 (I think their 2.5 5 cylinder turbo engine is probably one of audi''s best engines)

But why the move ?

Did you max out the A45 on standard turbo ?
Yep. Limited by the transmission, I was unable to progress much further. Due to this boredom soon set in unfortunately.

The A45 is a great car, but not a modders delight.
Been a great thread to read, please continue with the RS3 or start a new one, or are you deserting the merc forums?
I'd be happy to document the Project thread in this forum, but I'm not sure it would be acceptable or wanted (being nothing to do with MB). Ha.

I'll go by what is acceptable. :)
Just keep it in this thread? It will be a very interesting read.
Hi Shaunee, I have also gone the dark side with Audi, (RS4 B8).
Have you joined an appropriate forum yet ?

Sad to hear Shaunee but needs must I suppose. Anyway thanks for this thread, it was very interesting and informative. Good luck with the Audi.
Hi Shaunee, I have also gone the dark side with Audi, (RS4 B8).
Have you joined an appropriate forum yet ?


Have stayed away from the forums until I start the project off, but I have joined the AUDIRS3OC forum. Unfortunately they're only about the RS3.

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