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Maybe. Although I suspect not because if they couldn't fix it for me as the first owner after having the car for months on end I doubt they would be fixed for any one else.
My guess is they put it through the car wash, hoovered it out, bit of tyre dressing and straight onto the approved used forecourt...

Interesting that it's turned up in Newcastle and not on offer at Northampton. Must say it's very disappointing that a c. £100k Mercedes was not properly built in the first place and that your experience of customer service has been somewhat less than acceptable. That is quite different from my/our experience, but we have not yet had cause to 'do battle' with our dealer and the cars we've had have been from rather lower in the MB food chain. Nevertheless we have always so far had excellent customer service from MB.
So there are a veritable wealth of shoddy GTs floating around then!
Maybe they have catered in the faults for how low the car is priced at. If you compare it to other cars on Trader it is priced in the pre facelift bracket. Sure there are 1 or 2 at that price however no where near the same spec. That car was masivley specced.
I wonder if they will highlight these faults or will just wait for the next unlucky owner to find them out.

I'm sure they, probably like most dealers, just do the latter until they find a buyer who either doesn't discover them or doesn't bother to get them fixed.

"Come and buy a car for the thick end of £100k which has faults we cannot fix".

Doesn't inspire confidence! :crazy:

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