And now... The True M.P.G. Figures

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I've just had new tyres fitted, and I am seeing a lower MPG given the same miss daisy driving style. The rolling resistance of my last tyres must have been lower.

I went from Dunlop run flats to Falken FK452s on Fionas 320d and went from 48mpg down to 42mpg.
I then went from 245/50/17s to 265/30/19 but with pilot sport 2s and it crept back up a bit to around 44/45. So just shows how much difference it can make.

I know the Pirelli Cinturato P7 Eco tyre is meant to give great mpg results, but pretty poor handling.

I considered having a go with 225/50/17s in them to see how much better it faired over my 245/45/17 Michelins, but then heard they were noisy so didn't bother.
Results for the Toyota Prius are interesting.

Nearly 20mpg difference between the "official" claims to the "actual" real world MPG.

Now there's a surprise.

Ahh, but that's because they are driven by people who think that driving a Prius mitigates their environmental impact and so can drive with foot flat on the floor and it wont matter... :rolleyes:

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