Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

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183 X 835
On a Volvo XC90
Anyone know about this style of registration ?
Diplomatic plates I think.

See a lot in London. Also in the form of...

123 D 456

There is a differentiation between the D and X but I'm not sure what it is.

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Not on the road, but on a Mercedes ML in a field along my dog walk, where agricultural drainage contractors were at work.


A question obviously asked by the land owners when effective drainage can be installed.....
Where do all these people live.....Id get about 10 feet without being stooped with that plate.....miss spaced, no supplying BS mark!

One of my Merc driving neighbours is back on a stock 19 plate having been stopped/reported to the DVLA one too many times for a plate miss spaced to (very vaguely) show his name. To say he's not happy is an understatement!!! Cops just have far less to do in the "Peoples Republic of Sussex" I guess. It was badly spaced with distorted not much sympathy TBH.
A plate like that could only belong to a good honest welsh methodist chap or chapess
:) ....more likely someone from Aruba!!
Went on the benz on the green website and there, straight away, first pic, my perfect private reg ... 😭

V8 followed by my initials.

Had to laugh.

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