Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

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New company will be F2 Leadwork Ltd.
If you upped your game Darrell, surely you could be F1 leadwork?? 😇🤣🤣
Problem with incorrect spacing on plates is that ANPR can mis-read them. If your car gets stolen ANPR is less likely to be an aid in retrieving it.
ANPR at Luton Airport (prior to the fire) mis-read our legitimately spaced plate and tried to charge us for a week’s parking even though it had been pre-paid. Guess a 1963 A reg on a modern car is not the norm
In Switzerland:


This one, sells American RVs


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I've got a "666" number plate and rarely ever see another but on the trip to the coast yesterday I saw three other 666 plates! Obviously a devilish day!!

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