CL500 respray

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You've done such a great job with the car - just read through the thread and all I can say is well done! Shame you have to sell, but I hope the car finds a good owner!

Also hope you get everything with your hips sorted out fast and without any problems!
Very sorry to hear of your troubles, hope everything comes together.

As a fellow W215 owner I can appreciate your feelings re going to a new home after all the work you have done.

I was highly delighted when Olly of PCS fame bought my C43.

Good luck with every thing.
Thanks chaps, will be sorry to see it go, but sorrier to see it sit in the garage...
Sorry to here of the health problems.

I've really enjoyed reading this thread. Great job. Great looking car and a credit to you.

This will be a great buy for someone!!
Looks great - enjoyed reading your thread, good luck in selling.
Great thread, very enjoyable read...the car looks fab:thumb: well done!
I wouldve taken it off your hands if I had of known? just bought a CL500 last week and subsequently joined this forum.. Have been fixing all the little issues such as remote boot, soft shut parking sensors etc. Gonna make a start on the head unit mod after reading your thread and change the amp to a Kenwood or something as I think the left channel is not working hopefully the wiring isn`t too much hard work?
Hi, I have just read through this entire thread, I really admire the amount of work you have put into your 500, I bought a 2001 CL500 in June with a very low mileage, as a full time vehicle detailer I plan to work my way through the car with a fine toothed comb once time allows, the work you have shown here has given me some great inspiration to get started!

I'm sorry to hear you need to sell your car, however I'm it will be a terrific find for whoever buys it.

All the best

Sorry to hear about your back & forthcoming op's. I'll echo the views already expressed, such a shame you are selling but understand your logic. It was great thread too by the way. Hope the op's go to plan. Best wishes.
Thanks chaps, it's a lovely car, it is still available if anyone is interested, had a few phone calls but everyone lived so far away...!!!
I'm looking for a good sprayer, could you tell me who did the spraying on the CL, it's a good job
I'm looking for a good sprayer, could you tell me who did the spraying on the CL, it's a good job

Post #26, page 2...

Hi, It's just a small paint shop that will do whatever you want from a quick blow over to a first class respray... You don't get the car valeted afterwards and there is no tea and coffee and a snazzy waiting room....

Body Style

Malton Street
North Humberside

Telephone: 01482 328806

Ask for Mike...
Now SOLD and on it's way to a new life in Newcastle, I'm down to one car now and it's a L322 Range Rover....!!!! better check my breakdown cover.....
Really lovely job! Wish more people would do this rather than scrap them. Starting to see less and less on the road now.
Hey just noticed you are close to me, hello from someone who lives in Hull, and works in York

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