CL500 respray

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The cat replacement pipes look nice and tidy. Has it made it any louder?

You can tell on acceleration, just sounds more mean....

Incredible respray, beautiful interior . and I just love the CLs!

Thanks, they are a lovely coupe...

Been real busy since the trip so haven't had time to post, we did ten countries in seven days with two days of no driving,

Started in England, then across from Dover to France, then Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and finally Luxembourg.

We did 2,640miles at an average speed of 67mph and did 24.7mpg, and I'm pleased to say the CL didn't miss a beat the entire way.

First day we drove from Hull to Dover, then the slowboat across the channel, into France, across to Belgium, through the Netherlands and into Germany, first night stop over was near Cologne on the Saturday night.

Up early on Sunday and headed for the Ring... at £25 a lap I decided that we would only do one, (I'm a southerner but have lived in Yorkshire for too long!!!) must say I was very impressed with the circuit, some lovely fast sweeping bends, I did a fair bit of youtubing before we left and actually managed to remember a lot of it, took it easy for the first few K's then opened it up a bit for the rest of the lap, Deb said she even enjoyed it and she doesn't like cornering real fast (funny girl) she said she only closed her eyes once!!! The brakes were getting very hot by the end of the lap so we pulled straight off the circuit and drove 20 miles to cool them off.... Then the autobahn to Munich, it was Sunday so the traffic was light and not too many HGV's. The CL is limited to 250kph/155mph and it was nice to prove this!! it actually pulled really well to 253kph before it slowed and kept that speed, wonder what it would do with it removed. It was rock steady with no issues. It certainly does eat up motorways....

We spent Sunday and Monday night in Munich and had a good look around the city, found some very nice beer and food, while the Merc had a rest for a day.... it was the week before Octoberfest but we still managed to try plenty, the wheat beer was lovely....

Left Munich Tuesday morning and headed south, through Austria and then a mountain road into Slovenia, stopped in Ljubljana for lunch but couldn't find anywhere at all remotely close to the center to park, so headed out the city and ended up in McDonalds for lunch!!!!! Then headed for Venice, into Italy and the driving gets fun, they only have one rule on the road, if you're in front..... you win!!! join in and it's kind of fun, Got to Venice and parked the car up for another day off, got a 15min water taxi ride to our Hotel, as I'm far too lazy to walk 1/2 mile to the waterbus stop, then wished I had as it cost £70 for the Taxi!!!?!?!??! Everything about Venice is great, it's just a magical place, we thoroughly enjoyed our time there, did all the touristy bits and again ate and drank well... we had a helicopter ride over the islands which was great fun.

Left Venice Thursday morning and headed up to Lake Como for lunch, found a nice bar overlooking the lake, then we set off for the Sustenstrass Pass, after much reading this is supposed to be a nicer driving road than the Top Gear Davos to Stelvio road.... I have to say the Merc is no sportscar, more a Grand Tourer and it's too heavy for the quick direction changes these switchback roads are full of.... so it was just a gentle drive but did have some spectacular views. We came down the North side of the pass and found a lovely skiing chalet to stay in with a very good cook and a great beer!!

Friday morning and our last full day, we just headed North, meandered around mostly off the main roads, worked our way up to Strasbourg then on towards Metz, thought, lets make the 10 countries then, so headed for Luxembourg, I booked us into a central hotel on my Iphone while Deb piloted the Merc... the hotel turned out to be very nice and had a rooftop restaurant overlooking the city so we had a very pleasant last nights meal.

Left the following morning and had a slow drive up through France to get to Calais for the 3pm boat, we always use the VIP service now, it's a little bit more but you get priority boarding and disembarkation and access to the VIP lounge where you get waited on hand and foot, free drinks and papers and no hoards of screaming school kids!!! It was then a slow drive back home.

All in all a great week, made some wonderful memories and drove some very nice roads, the Merc didn't miss a beat but was rather covered in dead flies across the front...

A few pics.... didn't take too many as I kept forgetting!!!! doh

A classic Venice shot

Venice Island from the helicopter

Lake Como

The top of the pass

The Skiing Lodge

Another beautiful lake in Switzerland

Sticker collection, Slovenia and Austrian carnet de passage bought locally on entering the country and the bottom one is the German emmision zone sticker which you can get before leaving the UK...

Yes many thanks for taking the time to write it up.
Sounds like a brilliant grand tour. Exactly what these cars are made for. One day I will do a similar trip in the CLS!
Wow. That looks like new - God I wish we had body shops down South of that calibre!

Can anyone recommend a good place to help me sort out the W124's front wings? :)
Thanks for the comments..

Wow. That looks like new - God I wish we had body shops down South of that calibre!

Can anyone recommend a good place to help me sort out the W124's front wings? :)

I can recommend this place, I've known Darren for 25 years and he's the kind of guy who really cares about what goes out his door, his standard is very high, you will not be disappointed.... he is somewhat more expensive than the prices up here though!!

DJW Coachworks
272 St James Road

02072322107, ask for Darren, tell him Pete from Hull sent you...
Every now and then; you come across a thread that blows the roof off and sets the bar so high... makes one realise why this is such an AWESOME forum.
Well done Pete; this is an unbelievable thread!
One word - Fantastic! A superb journey of bringing you CL back to life. Thanks for sharing :thumb:
Lovely looker , and a credit to you ;)
Brill car brill job
How much was the full respray if you don't mind me asking?
Just come across the thread and must say, an excellent job so far! That paint job looks lovely! Keep up the good work, will keep my eye on this thread now that i know its there ;)
That looks awesome !!...... Looks a fantastic paint job , car looks like it's just rolled out of the showroom , nice one

Thanks for the praise guys, glad you like it....

It is with a heavy heart that I have to part with it, had it for just over two years now, I had an operation on my back some years ago and it is not getting any better, just found out I have severe osteoarthritis in both hips so now have to sort them out.... Getting in and out of the Merc is getting to be quite a challenge and is in fact pretty funny seeing me fall out of it!!

Haven't been able to get more than two hours sleep since January so using the Merc as we did for weekend gettaways is no longer an option...

I did SORN it a month ago and planned to keep it for after the hips but it just doesn't seem right to let it sit... it needs to be used...

So it's up for sale, I've just MOT'd it with no advisories and put six months tax on it, it runs spot on and the bodywork is still superb with just a few minor stone chips.

You can see from the rest of this thread what it's had in the last two years and it's a lot!!!! Tyres, brakes, suspension, bodywork, interior, aircon, battery etc etc...

The only thing that I haven't fixed yet is the drivers heated seat, everything else works as it should and I got the MOT garage to stick their diagnostics on it to see if it had any hidden faults and it's all fine...

It really is a get in and use car, so if anyone would like to give it a good home then please PM me...

I would like £4500 which I think is a fair price for the condition it's in, but I do expect to haggle....

It's more important to me that it goes to a good home and gets loved and not neglected....

It looks just as the pictures in the thread (apart from the private plate) I'm just in the process of giving it a good detailing and will take some fresh pics but it will look the same... (May take a few days to fully do it as I can't do much at a time)


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