CL500 respray

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Nice restoration job. Enjoyed the read and pictures!
Wow, just read through this thread as I quite fancied a CL a few years back before I bought the CLS. What a great job and a great looking car as well. Sad to hear the person who did such a wonderful job on it had to get rid of it due to health reasons, but I'm glad it went to Newcastle, my home town. They are lovely cars and you don't see many around that are not absolutely shot. I saw one in London the other day and it was dark blue but badly faded and had so much corrosion. It looked ready for the scrapyard basically.
lovely, impressed with the work that went into the prep etc.
All I can say is WOW! What a job! I'd love to be able to do something like that..

Being from London/N'hampton £500 for a respray blows my mind :D I had bodyshops quoting me near that just to respray my bonnet
What a vast amount of work you did, Total credit to you sir, Nice to see a enthusiast bringing a car upto scratch.:)
What a vast amount of work you did, Total credit to you sir, Nice to see a enthusiast bringing a car upto scratch.:)

Im surprised people let these cars get into that state. I would never drive around in a car looking like such a mess :dk:

At least someone showed it the love it deserved
What a cracking example now you've got your hands on it OP.

Also, I'm hugely impressed with the work you've done on the interior. Looks OEM and brings it right up to date.
Not sure of anyone realises this but this thread is 5 years old and the OP has since sold the CL.
Great thread. I have a silver CL500 on an 02. I also own a bodyshop. Maybe one day I’ll have enough time/room to get it in!
Car looks fantastic. I went and saw a 53 plate cl 500today like yours with 60k on the clock, one owner and walked away as the roof and passenger side needed respraying due to the corrosion like your car had. I wonder now if I should have bought it
Fascinating detailed thread & very informative photos, thank you.
Will certainly encourage other CL215 owners, including me !
Wow, that inspires us newbies with owning our CLs, just cam across this thread and know it’s a few years old now, so do you still have the car? Finished result looks stunning and really impressed with the amount of work you have put into your CL500, now it’s an even better investment 👍🏼
This is a few years old but I'll add mine.
Got it back from respray the other day. I stripped it myself and have yet to build it all back up.
I've got a new passenger door handle cheap off ebay and have had the outer door top trims wrapped in matt black as the anodising had gone speckled.
I'll clean all the rubber/plastic trim before it goes back on


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Very nice indeed, I have always loved the CL, but needed the convertible option to get the green light from my Mrs ...... hence the SL. Mine is going in for some preventative paint next month.

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