CLS 320CDI alternative wheels

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Aug 15, 2013
I am about to pull the trigger on a 2008 CLS 320 CDI. It comes with the AMG 19" wheels, which are reputed to be made from cheese and will crack or bend at a mere sniff of a sharp ridge, let alone a UK pothole.

I hear that 18" wheels are a good compromise. The car has airmatic.

I have checked the sticky about wheels and tyre sizes.

Problem is there seem to be 4 offsets specified for this car,


Most are around 28-30mm, two are 18-20.

So what to go for?
The standard AMG wheels on my W219 CLS are 8.5" front with a 25mm offset , the rears are 9.5" with a 28mm offset.

Kenny, would the tyres be 255/40 and 275/35 ?
Do you have problems with uneven tyre wear at all ?
Kenny, would the tyres be 255/40 and 275/35 ?
Do you have problems with uneven tyre wear at all ?

245 / 40 / 18 + 275 / 35 / 18

No issues at all with tyre wear since i got the car nearly four years ago.

just one thing though , i always thought that the 18`s looked slightly too small for a car like the CLS so i replaced them with 19`s.


Hmm, car looks great on the 19s. The car I'm considering is on AMG 19", they were repaired 2 years ago and I saw on the last MOT advisories they were dented.

So another alternative would be replace them with stronger 19" wheels. Who makes you ones ?
. Who makes you ones ?

Fox MS005 , around £500 for the set , 8.5 + 9.5.

Only available with a 35mm offset so i had to make 10mm spacers x 2 and 8mm spacers x 2 as you cant buy nubcentric spacers that thin , the smallest they make is 15mm.

Thanks Kenny,
you answered my brake disc Q too on the other forum ... cheers
I've looked at the Fox wheels, only come in 18". I'm keen to change from 19", although they do look nicer, I'm after a magic carpet ride!

I've bought 10mm hubcentric H&R spacers before.
I've bought 10mm hubcentric H&R spacers before.

I looked at various makes and struggled to get a set that would fit onto the MB hubs (66.6mm) and be a decent fit into the Fox wheels (73mm IIRC) without using the flimsy plastic spacer rings.

it was easier to get a piece of 150mm alloy bar and make my own, at least that way i knew they would be correct.


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