MB Smart Key Fob Programming

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Everything is possible - the dealers can order (or used to be able to) programming machines - but they were very expensive - and now they seem to do it centrally

I guess the chinese reverse engineered it.

I'm waiting for people to start finding bugs in car's locking software that can be triggered from outside the car ... (buffer overflows by sending too much data from a fake key to a car)

I think I read somewhere it was possible to open & steal MBs by using a handheld code generator.

Certainly in the film Ghost Dog the main character was doing something similar (yes, I know it's make believe!)
I am currently investigating this one.

It has been around for a while now (a year or so)

I may buy it very soon.
I'd put money on it not working for Smarts. The Winstar is sold as being able to code keys but it can't either! No idea on MB's though!


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