The Wacky World of Car Insurance

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I just noticed that, since January, esure have been taking £42 a month from me vs the previous £30 for my 59 plate E350.

I didn't get any notification of the price increase or anything - their fault, but they won't do anything about it.

It would only cost me £10 to cancel the policy, but I just checked out some comparison sites and they are charging even more...

So I basically have to shut up and pay the extra.

I have no idea what the point of NCB is... I have 15 years and my premium just keeps going up and up.
I have no idea what the point of NCB is... I have 15 years and my premium just keeps going up and up.
Just curious, but have you checked the price saying you have no NCB? I wonder if it's very different?
My good friend just had the insurance renewal quote for his BMW 335i Coupe. It had gone up from £278 last year to £560 this year, despite no claims in recent years. After getting back up off the floor, he phoned his insurance agent to ask if they’d made a mistake, but he was told that it was right. Out of interest, he asked for a new quote that didn’t include the RAC breakdown cover that was included with his existing insurance. After a few minutes of silence, the agent got back to him with a revised quote of £583! Yes, £23 more expensive to do without breakdown cover!

Not surprisingly, he’s currently chatting with an East European mammal.
My wife has had 4 or 5 claims for accidents in the past 5 years. A mixture of blatantly her fault, not her fault but could have avoided with more foresight, and totally not her fault. It's only a matter of time until the next claim.

Her insurance is around £250 annually (2.0TDI Tiguan).

I add her on to my Merc insurance to bring my premium down to around £480! I'm claim/crash free since pre-2000.

The premium offered, whilst possibly in line with broad claim/crash stats, does not bear any relation to the reality of the actual risk at an individual level, clearly.
Have always been lucky – up until now. One of the cars is due for renewal next month, price has come through......

£382 last year

£786 coming year

Unsure how it more than doubles without any claims/points/etc. when all other items are the same (I am a year older, as is the car ........assume so is the wife, but you ask her :D)

Naturally, thought would check the comparison sites which quote between £500 - 800.
I understand that there are complicated algorithms involved in car insurance but none of it seems logical: 2013 S204 1.6 , 158bhp petrol, renewal £330.
2018 2.0 250bhp petrol 3 Series £360, same cover, excess etc with the same provider :dk:
Just had my renewal through for my Elise, premium this year £174.57, last year was £179.28 - so actually gone done

more telling was that the actual insurance only costs £124.57, there is a £50 broker fee. And presumably the first figure also includes the insurance tax

wont be arguing this one😎
Hi , not looking forward to my motor insurance quote this year.

My C207 in the EU is classed as a sports car !
Mines were cheeky b*ggers. Gave me £130 discount which I though was nice but then charged me an £80 admin fee.
You’re lucky you got a discount

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