What does everyone use ?

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I use bucket and good quality brush , one with side bristles. And most importantly wash the brush every time after using it so shampoo does not set and hold grit for next time.
I also have a water butt for rain water and rinse off in watering can saves me shami drying as our water is hard and would leave stains if not rinsed with rain water or dried off .
Then about once a mth gets a proper clean weather permitting.
I actually gave up using the pressure washer as like you said it's a pain in the ar$e setting it up every time.

Ed at Divine Detailing recommended Citrus Pre-Wash and a hose, I've stuck with that ever since.
I have found Magiures products are the best so many to choose from for type of exterior and interior
Use a Ryobi pressure washer and snow foam from Bilt Hamber followed by 2 bucket wash, G101 on the wheel arch liners and Bilt Hamber Autowheel for the alloys.
3 times a year it gets a wax with Bilt Hamber double speed wax.

You might have guessed 🤔 by now that I like Built Hamber products. 😁👍
I’ve been using my Nilfisk E150.2 for years now with an Autobrite snowfoam lance.
I don’t have a go to brand of product because I like to try different brands, I do have quite a lot of Autoglym stuff and I’ve been using SRP for years.
I’m currently using Turtle Wax Redline wheel cleaner which is brilliant.
I have a k4, I had a kranzle a few years back. It was a cracking machine until it needed parts and they where the price of a archer so it sits in the corner broken feeling sorry for its self. Only gripe I have with Karcher is the hoses!!!! Too short and rigid so I upgraded to a 15m rubber hose from hose direct.
Exactly what I did, got a longer hose, so now the karcher stays in one place. It is a faf if u have a shorter hose, and then one has to move karcher around.

I will have to get a longer hose “that’s what he said;)” in all seriousness though I have a K5, offer, less than£200 from Toolstation, bought on a whim, when both of the local Jet Wash places were out of order, yet again, reaches for phone and ebay app!
For me I use a Karcher Pressure wash for the first rinse of the car
Snow Foam Autoglym Polar Blash - this stuff is awesome - rinse off with pressure wash
Snow Foam Autoglym Polar Blash - was with Meguiars Gold Class shampoo - results is a very thick shampoo effect
Karcher Pressure wash off
Dry off with micro fibre
I invested in K7, there was an excellent offer on John Lewis website with a very long warranty, so couldn't resist. Only drawback is its rather heavy but thankfully it can be wheeled about 💪 🙂
My last Karcher died after about 20 years of abuse.....did a great job.....but spares are stupid money. When I needed to replace two of the lance ends after someone.....ahem....ran over them I was quoted only £50 less than a whole new washer!!.....luckily found some pattern ones at more sensible money.
When it died I replaced it with a Stanley one....supposed to me more powerful than the Karcher.......is it f***?! Its fine for the car but nowhere near as good on the drive or patio. The hose was quite short too....so replacing it with a longer one has only made the pressure worse. So my advise looking to by one is go Karcher....unless anyone know of other good brands?
Power wash and snow foam with Karcher K4. My last Karcher died so I now meticulously ensure it has no water in it or else they freeze and do damage
Minds in a heated garage....it just wore out....If you fully drain it make sure you run water through it before starting the pressure....water is its only lube and cooling. Running dry kills them.
The best pw I had was a kranzle until needed parts, then I had to re mortgage the house. 😷
I have used Meguiars for years and stick by them, and have a friend who ceramic coats my cars now and then.

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