1. sherco450

    Vito 120 OM642 cam chain replacement

    Hi . regarding cam chain replacement for vito 120 .. engine sounds a little louder (ticking noise ) than usual. Im a bit paranoid . currently has 100,000 miles on clock . Any owners replaced around the same miles.
  2. J

    Servicing glitches my Vito 120

    Well after finally getting my oil cooler done and, after cleaning all the manifolds /swirl valves/EGR/Throttle body/ EGR Cooler so they had no deposits, I thought a full service was a good idea. So Fuel filter was done anyway in removing oil cooler. Air filter was a few minutes, although...
  3. L

    The Vito 120 V6, The Vito 190 improvement(?) & the Future for the Vito.

    Does anyone know why Merc' haven't kept the good bits of the 120 V6 when they came up with the 190? Is there any news of a "Proper" improvement of the excellent 120 V6 before they stop producing the Vito and just make the ridiculous Pick-up? Come on Merc', please speak to your...
  4. G

    Vito 120 steering problem

    Hi I have a 2009 Vito 120 Sport. the steering starting getting very heavy and difficult to move at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions. Suspected the rack so a recon unit was fitting for GSF. this improved it but it was still heavy, a new pump was then fitted supplied from Merc. This...
  5. J

    Vito 120 Oil Cooler change

    Well after much reading and procrastinating, I decided to plunge in to the nightmare job.:eek: Having bought gaskets, torx/star sockets in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and ratchet spanners I was just waiting for a dry day as doing this outside. I couldn't find ANYTHING on net after a week of searching, so I...
  6. J

    Vito 120 DPF/EGR removed and re-map.

    Have got to fix oil cooler leak on my Vito 120, so will have to strip inlet manifolds etc off. Will obviously clean them, as will no doubt be choked with carbon as will be the Egr. So now thinking all the effort it will be , should I get the egr valve removed? Had this done on my...
  7. G

    Advice wanted on turbo problem on Vito 120 W639

    Hi. I'm after some help or advice on a problem with the turbo on my 3.0 Vito engine. The van went in to a workshop a while back for a mild remap and to delete the egr. I just wanted to get few more mpg out of the thing and if that came with a few more ponies then fair enough. After two failed...
  8. J

    Vito 120

    Well I have been looking for a nice van as I am a self employed Sparky. After spending MONTHS reading through every forum going in regards to which one is best, I was still very unsure. Vivario/Traffic/Primastar clone,- gearbox fails- auto version useless. Peugeot/Citroen - Lightweight...
  9. G

    Vito 120 Sport X fog lights help please

    Hi My Vito 120 Sport X goes in for its MOT onTuesday so figured I would check the lights out. I have a fog lights problem. My van has fog lights fitted in the the lower front spoiler. The near side is not working and the dash lights up to let me know there's a bulb out. I'm guessing that...
  10. G

    Vito 120 Sport X spare tyre?

    Hi This is my first post on here so hello. I've just purchased a 2008 Vito 120 Sport X. I have the 18" Brabus wheels fitted but no spare. The manual is very unclear as to whether I should have a spare. There is a plug in compressor but no tyre sealant so I'm guessing it was supplied without...
  11. Dominic229

    Vito 120 is the price right?

    Hi, just saw an advert on autotrader and would like to get opinion on price? Is this van worth this money 14,999? Parkers has valued this van just under 10k Mercedes-Benz Vito 3.0 5dr I really like the van but I think it's overpriced. Many thanks for your help.
  12. Q

    Vito 120 Brabus Mystery Black Box

    Hello I have a question about a container which is situated in the engine bay attached to the engine on the passenger side right next to fuse box http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=59540&stc=1&d=1472839092...
  13. G

    Vito 120 MAF sensor repeated failure

    Hope some one can help. I have a 2008 vito that went into limp mode 3 months ago. code was a MAF sensor so a new one was fitted from euro car parts. Needed to be reset on star reader to clear but once done all was fine. But.. 3 months later it has gone into limp mode again I have a...
  14. sherco450

    vito 120 engine temp when towing

    l have been monitoring the coolant temperature when towing my caravan. It seems to be reading 100 degrees (l.c.d) dash .. abating I slow down accordingly and temp drops back to 85-90 degrees. At what Temp is it getting dangerous ? At what temperature do the thermo fan...
  15. Gaz-M

    Vito 120 Boost pipe leak- Merc updated part available!?

    I have recently bought a Vito 120 V6 CDI and its leaking boost from the pipe that exits the turbo where it connects to the black plastic chamber. It keeps separating itself allowing leak. Mercedes have sent me diagram of parts and it would appear the pipe is revised and now has clamps? Has...
  16. O

    vito 120 glow plug purchase

    Need a new glowplug on my vito 120. My mates a ex merc mechanic so hes going to do it for me just told me to go into merc and get a genuine one. Im not going to get chance to get there this week with work so was wondering which plugs they supply and if i can get them elsewhere cheers
  17. sherco450

    vito 120 power loss?

    Vito had a power loss this week.. l was towing a caravan 1.5 t on steep terrain for 2 hours.. I am not sure if it is a transmission (over heating gone to limp) or MAF related ,that l have experience on another Vito. There was no engine light /code displayed l restarted and drove fine..
  18. Gaz-M

    Any Vito 120 owners on here?

    Hi, Ive just joined as Im on the hunt for a good Vito 120 panel van (currently have a 109), is there many 120 owners on here? Im expecting they sit well at speed and are a pleasure to drive with the V6 power and auto box? I like a quick motor, Im not keen on the 109 6 speed gearbox i...
  19. Gaz-M

    New Member with Vito, looking to upgrade to a Vito 120! From Scotland.

    Hi folks, Ive just joined as I was hoping there would be more Vito owners on here, particularly ones with 120 wanting to sell. :doh: Currently own a Vito 109 CDI that Ive had for 7 months and love it, but Im now wanting to upgrade to a 120 V6 model! I use it for my daily commute, keeping...
  20. P

    Vito 120, should I buy one?

    Hi, just sold my T5 transporter and was thinking about getting a v6 dualiner about 2008 reg but having a look around this site they seem to suffer with a few problems. Are they a worth while buy or am I just letting myself in for a whole load of bother. I've also got a c320 estate that I've had...
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