1. garycat

    W204/C204 rear ashtray 12v socket

    It looks as though some models of the 2014 W204/C204 are fitted with a rear ashtray with 12v socket. This would be useful for me to provide the kids with a USB charging point in the back. Is it possible to find and fit an aftermarket part? I've seen some on ebay but they are from the US and...
  2. M.A.94

    Car stereo 12v ignition current draw

    How safe is it to share the cig lighters power with my car stereo 12v ignition power without an additional fuse. Am I correct in thinking that the 12v ignition (red wire) is effectively like a remote turn on lead on an amp and therefore the current draw is very little. And the constant...
  3. markjay

    Permanent 12V power source for mobile phone charger

    Looking for a convenient 12V source on the driver's side of the dashboard. Sadly on my 2013 W204 the driver-side fusebox is no longer there... There's the light switch, and it's accessible, but is it a good idea to tap into the wires? Any help or advice offered will be greatly appreciated :)
  4. daveenty

    12v Oil Suction Pump

    Found this on another forum (Land Rover) but thought it may be handy for some of the DIY guys here, or even those with "compromised" drain plugs. :) Suction Pump for £12.99 @ Lidl I must admit the price seems to be hard to beat...
  5. Aibonator

    W205 C63s 12v Switched Fuse Help

    Trying to fit a dashcam to the new motor. Want to wire it to the passenger fuse panel 301-341. Looked at the fuse map in the fuse box and there is a fuse for the Panoramic Roof. This must be switched 12v because the sunroof won't open if the egnition is off. But there is no fuse in the slot...
  6. 100%Bitch

    12V supply for dash cam

    Hi guys Can anyone suggest a permanent/unswitched 12V supply for a dash cam on a c216 (or any suitable supply)? Preferably in the fuse panel on the driver's side. Helen
  7. H

    Misfiring R129 300SL 12v

    I've been having on and off recently in the hot weather misfiring that won't go away. When its cold, say in the late evening the car runs as it should. During the day when its much warmer the car once its up to temp is misfiring and stalling like crazy. I've put new Bosch HT leads...
  8. A

    12v power socket

    mercedes 2006 c class cdi how to remove and refit power socket in front of gear stick ,any help appreciated, Alan
  9. Y

    w203 12v glowplug relay wire

    hi all wondering if someone can help me out, my car has glowplug light on scanned and its coming up with short circuit to positive i have check volts at the 12v wire and only has 6v running i put 12v direct from bat to relay and the glowplug light switched off till i removed the wire direct from...
  10. Gollom

    Part number for 12v power outlet please

    The one in the R171 footwell - I am guessing it is common amongst a few different models. The owners manual says it is suitable for accessories up to a maximum of 180W
  11. Gollom

    12V Power socket in SLK R171

    Eventually found this in passenger footwell (no cigarette lighter) and discovered that it does not work - due in no small part to not being connected and in bits! LOL So, anybody know the part number for a new socket please? Doubtless, MB charge an arm and a leg so is there an OEM part I...
  12. Ajay Bhatoa

    2013 C Coupe 12v Cigarette/charging poiny.

    Hey guys, just a quick question to see if the c class coupe has more than the one charging point other than the front ashtray? My old Scirocco had one in the boot which I used a fair bit. Looking around this car, I can't seem to find one although I've read online there should be one in the...
  13. G

    R230 SL3520 Un-switched 12v power for Dension

    Can anyone tell me if/where there is an un-switched permanent power source in the front of a late 2005, early 2006 R230 SL350? This is needed for a Dension installation. Thanks in advance for your help with this question.
  14. Haven't a clue!

    hardwire multiple 12v & USB sockets from Cigarette socket supply

    Hi, On my post-facelift W204 (12/12) I want need multiple sockets to feed: 1- Dash Cam - Cig connector 2- Sat Navto - Cig connector 3- Phone Charger - USB 4- DAB Blue tooth Transmitter - USB 5- Spare USB (appreciate need to ensure draw/loading is sensible) Looking for clean and...
  15. Rob77

    Mercedes W124 M103 3.0 3.2 12v 190e W201 AMG Rocker cover

    Real or fake? I say fake. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322121470938?redirect=mobile
  16. brucemillar

    W203 12v from dome light?

    Folks I want to take a switched 12v feed from my front dome light to power my Snooper. Has anybody done this before I start to dismantle the car? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  17. N

    LIDL, £12.99 - Ultimate Speed 12v Oil Suction Pump

    Anyone used this Lidl suction pump? Looks like a bargain if it works & gets all the oil out. Ultimate Speed Oil Suction Pump - Monday, 29.02. - Lidl UK Ultimate Speed Oil Suction Pump £12.99*Each Operates via 12V car battery for clean and effortless changing of engine oil and...
  18. B

    Looking for permanent 12v feed from Comand w203 c55

    Hi. Today I needed to find a permanent 12v feed for an accessory in my car. So I stripped everything out that I needed to in order to remove the head unit. Using my multimeter, I found a 12v feed on the back which was red with a stripe. Used it and put everything back together again. However, it...
  19. poormansporsche

    Recommend a 12V Tyre Inflator Please !

    alright good peoples, Ive just changed my space saver for one of those pump up when needed space saver wheels but need a 12v tyre inflator to carry in the car. What one to buy though as prices range from a fiver to about fifty quid and dont want to end up getting stuck ! cheers Brett
  20. poormansporsche

    12V 15 amp Neg earth in the Workshop ?????

    alright good peoples, Im building a custom loom for my electric, heated, ortho seats and need to create a power supply to test before I fit to the car. If I use a car battery for the 12V supply can i connect the earth wires of the loom to the negative terminal of the battery ?? I was...
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