1. N

    560SEC AMG Widebody - One for Talbir!

    Spotted this on Car & Classic. Looks mint! 560SEC / AMG WideBody 6.0 SOHC For Sale (1986) on Car And Classic UK
  2. M

    UK 1986 560sec Vacuum Diagram

    Hi Folks I have a seat locking problem,I can get the seat to lock with a "Mityvac"on the yellow tube but not at the bulkhead.Can anyone help me locate a vacuum circuit diagram,I have a CD workshop manaul but is is for US spec cars.I have tracked the yellow line into the body on the passenger...
  3. D

    w126 coupe 560sec

    where to buy a sunroof rubber seal for a 560sec coupe?
  4. A

    Mixture setting 560SEC non cat

    I'm trying to adjust the co using my tailpipe analyzer on my 560SEC. It's a non cat car and I've currently got it set at 1%. Does anyone know what the factory setting should be?
  5. S

    How many 560SEC AMG left?

    Does anyone know how many of these were made, and how many remain? Its the most beautiful car ive ever seen! :D
  6. Mblinko

    My 560SEC - Pics

    I thought I'd just share some new pics of my new pride and joy. Freshly polished and waxed with HD Wax. Only had it a couple of weeks - goes like stink :D Current plans ... only to keep as stock as possible, replace worn out bits, put a Becker 755 back in and a Parrot mki9100 hidden away for the...
  7. NewMB

    W126 - Advice please on 560SEC

    Some members on here might remember that I was very active on here while driving MB's (C320 Cdi & E55). Having then returned to Volvo and to "another" german make starting with a B :eek: I now feel this urge to come back to MB :) But this time, I am going to go for something a bit different...
  8. nick.ged

    560sec asd diff

    as the title, i am after a 560 sec asd diff... will travel to collect.
  9. D

    560SEC with unknown bodykit, alloys, dechrome...PROJECT!

    This one could be something of interest for someone who's after a project to sink their teeth into.... Nice colour and the black leather makes a change from the usual mushroom leather. Nice steering wheel. Dechromed all over, which seems to be holding up well, which could be sign that it was...
  10. Ian B Walker

    Breaking 560SEC

    Got a 1990 560SEC that is well past its sell by date and am left with no option to break it. Thought I would offer parts here before putting it on fleabay. It has black leather interior (all good), Engine is good but needs air bypass valve, engine mounts and cold start injector. Rear end is...
  11. N

    1991 560sec

    I'm advertising this on behalf of a lifelong friend who needs a car more suitable for his growing family. This is the first place the car has been advertised. I helped him find this car in 2005 after he asked me what interesting older Mercs I'd suggest for him to consider instead of buying a...
  12. F

    560sec transmission

    Hello all. I have just joined the MB club uk having recently perchased a 560sec 1988. the car has done 180000 miles and has a full service history but needs a little tlc. It has been owned for the last 21 years by the same guy who has kept it garaged and spared no exspence but having got the car...
  13. aka$h

    560SEC AMGM Shocks

    Dont know how good they'd still be, but they are very rare amg w126 560 mercedes shocks on eBay (end time 19-Jul-10 21:49:14 BST)
  14. aka$h

    560SEC AMG / Hammer Heads 5.6L DOHC 32V

    The complete AMG engine conversion for a M117 engine: 560SEC AMG / Hammer Heads 5.6L DOHC 32V / Complete on eBay (end time 03-Aug-10 22:44:32 BST)
  15. J

    560sec crome bumper trim

    Hi all, am just wondering, as the crome bits on my front bumper have rusted through in places, is it possible just to buy the trim? Or is it a full new bumper i need. If it is, grand, but will fill and repair the holes and colour code the lot of it for the time being. It'll be an improvement...
  16. A

    1988 Euro 560SEC ASR issues

    I hope you all (ya'll) don't mind an ex pat living in Texas posting to the UK forum. I have a 1988 Euro (LHD) 560SEC with ASR which is not a common feature on US models and therefore there is not much knowledge on this technology on the US forums so I was hoping I could get some useful...
  17. J

    New 560sec member from ireland

    Hi all. Have just bought a 560sec 1991 that needs a bit of bodywork nothing that major but just a new project to start. Mechanically is spot on bar the exhaust that required a bit of welding, but is fixed now! Will be posting a few questions that'll no doubt sound a bit silly but sure ye'll...
  18. B

    Which class of Merc is a 560SEC (F reg)

    I'm trying to research a Christmas pressie for someone with an old F reg Mercedes 560 SEC. That's all I know about the car and having rung Mercedes they cannot help without the registration/chassis number which I dont have. Before I give up and think of something else can anyone tell me what...
  19. retrodave111

    560SEC good source for spares

    1988 560SEC breaking for parts, item number 200374069904
  20. talbir

    White 560SEC wheels refurbed

    Finally got round to refurbing these.....AMG Aero Is, specific to w126 with offset of 11mm. Centre caps also refurbed, recall that pre 1991 AMG Aero I's for w124 and w126 came with 60mm steel plain centre caps, held by a 10mm bolt and retaining clip from behind the wheel (except AMG Japan...
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