1. graeme73s

    Help Please, 560SEC ECU needed

    Any guidance would be much appreciated. It appears that the ECU has died on my 1988 560SEC. MB Part Number 0065455432 or Bosch 0227400701. Does anyone know where to find a reliable used unit, thanks for your help, Graeme
  2. 0

    Actually spotted somewhere else 560SEC

    http://www.**********.com/?pg=search&cat=45 1250 for a SEC
  3. gurpz

    560SEC Gemballa W126 Coupe

    Didn't know about this Gemballa tunning company apparantly only 4 of its kind around the world: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Mercedes-Benz-500-Series-Gemballa-560-SEC-Gemballa_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6332QQihZ017QQitemZ270265877343QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW#ebayphotohosting Perhaps Talbir...
  4. Seamster15

    Breaking 560SEC

  5. stevesey

    560SEC Breaking

  6. S

    my 560SEC

    Hi gang Ive not been around for a looong while but im thinking of buying a new Mercedes but in the meantime heres a pic of my '88 560SEC
  7. D


    :cool: Greetings to all, I have today recieved an second hand throttle valve part No000 141 16 25 adn the tick over is still to kigh on my 1990 560 sec, does any one know if these units can be tested or could there be another related problem,;) Cheer's for now Karl.:cool:
  8. cjab98

    Anyone knows this 560SEC?

    Probably a long shot, but these cars are getting rare so someone might know this one (5th car down): http://dealerservices.autotrader.co.uk/61445/stock.htm The question is from a mate whos been wanting a 560SEC for a while now, but he has two concerns with the one above as the price seems low...
  9. jaymanek

    Bought meself a 560SEC!

    Hi all, Just had to get it off my chest that ive finally bought myself a 560SEC to add to my collection of 80's mercs! I had been looking for a decent exapmple for years and finally found a rust free one. It is not completely original with later 17" alloys, wood wheel and clear lights...
  10. S

    560SEC cutting out for no reason

    Not a great day today My SEC has been 100% reliable since buying it over a year ago but today it decided to keep cutting out whilst driving. Theres no warning but I will be just driving along and all of a sudden the engine stops! It starts first time every time and wil drive for maybe...
  11. B

    Greetings from a newbie (and 560SEC owner)

    First post on this forum... so this is just to say hello, and I hope to learn lots, and maybe contribute a little. I have returned to UK - and live now near Inverness in Scotland - after years of working overseas (mostly in the Middle East), and I have only recently discovered the value of...
  12. F

    W126 560SEC well over priced...

    If you click on the link below it is the 560SEC in metalic smoke silver priced for £12950 (bottom of page)...:eek: :crazy: They claim it has done only 39000 miles (yeah right) - the steering wheel looks very worn (very shiny) and leather is not in great condition either unless a very "heavy"...
  13. KLP 92

    Slight miss on my 560SEC

    I'm having a small prob on the 560 SEC. The car has a very fine "miss", just around the 1500 rev mark, where its the most noticable. Its hard to notice, but its definately there! Its been there since i purchased the car, hoped it would have gone by now!! So far i've changed: Fuel pump...
  14. A

    560SEC Running Cool?

    Unless I'm stuck in traffic, my 560 SEC never gets over 60 degrees, and the heating isn't up to much. I've been told it should run at more like 80 degrees - does this sound about right? I've been told the thermostat should be changed - is this good advice. how easy is this, and what is the...
  15. Thmsshaun


    What an interestingly honest but strange seller. :confused: :confused: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MERCEDES-560-SEC-AUTOMATIC-PILLERLESS-COUPE_W0QQitemZ4582445742QQcategoryZ31360QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  16. A

    FUEL PUMP FUSE 560sec

    Hello Dose anyone know where the fuse controlling the fuel pump on a 560sec is located please. Many thanks Alan
  17. A

    560sec switchable gear box

    Does anyone know how to check if the switchable gearbox is working. It dosnt seem to be any different in either sport or economy mode. Thanks Alan
  18. A

    Cruise control 560sec

    Hi can anyone help - the cruise control on my 560sec works ok, but disengages itself after a few miles. anyone any ideas please. Alan
  19. A

    SEAT SPRING 560sec

    Hi dont suppose anyone has a drivers seat spring for a 560sec for sale. Cheers Alan
  20. A

    560SEC rough idle.

    My 560 SEC idles fine when in park or neutral but when in gear the idle is very rough, and feels like it's going to stall. It does improve a little if the air conditioning is turned on. I have read various posts on some american sites and they mentioned checking the OVP relay and the idle...
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