1. M

    Mercedes Nokia Cradle help!

    Hi! I have a problem with my phonecradle. It's a B6 782 1255 model. And what the problem is, that my socket is damaged.(It was damaged when I got it) And by socket I mean the thing with the pins that connects with the phone. So I got hold of a new socket that is the same, but is apparently...
  2. G

    Nokia 6230i Cradle

    Can anybody advise how rto remove Nokia 6230i phone cradle please I don't seem able to remove it! Any help appreciated. Many thanks
  3. SL300-24

    Nokia 6230i Cradle help

    Help....In my S600 I have a Nokia 6230i hands free kit. In my W211 I have the telephone prewire and a Nokia 6310i cradle in the centre armrest. Therefore, when I change cars, I have to change phones. So I thought that I would buy a 6230i cradle and it would fit the W211. Before buying...
  4. TheGrocer

    Nokia Phone Cradle 6230i wont work

    Help I have been using my MB installed phone cradle for my old Nokia 6230 phone. All has worked well and now I have a phone upgrade to the Nokia 6230i. The phone looks identical and the cradle fittings are identicle. I have put it into the car cradle and the battery starts charging but the...
  5. A

    fitting a car kit to command, what do i need using nokia 6230i

    HI all, I have serched other threads but can't seem to find the awnser so i am sorry if it has been listed before. I have just bought a clk with command. w209. i have a nokia 6230i and want to know what is the best way to get hands free in the clk. i would like to hook the phone up with the...
  6. Gollom

    Nokia 6230i with prewire

    Think I've got the hang of operating this now - it's Way Cool Stuff!! But two questions: It only pulls up the default number and does not appear to let me cycle through any other entries. This by design or am I missing something? And secondly, is there any way I can read SMS on the dash...
  7. kikkthecat

    Nokia 6230i voice activation

    I'm a bit new to this technology game and need to ask questions My Nokia 6230i has voice tags and my Viano has prewire telephone and multi function steering wheel. I can scroll through the phone book or scroll through numbers dialled both of which seem a bit long winded. Is it possible to...
  8. B

    E320 and Nokia 6230i, 6310i

    we have an E320 with a fixed cradle model for a nokia 6310i (part no. A211 820 1451) I want to fit a new Nokia 6230i in place of it but obviously is doesn't fit. I bought a little adaptor but it didn't work, think it was a CARK - 91 does anyone have any ideas, mercedes want £2-3k to change...
  9. SportsCoupeRich

    WANTED WANTED! Nokia 6230i

    Hi all - does anyone have one of these lying about they fancy selling me - they seem so expensive off ebay for what is a fairly basic phone, and i'd rather the money went to you lot!!:D cheers.
  10. T

    W211 COMAND and Nokia 6230i

    I have a Nokia 6230i for my UHI kit for my W211 with COMAND. Everytime I dock, it will beep a few minutes later. The beep is the beep similar to the sound I hear when I get a new text message, however, I don't have a new text message. It even displays the new text message icon, but when I...
  11. mw_C32

    UHi Module 6230i

    NOW I am happy with my bluetooth setup I no longer need the 6230i UHi. I am looking for £80 if any one is interested let me know. I would rather not have offers but will post it for free.;) As you can see below 2nd pic it works with a 6220, 6230 and 6230i nokia phone and is in perfect...
  12. W

    Nokia 6230i Contacts in COMAND

    I have received a 6230i phone from work and fitted it via the correct cradle into my W211 Comand system. I have all my contacts in Outlook from where both the Blackberry and the 6230i synchronise making everything integrated and easy.... It all works EXCEPT only one number per contact gets...
  13. B

    UHI Cradle B67875846 - Nokia 6230i

    i'm looking for a cradle, does anyone have one not being used ? its for a Nokia 6230i. local dealer is looking for £130 .. very expensive. thanks ian
  14. C

    Nokia 6230i problems with C-Class car kit

    Got hold of a cradle for my Nokia 6230i to fit into the arm rest of my C class estate. When I plug the phone into it it all appears to start working (car symbol appears on the phone and charging starts) then after approx. 10 seconds the phone powers off:mad: . If I turn it back on it just turns...
  15. W

    Will a Nokia 6230i work in W203?

    Hi all, Thank everyone for their advice and help, I have finally picked up the C32 over the weekend, so far I am very happy with it. The car comes with cradle pre-wired phone kit which uses Nokia 6220/6230 phones, Does anyone knows whether a Nokia 6230i will work in the same cradle, I am...
  16. C

    Cradle for Nokia 6230i

    Please help as I have purchased part number b6 787 5842 for my Nokia 6230i First question is when i have installed this in the car the cradle will charge the phone but Command system does not recognise nor register phone is there......why??? Also how do I remove the cradle?????:( :( :( :(
  17. Jukie

    Brand new Nokia 6230i

    Only opened to test, perfect working order, currently locked to Vodafone, contents include handset, battery, charger, 32Mb MMC card, CD & manual. PM me with a sensible offer if you're interested. TIA, David
  18. Jukie

    Nokia 6230i vs SE K750i

    Which is the better handset as a 'phone? I'm not fussed about the other bits. Anyone have experience of both handsets? TIA, David
  19. R

    Nokia 6230i compatible with 6230 UHI cradle?

    Does anyone know if the newer Nokia 6230i will work in the 6230 UHI cradle. I have not tested it, but I was about to buy a 6230 when I found the new 'i' version is now available with 'Push to talk' function amongst some other improvements. Keen to know if it works correctly and interacts...
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