1. D

    Assyst+ - Additional items

    Just wondering, the additional items menu, is this to tell you what needs doing or is it just a method to tell the car what has been done regardless of whether it was due?
  2. Sentinel-R1

    Assyst Plus Workshop Code

    I was checking mileage to next service in the service menu of my S204 and noticed it had a Workshop Code 505. Anyone know what this means? CEL wasn't on, nothing wrong with the car that I know of. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. P

    Assyst service display wromg

    Ad my C180 serviced (A3 + service) only 1600 miles ago, I believe my service intervals are supposed to be 1 year 15,000 miles. Anyway Assyst is now showing next service (B1) due in 7400 miles.... What gives? Did they set it up wrong or is the car throwing a wobbly?
  4. adrianlobont

    Help with Service Assyst Plus

    Hi, I'm the owner of a MB E350 Sport/265 BHP, CDI Coupe, 2012 model... The problem I have is that my MB was showing a week ago that I'm do for a B service in 230 days, after a few days it was showing that I'm do for service B3 in 13500 miles, today that service is due in 260 days and later on...
  5. I

    Assyst Plus - service each 9000 miles

    Hi I have a 2005 w211 e330cdi. I've just had it serviced yet by a specialist at 80000 miles. The last service was just 9500 miles ago and the next service is indicated for another 9500. This seems a little low considering I do drive very carefully, even if it involves a bit of town driving...
  6. M

    Service Assyst Reset

    Had my service done and they tried to reset it but because it was 700 miles over, the standard reset procedure didn't work. They had to use a Scan Tool, no star available there. It was reset but is now showing 10,000miles, it should be 17000miles. In the menu on the cluster it only...
  7. panason1c

    Assyst problem

    Hi, I have used a recently aquired hand held scanner (Foxwell NT600) to check for any stored codes on my 2002, ML 270CDI, it is pre-programmed with many different vehicle makes, etc which includes my specific ML model. During my 'play' with it i came across a 'reset oil' function which i...
  8. B

    Service assyst plus

    Hi guys I purchased a B class (56 plate ) with low 30,000 on the clock from reputable independant MB dealer in Gloucester and with confirmed service history. Service D done at 26,000 but now at 35,000 miles warning saying B service due in 1700 miles Service interval of 10,700 sound right ...
  9. B

    Assyst reset????????

    I Folks I've just completed an A service on the wife's C180K as instructed by the service indicator and I'd now like to reset the ASSYST indicator thingy. I've done a couple of forum searches with no luck, can anyone tell me how to reset it please.
  10. Black c320

    Reset assyst service indicator

    As the heading, i have searched and found instructions but it doesn't work on my car, Car is 2006 s211 280cdi 3 litre v6. I have just serviced the car and need to reset indicator. Any help appreciated.:)
  11. steve333

    Assyst 2007>

    As in the title i'm getting confused/having conflicting views on when servicing should be done,according to the service book it should be 15,500 or 12 months whichever comes first but my local dealer tells me to only go by the obc/assyst.My car has gone past the 12 months(now at 15 months since...
  12. R

    W204 Assyst Service Interval

    Assyst is showing that my service is due in 40 days. Is the service interval fixed or does it vary according to the driving style because my car was first registered on the 26th March 2011 but I still have 40 days until the first service. :dk:
  13. Sooty_uk

    Mercedes Benz ASSYST Service W209

    Right the time has almost come for a service on my CLK and it will be the first that that I am getting it serviced as the current owner. The car is a 2005 model and has 42,000 miles on it and has always been serviced at a main dealer. The last service was done 31,489 miles on 4th October...
  14. RobertoMercini

    Assyst explanation

    Apologies if this reads somewhere else, but there are 19 pages with the keyword in there...:crazy: Can someone explain to me, exactly what I get from Assyst, and how it works? My W203 has full MBSH at regular intervals. No one I know owns an MB so getting a concise answer isn't easy :)
  15. A


    I have owned my W168 for a little over 5 years now, and have done all the servicing (and more!) myself. I have replaced all the B service specific items more than once during my ownership. I tend to base my service schedule on the time limits given by MB and also on what I feel that the car...
  16. wobbly

    Assyst figure after service.

    My partners w203 coupe has just been in for a B service with the main dealer. What should the assyst reading till next service be, I was assuming around 13000 miles, not 9300. Anyone know better.
  17. M

    ASSYST Countdown

    Does ASSYST countdown to service if the car isn't used? I ask because mine said 30 days to A on Friday. I didn't drive it this weekend and it still said 30 days this morning.
  18. L

    ASSYST PLUS - What are Additional Work Items?

    Getting ready to tackle the E+ job myself. Service items 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 13, and 15 are due and that's easy, but where do I find the procedures for Additional work items that are also indicated i.e., 1, 3, 4, 6, EGA, General Insp., 9, 11, 12, 13. They're not listed in the service booklet. Where...
  19. R

    Vito/Viano service indicator reset (assyst reset)

    Hello I´m from Spain and I have a vito 120 CDI. I need to know how to reset the assyst service indicator. My vito has the standard steering wheel, and the buttons M, 0, + and -. Can anyone help? Thanks and regards
  20. RSS

    W211 Service setting

    I know there have been a few posts about setting the Assyst system for the fully synthetic oil after a service but having just had my 2004 E320 CDI serviced thought I'd share my experience. The car was serviced a few days ago and I wanted to check that as Mobil-1 229.51 was used it was...
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