1. Marque

    ASSYST PLUS Service Interval

    My car (see left) has just been returned by Hughes of Beaconsfield following its 'D' service . The computer says that the next 'A' service is due in 12,404 miles. From reading other threads, I thought that ASSYST PLUS should start to count down from 15,000 miles - or am I mistaken? It could...
  2. N

    Cannot get service (assyst) info on the cluster???

    So just had a play with all the menu stuff on the new car and cannot see anyway of bringing up some of the information shown in the manual on the dispaly? The 2 key items I don't seem to see are the 'assisted' lighting stuff in the lighting menu (and I assume I do have it as a/ the dealer...
  3. basalt2003

    Assyst schedule?

    Hi all, Not sure this has been mentioned before but my C220 CDI is just over 2yrs old. Its last service was September last year which was an "A". Next service indicated on Assyst is due in 12,000 odd miles and is a "B" major. I got a card through the door from MB saying their records show a...
  4. crockers

    I'm sure Assyst knows when I have booked a service.

    Had a service April 2008 - indicator showing 1200 miles to go for the A service. So I thought that's over a year and I would prefer to get it done sooner rather than later - so I called up Mercedes and booked it in for it's A service this Monday coming - the 15th. This afternoon I pop out to...
  5. M

    I havent made a 1000 miles after last service and ASSYST say I need service D WTF?

    Hi I have 2002 E-Class (the newer one). I did last service in MB service centre last September. I made about 900 miles since that and in late March I started to get reminders from my Assyst saying that xx days left to service D. It become xx days since missed service D since mid-May. I...
  6. Baron_Samedi

    Assyst Intervals

    Are Assyst intervals preset by the service technician? Or are they dependent (like VW Longlife) on the driving habits of the owner?
  7. Stuart O

    service due in assyst ??

    W163 ML 270 CDI - 05' reg - can you tell me how to interogate the instrument buttons to show next service due - also will it tell me the service type due ie A/B/C/D etc ?? thanks Stuart
  8. C

    covered on Assyst ?

    Evidently the new Cern Hydron Collider costing £3.6 billon has just melted down. Presumably it was designed by the makers of London`s black cabs.
  9. B

    service interval on assyst?

    my dad has just had his 07 plate c class estate 200k sport serviced and it has left him bemused , ,its 16months old & has managed 12500miles before the system indicated A service required, ,it now says 10,000 miles until next service , ,can the number of miles be determined by the service staff...
  10. Donza

    Checked with Assyst, no Valeo radiator in my 2003

    I thought all if not most 2003 W211's came with the Valeo Rad? Once i have picked up the car from the dealer after paying in full, i'll take a look to make sure. Assyst did a quick VIN check on my new (used) car, and the tech guy told me no.
  11. M

    Assyst Variable Servicing

    I appreciate that there is a great deal of discussion on these forum about variable servicing, but I remain confused, probably because so much as been said about it.I have just had a service B done on my w203. Following guidance from some of the threads I specificaly asked the stealer to ensure...
  12. BaldGuy


    I have just had an extensive service on my CLK and the dash still shows that it wants a B service after x miles... Can I change this to say and A Service for the next one? Surely it doesnt and wont get another B....
  13. T

    E class ASSYST

    Can anyone help? My E320cdi has covered 61k and was at 54k in march 2007 and was a B service. last week the ASSYST stated 2750 miles until next service, but today the display stated 30 days to "sevice E". Is this normal because the car has only covered 7k since the last service and only...
  14. S

    W211 wrong age for Assyst?

    Hi, I've noticed that my servicing interval is not variable, straight line count down from about 9000 odd from my last service tail end of last year. When I bought my '53 plate E320 CDI (registered about Nov 03) I could have sworn it was variable, the more I drove it on the motorway the more...
  15. crockers

    Does Assyst do it on purpose

    Car coming due to an A service - 1200 miles to go -- booked in for end of the month... Yesterday cruising gently down to Bristol - loads of time so played lets set the cruise at 60 and see the MPG at the end game (49.6 mpg) to Bristol turned off engine. Had to turn it back on to move...
  16. J

    C220 07 Plate, 5000 Miles - ASSYST A in 45 days???

    Just checked my ASSYST messages and it says that i am due an ASSYST A in 45 days... Is this due to: a) Time b) Mileage c) Something else? Also, anyone know what is involved with an ASSYST A check? I would like to try to source the consumables to keep the cost at MB down Thanks in advance
  17. Mactech

    Assyst Plus

    Assyst Plus is a cunning little device which tells you when your next service is due. When my S class was new it told me there were 15K miles to an ‘A’ service. Having done those miles now, I am still 6000 miles away from an ‘A’ service! Whilst Mercedes say that the system takes into account...
  18. se97mlm

    Cool Trick for W202/W210 Owners with Assyst (Newer style electronic key)

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of a coffee with the guys that calibrate the Assyst service interval thingy and they told me about a neat trick that is not in the user manual if you have a C or E class with the newer style key (younger than 1997). Namely, you can check the oil level from inside...
  19. F

    W202 Assyst

    Whats the little 'clock' sign mean on the assyst display? Car should be about 4000 miles away from a service, but the last few times I've started it, its flashing up with the clock sign and a number (currently '3' !). Might well have started happening since I changed the battery!!! Thanks!

    Assyst - Flexible Or Fixed Interval?

    Whats the latest situation regarding the fixed vs flexible serving intervals? I have just noticed my car has been set to fixed intervals after its first service. Queried it with the dealer and they claim they can no longer adjust this?? Car is 2005 W211 E320CDI
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