1. steve333

    Sandown mercedes Basingstoke

    Hi all,interested in a car sandown mercedes Basingstoke have for sale,anyone on here used them in the past to buy an aproved used vehicle,if so any feedback good or bad would be appreciated :cool:
  2. Pitts Pilot

    MB Basingstoke 'handled' it brilliantly!

    It came away in my hand, honest guv! I opened the door and the silver trim on the door handle came away. Have you ever seen this: I went to my local MB dealer who said he had never seen anything like it. (They noted that none of the glue was touching the trim, it was held...
  3. U

    diabolical service at mb basingstoke

    has anybody else noticed the decline in customer service at Mercedes benz Basingstoke since tony purslow left ? if you ever ring mb Basingstoke I would recommend holding for the person you need to speak to as they never return your calls , I left 2 messages for service reception , one for the...
  4. BenzedUP

    MB Basingstoke

    Just booked my C55AMG for an 'A' service at MB dealer in Basingstoke £147 + me providing my own oil. Also they are proving me with a new C class for the day, can't ask for better than that. Not bad price for a main mercedes dealer on an AMG service.:thumb:
  5. N

    4 Year service due MB of Basingstoke here I come!

    Got my 4 year service due tomorrow and as I can't do it with my indie alf203 as it invalidates the used tier 1 warranty I have chosen MB of Basingstoke to do the honors, As they previously fixed the O2 sensor on the car and have always had good reviews on here. I have to leave London at 6.30am...
  6. BTB 500

    M-B Guildford, Hindhead, Basingstoke - free roof box (and cycle carrier etc.) loan

    Just had a flyer from the Tony Purslow group (M-B Guildford, M-B Hindhead, M-B Basingstoke) which may be of interest to some. If you buy roof bars for your M-B from them, you can borrow (free of charge, and as many times as you want): roof boxes luggage containers ski carriers snowboard...
  7. N

    Mercedes benz of basingstoke here I come.

    So as stated in my other thread bought the CLS of mercedes benz of warrington two days ago and I detected an O2 sensor fault with my OBDII reader, mobilo guy came out yesterday and confirmed that there was indeed a fault with the O2 sensor. I contacted MB warrington where I was initially...
  8. Coggers

    Longlife Basingstoke doing my Cat delete

    Have just booked the C55 into Longlife Basingstoke for this Saturday to get the Cat and resonator removed. Did a quick run-through over the phone to tell him what I want and he has provisionally quoted saying that it will cost around £100+VAT. When I said that I wouldn't want to travel there...
  9. D

    MB indy near Basingstoke Hampshire

    Has anyone had any experiance with Pro-tech in kingsclere near newbury, as they are a very local MB indy to me. Failing that do any of you guys recommend or have experiance of any other local independants, or the Basingstoke MB dealership for that matter. Thanks in advance.
  10. splang

    Tony Purslow - MB Basingstoke

    Took my car in for its first service today. Got in at 9am as arranged for a while you wait service. I was told it would take 1.5 to 2 hours. I had arranged to meet a friend shortly after 11am so I was clear on this point. I eventually left a little after midday. I spoke to the service manager...
  11. M

    Tony Purslow Basingstoke

    Big up to Tony Purslow in Basingstoke who have just done some work for me on my W210 Collected the car from my house 25 miles away and delivered back after a service FOC. The "A" service cost a little over £200 with their scheme for cars 6 years and older and there is a discount on parts as...
  12. M

    Basingstoke or Bracknell Garage Service required

    I just discovered the diff mount rubbers are shot on my car. I don't fancy doing the job myself this time. Anyone want the job or be able to recommend a decent (cheap) independant around Basingstoke or Bracknell (or Reading)? Thanks Matthew
  13. R

    Tony Purslow Basingstoke - High Praise

    I've reported good things about these guys before, but I have reason to be impressed again. Recently I started getting an odd feeling through my steering. I contacted Purslows who ventured a few ideas about what it might be and promptly dispatched a chap 20 miles from their dealership to my...
  14. uumode

    Tony Purslow Basingstoke

    A dealer who takes customer service seriously. Recommended. My own dealer is in Reading, who I don't think is so inviting. VW dealer too is average.. so for MB and VW I go out of town to Basingstoke! So those who are fed up of Reading, Bracknell, Slough MB try Basingstoke.
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