1. TommysBenz2003

    Buzzing sound in engine bay

    Hi all. I have a 2003 E200k W211. Sometimes when I open my car by remote or when im driving or sometimes stationary, I can hear a buzzing noise that sounds like a pump running that results when im sitting in the car in me feeling a vibration through my brake pedal!!! I have no loss of brake...
  2. Ant-toe-knee

    Engine bay spruce up

    30 mins and sorted
  3. J

    E Bay Mercedes Wheel Chart inconsistencies

    I have used bays Mercedes chart, when buying mercedes wheels. Not sure if anyone else has. The C Class chart is not reliable. Double check when buying wheels. I used the chart for a pair of wheels i was interested in. Checked the correct part number Offset etc. Then checked with my car,and...
  4. s500colin

    Mercedes 300 SE Auto not E bay but

    Eddisons online Auction Mercedes 300 SE Auto 4dr Saloon, petrol, 2962cc; blue; Registration: F300 WOV; Date of Registration: 01 August 1988; Odometer: 102434; Tax: expired; MOT: 11 March 2014 Eddisons Lot Details: Mercedes 300 SE Auto 4dr Saloon, petrol, 2962cc; blue; Registration: F300 WOV...
  5. Harrythedog

    Anyone received a parking ticket in London in a suspended bay?

    .......then watch Inside Out BBC 1 (London) at 7:30pm tonight. (also available on iPlayer). Apparently there are some 364000+ illegally isued tickets as the councils had no authority to make up there own signs, so pile in and get your money back!
  6. gmanrangers

    cheap c43 on the bay

  7. Darrell

    IBM laptops on the bay

    A pal of mine brought an IBM laptop over for me in the summer to use for the guests at the bar. Nice and clean in good nick and ideal for surfing the net, it also keeps them at the bar and in turn means they buy a couple beers and a small meze...everyones a winner. Anyways....I hatched a plan...
  8. T

    S204 (C Class Estate) Genuine Load Bay Tray

    Also for sale, genuine MB load tray cover described as "Shallow Boot Tub" in MB accessories catalogue. Page 34 of the C Class Accessories Catalogue. Make me a sensible offer...
  9. R

    Coat 13 and engine bay

    Todays task was Coat 13, I did all paint and the wheels with Demon Shine (neat). The result is shiny but took a bit of elbow grease as it became a bit smeary on top of C2. Not as happy with DS today as I have been in the past especially on my silver car. I also redid the engine bay with DS...
  10. Borys

    Check out this engine bay :)

    Wow, with RENNtech bits :rock:
  11. J

    Any Roofers on here? - Flat bay roof

    I have a bedroom bay window with a flat roof and the main roof being tiled flows all the rain water on to this flat roof. It has been re-felted a few years ago and is sound apart from when it rains. The roof appears to be angled away from the house (for obvious reasons) to allow the rain to...
  12. sdp1075

    Melted Engine Bay Fuse Box

    I have just bought a 1998 c240. The blower fuse which is located in the engine bay had blown. I replaced it but only to find that half our later it melted my fuse box. Does anyone have wiring diagram etc so I can sort this problem out please? Thank you!
  13. R

    W168 Engine Bay Silencing Cover

    I have this one for sale: Silencing Material, engine bay, Front Mercedes A-Class from HS - 160481 Bought it a while ago, never got around fitting it, now not required, and it's impractical to return to Germany, so here it is. £15 collected from Northampton or £20 posted.
  14. D

    Chuffing noise from engine bay

    Hi guys Discovered this noise few day's ago, quite loud when bonnet is up, had a look underneath the engine cover, and near the oil filler and injectors there seems to be a bit of black soot, and seems to be air ecaping from somewhere. Couldn't really see anything obvious. Car has been...
  15. Alps

    W211 Engine bay water protection Panelling

    When at the PCS GTG, i noticed that Ricky_S had some extra covers under his engine bay which stopped rainwater getting onto the fuse box, so thanks to Ricky for some initial pointer part numbers i got my local parts guy on the case. engine bay in its native form RHS without panel RHS with...
  16. babyblueCE

    Safest way to clean my engine bay.

    Hello all. Can anyone please advise what will be the best way to clean my engine bay? Its absolutely filthy and when the rainy weather eases i will give it a good clean, but before i do so what steps would i need to take to avoid getting water/cleaner in electrical parts? I have a 300 CE J Reg...
  17. trapperjohn

    Interesting OSF wing S124 on the bay.

  18. B

    my old 124 estate on the bay - ending soon!

    Spotted my old 124 for sale: 1994 MERCEDES E320 ESTATE AUTO BLUE W124 | eBay It has had some welding to the rear subframe in the past but is a good buy at its present price. I spent quite a bit on this sorting out some gearbox and rust issues. Seller was very straightforward to deal with...
  19. trapperjohn

    124 320 Estate on The Bay

    This car is known to me and its sound. Defo loom and Head Gasket done. Runs sweet. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  20. F

    rain water in engine bay

    I'm finding rain water on the forward engine underbody tray, after rain. But not on every occasion. That it rains. Do any of the drain tubes, discharge onto the tray. If not. Where is this water comeing from. This water sits across, the full width of the tray. The car is a w211 E320 (03)
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