1. zeemax100

    Engine Bay working Progress!

  2. Dizzy

    Cheap Tracker on *bay

    I spotted a cheap tracker/remote immobiliser on *bay called a Rewire TK104. Does anyone have any experience of these and basically are they any good or not? It's the ability to remotely immobilise the vehicle which I find interesting as there appears to be a lot of key thefts/vehicle hijacking...
  3. trapperjohn

    L Reg 190 2.5D on the Bay.

    MERCEDES 190 2.5 DIESEL | eBay
  4. Borys

    How about this for engine bay :-)

    Simply amazing !!!
  5. markmifsud

    Engine bay picture needed for SLK R171

    Hi all, can anyone put up an image of the air scoop/water drain that sits above the battery please. My friend has a SLK 55 amg (2005) and has noticed that his air scoop has a big hole that you could get your hands through, but looks to me that it should have some sort of leaf catcher filter in...
  6. merc85

    Engine Bay Clean cdi 211

    Had ago at the engine bay again, GT85 on a rag then autosol
  7. S

    'Honest' engine bay dirt or detail?

    My SL has had one owner from new till I bought it and she's never been cleaned under the bonnet. As a result its dusty as hell but 'honest' looking as Mike Brewer would say. Is has no leaks or anything scary and in some ways I think it looks reassuring that someone's not trying to hide...
  8. B

    Engine bay fuse box - cover removal

    Numpty question of the day. Ciggy charging point has gone u/s, so looking to change the fuse. Located the fuse box on the rear offside of the engine bay, but struggling to get the cover off. It has two sliders indicating open/close on either side, but with both in the open position the cover...
  9. Deane x

    100 year old toilet destroyed by e bay seller

    Right I buy and restore vintage items and sell them back on , any how I bought a 100 year old toilet with toilet seat ,and it arrived today smashed ....the reason being the seller just put it in a box and posted it with parcel force ,No bubble wrap, not secure the metal brackets so they swing...
  10. D

    Strange Smell From Engine Bay

    Hi, I have a 2009 C63 with PP and a Eurocharged remap. Today I noticed a strange smell from the engine. Like water or oil is being burnt. Temps are all fine and cant seem to see anything in the engine bay. Car has done 25000 miles. It happens when the car is warm and no warning signs...
  11. F

    Connectors attached to washer jets in engine bay

    All First post. New member. My wife's 1986 500 SL jas just come back from having some accident damage repaired. While I was nosing around in the engine bay inspecting the work, I noticed one of the hoses to the passenger side windscreen washer jet wasn't connected. Popped that back on, but...
  12. Dave Richardson

    E bay sales items from Romania

    I've often looked at Mercedes related items offered for sale where the seller lives in Romania on E Bay. Has any UK member ever bought goods from Romania & was the deal successful ? :dk:
  13. I

    Best way to clean engine bay

    Have a w204 dieseland I need to clean the engine bay as it is like the last owner lived down a dust lane and it is covered in thick dust like brick dust almost would careful jet washing be ok or would my best bet be to do it by cloth and water any ideas would be gratefully
  14. H20 MRV

    before e bay...

    Reg number ready to go, on retention, fees paid :thumb: RG 63 AMG open to offers before e bay bound!!
  15. KillerHERTZ

    New S-Class (W222) Engine Bay Fire

    A brand new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class was declared a total loss after a fire ignited in the engine department. Well this is unexpected. A new S-Class bought just two weeks ago suffered some serious damages caused by a fire which started in the engine area. The car - believed to be an S350...
  16. A

    W124 Engine bay loom

    Hi Guys (&Gals) I have the chance to buy a good MB loom part number A124 440 5332. The problem is that my E320 coupe is a late 1995 model which EPC says should use A124 440 3433. Does anyone know what the difference between the two looms is? The change point is just around a certain set of...
  17. developer

    Engine Bay

    Today I've had a wipe around under the bonnet, but what's the best product for dressing the various engine parts, some of which will obviously get very hot. WD40 has been mentioned previously.
  18. vito stan

    help engine click and smoke in engine bay

    I was driving my 638 112cdi 02 and started getting a click/tick from back left side of engine bay (if you're looking at it from front of the van). It sounds like an exhaust tick but its very quiet, could it be head gasket leaking? or inlet manifold. Smells like exhaust fumes. Thanks for looking
  19. D

    Vito 110cdi engine bay issues

    I'm after some advice, on looking at my engine bay today i have found a lead with a blue inner plug on it under the plastic housing which is going to nothing. attached pic 1 which goes along and plugs in to another lead shown in pic 2. Should this be attached to something?? Also at back of...
  20. b5665

    Engine bay

    Hi can anyone tell me what these 2 things are behind air filter pipe on my mercedes vito 638 110 cdi? ??
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