1. merc85

    Big Help Required :( 211 Airmatic Control arm

    Ok Peeps, Car is my 2002 w211 e55k What i thought would be a 45min job has turned into abit of a nightmare.:doh: The Upper ball joint on the front nearside of my e55k has completley worn out and its all apart of the arm not separate like the later ones. I read up previously on the job...
  2. Lipsylee

    Big front brake conversion - are what pads are they !!!!

    Hello hopefully somone on here can help me , I have some big brakes on my merc Clk apparently there from Euro car parts and cost £2600 ! Anyway the front pads are in desperate need of changing so I took the pad off and drew round it . I can't see any numbers etc . I have left this with...
  3. D

    w124 e36 one of 24 coupes commanding big money

    1994 Mercedes Benz E36 AMG (RHD) 1 of 24 Coupe's worldwide | eBay check seller other items like w124 60 and 500 version all for telephone nos
  4. nick mercedes

    big brother or sensible plan?

    What you've written or thought impacts how much large companies will charge you: "Be careful what you post! Car insurer will start checking your Facebook account before it sets your premiums" Admiral car insurer to start checking your Facebook account before it sets your premiums | Daily...
  5. S

    C32 estate not big enough?

    MERCEDES Vito/Viano 3.2AMG V6 Kompressor,400BHP,Supercharged,LPG,swap,swop,px | eBay
  6. L

    OMG there's nothing like a big supercharged V8

    I must say I still can't tell you how much I love my car, it's totally crazy, the noise, the Power, the instant torque, the street cred, the build quality, i just love it. What a car, just be careful out there lol. oh its a CLS55 AMG. :o)
  7. A

    Me and my big gob

    So last weekend I woke up Sunday morning with the usual thick head and said the mandatory saying Never drinking again. Then the wife started with you say that every time and I wouldn't last a week without a beer. So I went one better and BET her a handbag of her choice that I could go without...
  8. ph47mf

    big hello from a newbie

    Hi I've taken the plunge and bought myself one of them nice taxis - 2013 E220CDI AMG Sport saloon in black for my family of four (2 girls aged 4 and 6). I will hopefully pick this up next week. My current car is a Prius (:eek: no swearing please), it has been a good servant giving me at...
  9. lisa110rry

    Wacking great big tellies and poor 'lip sync'

    This week, I'm dog sitting a friend's two Labradors in his home. He has a massive curved Samsung telly,unbelievably large, and BT telly thing and I'm currently watching 'Ripper Street' (which isn't as good as it was) on it. Perhaps it's because Ican actually see the faces very clearly, but...
  10. M

    Big Hello to Steve from Cardiff

    Big Call out to Steve from Cardiff Hi Bud, Hope you and your dad are well... Sorry Bud missed you yesterday @ my brothers in Merthyr yesterday. Was absolutely shattered & needed to rest before driving back to sunny Bedfordshire:eek: Hope you enjoyed the ride in the nutty CLS:crazy: My old...
  11. pcdocs

    Newbie member to the C63 AMG Club, big grin!

    Had it exactly a week, filled up three times so far! :dk: I can't stop grinning, and I've turned into a teenager all over again. No bridge or tunnel is safe!
  12. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday BIG UN

    Many happy returns!
  13. F

    W211 Big brake upgrade

    Hi I have a E220cdi 2007 and have been led to believe there was an option for bigger front brakes. Would this be a case of buying the bigger callipers discs and pads or would I need adapter plate, also would I be able to put bigger brakes on front whilst leaving rears the same. Thanks in...
  14. Dannyallen89

    Suggestions where to buy big fin carbon diffuser

    Hey now my spoiler is sorted and booked in to be fitted I'm looking next for a rear diffuser carbon does any1 have 1 that can recommend for my w204 thanks
  15. T

    Big hello to everyone. C350 cdi owner

    First of all I wanted to say hello to everyone as I am new on here, and new to forum's in general. Also I was wondering if you could help me out! I'm looking to post my car for sale but when I go to create a new thread it states that I do not have the privileges? How do I go about obtaining...
  16. N

    Big merc little merc.

    My daily drivers, the E55 and the 2545 actros. Still can't believe I've got a car with more BHP than my truck! Torques a different matter though.
  17. Red C220

    The Big Short (film)

    This film was mentioned on this forum recently. I think it was by Patagonian. Well I was on a flight last night and noticed it was on the film menu so watched it. It is excellent. The whole mortgage mess in the USA that triggered the world financial meltdown was presented in a palatable...
  18. martyz

    This is very big

    Saw this in Southampton's huge!
  19. lisa110rry

    A great big 'thank you' for the technical help I've received from this forum

    I thought this message was more appropriate here than in the Technical Section, if not, please move it. My little green car is a plaything that I only use for part of the year, so I know that if she starts getting expensive I will have to give her up. So when, at the end of the last summer...
  20. flango

    Pretenders Vs Experts a big thanks to PCS

    As some of you probably know I have been suffering with an intermittent misfire on the CLK, despite my best efforts to rectify I couldn't find the root cause of the issue and it went beyond my diagnostic capability or knowledge. So I ventured to some of the so called Indies in and around...
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