1. KillerHERTZ

    1st Big Wash/Wax of the Year

    Weather was great, sun out, birds in singing in the trees, other half out shopping so cleaned the car (and hers!) + Waxed and used the M.O.P. on it: Spot the latest mod:
  2. D

    MERCEDES 300ce Mosselman AMG Teddy Mayers car very big money

    MERCEDES 300ce Mosselman AMG, Teddy Mayers car | eBay
  3. Growy16

    Those are really BIG wheels.....

    Good evening peeps. Not a new owner but looking to engage in order to broaden the brain pan somewhat about the technological & engineering marvels that are; ML55 AMG W163 (Son), ML63 AMG W164 (She who definitely has to be obeyed) & C63 AMG W204 Coupe (Me!) :bannana::thumb:
  4. stevebgt1

    Big day today ! Quaife day !

    Well, dropped my C63 off this morning to have the Quaife LSD fitted. Perfect day for it, lots of rain and sleet around up here ! Should be collecting it tonight/tomorrow morning ! I will of course be in touch real soon to let you know my thoughts .....:thumb:
  5. E

    A big thank you to MSL PERFORMANCE!!!

    Had my car mapped by MSL yesterday. Power delivery is amazing and worth every penny:D. Guys I know there a some contemplating having their cars mapped, don't hesitate doing it, it is truely worth having it done by professionals like MSL! Very pleasant service provided! Really down to earth...
  6. N

    Big 2012 c63 AMG engine/LSD issue

    Hi guys, First post here and a recently new owner to a c63 amg PP+ coupe. I have done about 2.5k miles in the car since October and the car has 32kish miles total, due a service in Feb. (Service B I believe) Today I came off the motorway and went up a hill onto an A road, giving it a bit...
  7. Alex

    4 Tonne Big Red Jack Ramps

    I've got a pair of plastic ramps made by Big Red Jacks. Used a few times but will be getting a scissor lift soon so can overnight these for £30. They were about £50 on the bay. Well made and strong. They slot into each other and are pretty light too. Was skeptical about them being made of...
  8. mat8n

    WANTED, cheap big auto diesel estate.

    as it says really. no more than £1500. just want it reliable, comfy and munch the miles and take all my stuff in the back!
  9. W

    [W211] Big electronic problems, your advice is much needed!

    Hello, This is a rather long story, but I really need some advice on this, so please bear with me. It all started about a month after I purchased the car this summer. First symptoms were that car sometimes wouldn't start (dashbord lights all on, engine not turning), which was usually fixed by...
  10. B

    Evening all. Big problem

    Girlfriend just spilt milkshake on and around my gear selector. Lots of lights flashing and car would not start. I pulled the top off exposing a circuit board and there was a little fluid in there so I dabbed that off and the car started. Can't select and hears now and the engine management...
  11. D

    Excellent Prepurchase inspection and a big Lemon

    Good evening As some of you may know I am after a facelift E220 CDI. I identified one in Berkshire and put a deposit on it. I also asked the nice team of Mercanix who is in this area to run an inspection for me. Michael and Andrew from Mercanix were the top from the initial booking to the...
  12. D

    Ann Summers doing big business in Texas

    Had to smile at this, perhaps gun law needs more debate? Texas university students in dildo protest over gun law - BBC News But on a more serious note, it's getting bad when kids and teachers at school fear for their safety.
  13. gadget1960

    A BIG thankyou to a111r

    Not sure this is the correct place to say it but .... Many thanks to a111r for sorting me out with a part I needed, top man, great comms, and all round 'good egg'. :thumb:
  14. C

    Big Thanks To Valet Magic - De Chrome, Tints & 507 Stripes

    Hi All, Took a visit to Valet Magic on Thursday to have the C63 De Chromed, Tinted and add 507 Stripes. Really pleased with the transformation of the car, and the quality of work. Robbie is a top guy and for anyone who is looking to have something similar done to their C63 I would highly...
  15. AMGGTS

    Mitton Hall Supercar Meet And Big Drive Out

    Click the link for all the information. SuperCar Sunday Finale
  16. F

    C43 big engine

    I have a 5.4 M113.98 (NA) AMG lump on a stand that will, after some refurbishment, eventually go into my C43. Whilst it's not in a car and for the sheer hell of it, I wonder what would be the benefit (or otherwise) of: a) having the flywheel lightened and/or b) taking it out to say, 5.8 litres...
  17. Ted

    Big man.

    Hope you're feckin proud of yourself.
  18. paulshep69

    A big thanks to Eurocharged & Wallace Performance

    Well, after 3 months of waiting for my Fi exhaust (serial number 24 and the 3rd European C63 to be fitted with one), courtesy of Eurocharged, it's finally fitted and boy is it epic, well worth the wait. The noise from it with the valves closed is somewhere near a stock C63, but just a bit more...
  19. B

    Big Thanks to Acid and MSL

    Hi Guys, My Name is Bill and i have recently purchased a c63 and joined this forum. Last wednesday i took the day off work and with my son Gary went along to MSL Performance for the mini meet which was talked about on this forum. We were made most welcome by Acid and the team, we...
  20. dokalj

    Big thanks to wim

    I just wanted to say thanks to TONY & CO at WIM for sorting out my geometry on my CL203 last weekend! It now drives as I would like and has put the FUN back into driving. :thumb:
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