1. B

    How to do an W/S211 E320 EGR blank

    I recently had a Celtic Tuning remap by Redgorton Garage near Perth and as part of this I had them (electronically) delete the EGR from the ECU. The effect of deleting the EGR from the ECU means the ECU no longer looks for it functioning, although the valve itself is still open to the crud...
  2. M

    COMAND NTG 2.5 Blank white screen - R350 W251

    Hi all, I have an R350 W251 with NTG 2.5 (6 disc changer model) I have had the car over a year, bought 2nd hand, but the screen just went white one day! I can still control the head unit using the bezel buttons and steering wheel buttons, so radio stations and telephone still work. Also...
  3. A

    EGR Blank

    Hi all, I want to blank the EGR valves on my GL420. Does anyone come recommended in Essex/London? Thanks, Arif
  4. Z

    Where to buy UDF Blank DVDs

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me as to where can I get the blanks UDF DVDs. I own a E300 and unfortunately the video format can only take UDF. Is there a way around this if I cannot get the blank UDF. Thanks Ziggy
  5. E

    w211 instrument cluster completely blank

    W211 (09) reg , Just started up car to move it back into driveway and nothing whatsoever on the instrument cluster. Engine starts, Comand works, but absolutely nothing on the cluster, clock stopped at 11.40, none of the needles move. Have got the fuse list out, but none of them mention anything...
  6. E

    '04 W211 - Dash Display Blank

    The dash display is blank on my 2004 E55; clock, speedo, rev counter, warning lights, all dead; nothing, not even the instrument lights. The central climate control panel display is the same, but it responds to adjustments for more or less heat. The car started normally, and the display was as...
  7. C

    w202 c180 blank outside temperature display

    Hi, New member/owner as of today and hoping I have posted this in correct section. Car was only bought this morning and on way home along the motorway I noticed the digital bit under the temp gauge was blank and that the petrol gauge was jumping about from empty to half ect. After a quick read...
  8. T


    sorry wrong thread
  9. M

    EGR blank and re-map prep

    Hi all - I have scoured Google and the forums for 3 days now but don't seem to actually be able to find someone that has done and egr blank on a C220cdi and then mapped out the errors - is it simply not possible? Seen a few posts that talk about some fancy electronic dummy egr and resistance...
  10. BAZZER1

    Blank off

    Hi Guys Apologies as this may be in the wrong Post Section, Can anyone advise the correct material which is readily available to make a Blanking Panel for a Radiator for my W210 E320 CDI, I guess it should waterproof and easy to cut out. If anyone has a template and fitting instructions that...
  11. TailorMike

    EGR problem, blank off or replace?

    Hi guys, new to the forum and just wondered if anyone was clued up with EGR valves ? I have a Mercedes ML320 diesel 2006 model and it has had a intermittent fault with it going in a limp mode type state. Say about once a week it will have limited revs and feel sluggish. I did try to...
  12. IRISH E55

    Blank discs

    Any idea what type of Blank CDs will work and audio10 cd changer will recognise? As in cd/r cd/rw +- and so on
  13. J

    2002 S-class Comand - blank screen

    The screen on my 2002 S-class Comand has gone blank, although the radio etc still works. The screen on/off button has no effect, and nor does turning the ignition off and on. Assuming that the screen is faulty, can it be replaced without changing the entire system? It's the older type with the...
  14. smillion

    CLS speedo instrument cluster gone blank .....

    :confused: 2011 CLS 350 Sport The instrument cluster within the speedo has gone blank - completely blank. Therefore, no trip meter; Assyst; no heads up Navigation; no note of whether the car is in drive, park reverse etc, or which gear I am in when in manual etc etc etc All quite odd and...
  15. shizhab

    Orange blank light on dashboard

    My 1996 C200 is showing an orange blank light on the right handside corner of my dashboard. What could be the problem.Thank you.
  16. M

    W211 using blank switch positions

    Has anyone used the blank switch positions? There's one on the left hand end of the front of the CD-changer. I'm having some parking sensors fitted and the installer says it'll need a switch to activate the front sensors - so that looks like a good place to use. Is there a Merc original part for...
  17. A

    W124 outside temp gauge OTG - blank display

    Since buying my w124, the OTG has always had a blank display. It has the OTG option, and as the front sensor in the bumper had been mangled by the previous owner, I assumed a new sensor would fix it. A new sensor was ordered from Mercedes and fitted this morning, but still the display is...
  18. Simon Lukas

    Blank service stamp booklet WANTED for W123 280TE

    I would be most grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction, as my first booklet has run out, and I am keen to keep my service history up to date for my beloved 2 owner 280TE. Please help!! Email me please, [email protected]. Thanks lots!!
  19. robert.saunders

    My mind has gone blank... is this a V6

    The ol' mind is awry: Auto Trader UK - MERCEDES-BENZ C230 Avantgarde SE= Not Kompressor. V6?
  20. D

    Blank text messages on comand

    Hey Chums I have a 2008/58 E280CDi Sport with the last generation Comand (5 digit postcode). I have a Mercedes SLR Bluetooth hands free module connected to my Nokia N95, I seem to constantly get blank text messages on the comand!!! Bloody thing`s driving me mad, keeps bonging for a text alert...
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