1. M

    2004(54) mercedes e320 cdi avantgarde saloon automatic diesel amg bodykit silver

    Full Details Mercedes E320 CDI Avantgarde Saloon with AMG Styling Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 15th September 2004 – 54 Reg • Four Owners Only – Last Owner Since August 2013 • 53,801 miles only with Full Service History...
  2. D

    W126 AMG bodykit, full or part kit, SEC...

    Hi guys, After giving up the search for a black on black 560 SEL, I finally bagged a W126 of some description, albeit a 500SEC! Need a full Gen2 AMG kit for it... Willing to buy in bits and also in full and also willing to travel any distance, UK wise... Cash waiting. Regards Dee
  3. M

    Does anyone know this GLE bodykit?

    Any knows what bodykit is this and where can I get it?
  4. I

    AMG Gen 2 w126 SEC bodykit

    Does anyone have an AMG gen2 w126 sec bodykit on sale?
  5. 1

    G wagon bodykit

    Hi, i have a 2012 G wagon that im looking to fit AMG bumpers and arches. I have come across some replica kits that are figreglass and some plastic. Does anyone have experience of fitting the plastic replica kits or any guides to whats involved in carrying out this conversion? Hopefully someone...
  6. S

    1994 C124 220CE with AMG bodykit

    A stunning example
  7. S

    C124 coupe bodykit

    Ordering the bodykit for the coupe But no replys from the bodykit company So I'm just waiting on them Original alloys have been refurbed including 2 spare ones that have also been refurbed I'll be selling them if the Monos fit I have these alloys now Monoblocks 2....Intra brand...
  8. S

    C124 Coupe. Bodykit wanted....thanks

    Hello everyone I'm a new new member I have a E320 coupe Its in blue but also has a hint of purple in it :/ I'd like a bodykit for the coupe If anyone can direct me to the exact page I'll appreciate it I have also some 18 x 8 ET 41 Monoblocks 2 Will they fit? Could someone...
  9. D

    300E W124 with CARAT DUCHATELET BODYkit

  10. M

    w124 200TE with gen 1 bodykit

    Estates with factory body kits are pretty rare, so this might be useful to someone. Mercedes benz w124 e-class 1 lady owner | eBay
  11. C.Rigby

    C63 AMG Black Series bodykit

    Hi everyone, A friend of mine recently bought a 14 plate C63 AMG Coupe and he's decided he wants to start a project called "Project Black Series". I think you can guess what he wants to do! Does anyone know of Mercedes will sell him the parts or would he have to go for non-genuine parts...
  12. S

    CL55 AMG bodykit on a CL500?

    Hi New owner of a 2000 CL500 and want to fit the CL55 AMG body kit comprising front and rear bumpers and side skirts because I really like the look, my car already has the AMG alloys fitted. My question is will the CL55 AMG kit fit straight to the CL500 or is there a specific CL55 AMG...
  13. S

    W203 c class AMG bodykit

    Mercedes C Class W203 AMG body kit Originally bought from a breakers to fit to my 203 project however having a complete lack of time to do it ive sold the car and now this is for sale The front bumper has a dent which has been smoothed out and one of the skirts needed repairing, it is also...
  14. L

    W124 AMG Bodykit

    Hi. I have just acquired a W124 230E and am looking for some tips on where to get some AMG bodykit and AMG Wheels for it? Help greatly appreciated. Tom (Newbie:D)
  15. I

    W211 E270 AMG Bodykit

    Finally, I had change my bodykit to E55AMG.
  16. Ruonis13

    w211 stock to amg bodykit

    :dk: Hi ALL! I have a e240 saloon (2002) PLATE MB...and I really want to put a AMG kit on it! 1st question will it fit? and I mean just like that...screw off / screw on . Has any1 done that b4, and is it easy and will it work. Many thanks guys :thumb: __________________ Ron w211 2.6...
  17. S

    57 E320CDI - FULL AMG BODYKIT - what is that?

    Hi, Looking at about 8 year old W211, black, E320CDI saloon. At the higher end of prices there is a "FULL AMG BODYKIT" car. It is a high spec car as also has memory seats and panoramic roof. 9K and it has been on sale for quite some time despite the high specs: Mercedes-Benz E Class 3.0CDI...
  18. P

    Zender widebody 190e bodykit

    Full bodykit available, front and rear bumpers, side skirts and 4 arches - £500 Same as this car
  19. tintinmt

    S124 AMG bodykit on ebay

    I have not seen an AMG kit for an S124 advertised before as far as I recall. Mercedes Benz w124 e class amg 3 style bodykit front bumper rear bumper skirts | eBay What do we think? I must say I have always wanted one for some reason. I'd probably have to get AMG alloys to go with it. Of...
  20. MWCLS

    w219 AMG bodykit

    Wanted OEM AMG bodykit for w219 CLS. After adding oem AMG iv's I want to go the whole hog and fit Front and rear AMG bumpers and side skirts. I don't want a 55/63 rep look alike as I'll be retaining the one pipe either side but just like the look. Shame the previous owner didn't spec it as...
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