1. T

    W169 (A150) engine revs 'bouncing / pulsing'

    Hi I can't use the forum search function on my phone for some reason as it keeps disappearing so I'm not sure if this has been answered before. Basically our A150 seems to pulse or bounce at any of the rev ranges. It happens every couple of seconds and is most noticeable when maintaining a...
  2. S

    Bouncing rev counter!

    I have an unusual problem with my 2011 Viano 2.2CDI. The rev counter keeps bouncing by about 100 revs when under light load. It generally jumps up then goes back to the same point almost instantly every few seconds. There is no real pattern to it and I can also just feel the car physical surge...
  3. W

    Door lock bouncing up and down on a clk

    Hi Has anyone had the problem before in a clk w209? When I lock and unlock the passenger door lock bounces and you have to constantly press lock and unlock and ventually it would be OK. I see on eBay you can get a repair kit for around £10 and they like coil springs. Has anyone done this...
  4. peteubhi

    door lock bouncing up and down

    hi i have a w211 and the rear passenger side door pin bounces up and down when locking and unlocking. I have read that a spring needs replacing in the ACTUATOR? Does any one please have a picture guide as to how to replace this spring?
  5. c180081c

    w203 c180 bouncing lock - Some Answers please

    Hi Guys, My passenger door lock is bouncing. I have read all threads on this and some info is very contradictory. I now have the correct spring for the internal repair and im happy with this part. Removing the lock however is confusing. -Am I correct in saying that there is an...
  6. L

    Bouncing door lock, spring okay

    As the title says really. My n/s door lock started bouncing yesterday and having just removed the actuator the spring is fine. It worked when I tested it after dismantling but after I put it back in the car it has started again. :( Should I change the spring as a matter of course or is there...
  7. M

    Bouncing door lock repair kits

    Hi All, A second lock has gone on my mum's 211. Not going to replace the lock this time as too expensive. Going to go down the repair kit with this one. Question is, which ones are you guys buying? Who don't you buy from? Seen a couple of sellers on ebay. Are they all ok or could someone...
  8. V

    ML 320 W163 (2000 YOM) Bouncing Lock

    Hi I have the dreaded bouncing door look on drivers door. I called local dealer and replacement acuator is £186! With the job quoted as 2 to 3 hours I am going to have ago at doing myself. Lots of post on how to do but my 2 questions are. 1/ I believe the auto locking can be switched off at...
  9. C

    W203 driver’s door lock is a Bouncing Jack

    Hello, wondering if anyone may be able to help me! When I try to lock the car with its remote, the fuel cap’s lid, boot’s lid and 3 doors all shut normally. Driver door however, makes a noise that I can only describe as an automatic gun, the little black knob on the door, that indicates...
  10. NICO

    Bouncing door lock temporary fix - C-class 2004

    Hello, I have a issue with the passenger door lock of my c-class (W203) year 2004. It bounces when the car locks. Looking at previous posts, I understand it is a common fault and it is caused by the failure of a small spring on the locking mechanism. I need to change this mechanism, but in...
  11. B

    Bouncing button

    I have had my car some seven years and never had any issues with it, however yesterday when I went to unlock the car, the drivers door button began bouncing, sounds like a gun repeating, same when I lock it. Sometimes it doesnt lock, it ends up with the button up. Any ideas or help!! Thanks
  12. Bobby Dazzler

    W163 ML bouncing locks

    Mrs D's passenger side lock starting playing up on Friday night. When attempting to lock it attempts several times in short succession but then gives up (sounds a bit like a machine gun). All the other doors lock fine. Strangely, when driving the door does lock (tested by attempting to open...
  13. G

    Mystery noisy bouncing aux belt & tensioner on c220 cdi w203

    Hello. Thanks in advance for any help with this problem thats driving me potty. Tried some new parts. Problem persists. On tickover my engine is noisy with a booming rattle. As soon as you bring it above tickover it runs smoothly. On full lock it chirps. Under the bonnet I can see the...
  14. R

    C Class Door Lock Bouncing

    Has anybody managed to fix this problem by just replacing the broken spring rather than the whole lock assembly ? There are some repair kits available on ebay: Mercedes C Class W203 DOOR LOCK REPAIR KIT | eBay UK
  15. AANDYY

    Dambusters bouncing bomb doco tonight Ch4 20.00

    Looks interesting :thumb: Dambusters: Building the Bouncing Bomb - Features - Preview Clips - Channel 4
  16. N

    Pasenger side front door lock "bouncing" on lock and unlock.

    Hey everyone, I recently bought a 2003 E320 CDI saloon, because I just fell in love with it at first sight. The car did have an issue with the front passenger door lock though, for which I got some money off. Basically, the lock "bounces" or "flutters" up and down on locking or unlocking...
  17. A

    04' C180 Central locking bouncing button

    Can anyone help me out. when I operate the central locking the passenger door button bouces up and down a few times. Sometimes it falls on lock but mostly it ends up in the unlocked position. It makes no difference how I opperate it, with the fob or the dashboard button it still has the same...
  18. S

    Dashboard lights flashing, speedo & revmeter bouncing

    Its a 1997 E200. Recently every now and again, just suddenly the lights on the dashboard start flashing, ie the oil light battery light etc. and both the speedo and rev meter bounce up and down. eg if I'm doing 50mph, it bounces from 50 to 0 and back again. Any ideas?
  19. ADY1983

    REV counter bouncing with Music!!!

    Hi my Rev rev counter bounces with my music when I turn it up :o . Do I need a power cap or bigger battery??
  20. P

    Door Lock Bouncing ML w163

    Hi to one and All, The Bride has a problem with the door locks on her ML, The ML opens on the key fob perfectly. Try to Lock the ML off the key fob (press the button once like we used to)and the bouncing starts (the pin go's up and down)on the drivers door,the other doors lock. If...
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