1. G

    CLS Shooting brake

    Does any one know how to remove the trim to get at the left rear tail lamp to replace it on the CLS shooting brake - i magine its the same as the S212 estate. I thought to remove the aluminium sill. I removed three TORX screws but it wont come free. There dont appear to be any other screws...
  2. H

    Looking for SLK55/CLK55 Brake package 6pot/4pot

    As title says I m looking for a SLK55/CLK55 Brake package 6pot fronts and 4pot rear's. Does anyone have a set they would be willing to sell?? Many thanks Craig
  3. N

    Selling Front and Rear Brake pads with sensors (MB stock items) for E63AMG 6.2

    Hi everyone, With over 2 and half years having great fun with my E63 6.2 PP, it was coming to the end of my lease, I returned the vehicle (sadly and it will be truly missed) and I have brand new Brake pads for front and rear with sensors for front and rear, which I bought from MB in Southend...
  4. K

    w212 rear wheel brake squealing

    hi my car with 11k on the clock, one side brakes squealing badly when slow braking i sent the car to main dealer to sort the NOx sensors out and see the brakes, they said the brakes need to be replaced to get rid of noise, charge £211 for rear only. the pads are almost new, i took the...
  5. E

    MB Connect Me/A205 check brake pad wear

    Something interesting just happened. I'd imagine its beem around a while but I had no knowledge things now worked this way. I picked up my A205 just under 2 months ago and I have done about 1300 miles in it. On Saturday evening, the message 'check brake pad wear' popped up on the dash. Its...
  6. jke11y

    W218 Shooting Brake / W212 estate and others - Thule dynamic roofbox and wingbars

    Hello, I spent ages (genuinely) researching roof bars and boxes for my upcoming road trip, to fit our W218 CLS Shooting Brake. I bought a correct set of Thule Wingbars in silver with the 3049 foot pack which will fit other cars incl 212 and I think 204 estates, as well as a Thule Dynamic...
  7. C

    electronic parking brake on SLK R172

    Hi Should the EPB engage automatically when I come to a stop, select P and turn off the ignition?
  8. P

    Brake Calipers for rear W124 1992. 200 Wanted

    Wanted. Rear Brake Calipers to suit W124 estate 200 petrol - aprl 1992 auto. Will consider good used or new item. North ireland. Give full details and photos if possbl. Many thanks.
  9. S

    CLS Shooting Brake

    Hi, Does anyone on here own a CLS Shooting Brake 2012/2013? Really need to know the Air-Con gas type. No sticker under my bonnet and Mercedes will not tell me what it is. They charge 70 and ATS through Groupon only 32 for full Air-Con service! Regards, Tom
  10. AndrewOl

    X164 front brake hoses

    Hi, 2006 GL inspection advised that front hoses were replaced. Is this a straightforward job or is there anything I should look out for when doing this one myself?
  11. Mr-Goose

    Metal scratching sound coming from rear wheel

    I've had my 2012 E350 Coupe about three or four weeks. I have a sound coming from the rear passenger side wheel. I generally can only hear it when driving at fairly low speeds. At first I though a rogue bit of bodywork was loose and rubbing against the wheel. I've had a look and can't see...
  12. T

    2007 W211 parking brake question

    Hi, can anyone please tell me if access to the parking brake cable" junction" (for want of a better description) on my car is under the rear seat or would I have to access it from under the car. Thanks in advance.
  13. S

    parking brake adjustment

    Hi, I have a 2002 C200K Coupe and the parking brake needs adjusting When I pull the lever to release the brake, the pedal doesn't rise all the way up, this in turn leaves the light on the dash lit, which in turn start a very loud alarm as I drive off. As I pull the release lever , I have...
  14. S

    HELP: 2014 E63S Brake Caliper Lacquer Peel

    Gents, I have a 6 week old (to me) E63S Wagon which I have been enjoying. A week or two ago I spotted some lacquer peel on the nearside front performance calipers (red ones), thought "oh bugger, I'll get that relacquered ASAP". Just been out to check on it and the other to find that...
  15. Zonergem

    R129 500SL - Brake Booster Hose problem - your advice please

    Newly-acquired project car - 1992 129.066 500SL, RHD, M119.960 engine, 113k miles. Trying to remove the airbox assembly for inspection yesterday and even though I tried to be careful I had a mishap.:fail See video It's the check valve, isn't it? Could...
  16. S

    Mercedes s204 brake fluid leak

    Just been to pick the wife up, pulled up to let her in and the brake pedal sunk lower than usual, proceeded to drive home and decided to pull over to check fluid level, it was 10mm below the high mark, drove the rest of the journey, luckily only a few minutes up the road, when home rechecked...
  17. X

    best place to source new AMG brake discs

    Hi guys, Where would be the best place to source new brake discs and pads for my CLS63 AMG? Thanks a lot Dom
  18. Baldbloke

    Brake pipe renewal. Front to back on 211. Advice please.

    It is a 2007 E class 320 cdi estate. The longest pipe is heavily corroded at the rear O/S and needs replaced. I have taken off the covers and see that it is only the last two feet of pipe that has any corrosion. The rest is as new but appears to be one piece from the flexi-hose at the rear...
  19. Bigdw

    W221 grease for parking brake gearbox

    Just stripped the parking brake motor gearbox on my w221 anyone recommend the type of grease for the plastic gears, silicon grease looks like it is generally good for use on plastic gears, can anyone confirm this, thanks
  20. garycat

    Valet parkers and the foot operated parking brake

    I left my C-class coupe with Silver Parking at Bristol Airport last week. You have to hand in your keys to them and they move the car to a more remote and more densely packed part of the car park while you are away. When I returned and checked the footage from my dashcam, I see they didnt...
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