1. Hawkwind

    Brake Discs for CLK W208

    Looking at new brakes for the CLK. Was thinking about Bosch, but just noticed a great deal on Febi Bilstein. What's the forums opinion on these, or should I give them both a miss?
  2. T

    Brake upgrade question

    Afternoon All, After having modified my S211 E270CDI standard brakes, to E55 spec, all round, I would like to do the same onto a 2015 e350 CDI. Can anyone confirm if the hub carriers will accept the w211 E55 callipers, with not too much modifications? Are the Brembo callipers on the...
  3. K

    Non PPP C63 Front brake discs and pads

    Hi guys, Currently looking into picking up a set of front brake components as front discs are scored and will either replace them or provide the parts when I sell the car. Has anyone had them changed recently and can advise on pricing? I have received a couple of quotes from MB dealers on...
  4. clk320x

    Brake Booster Air hissing

    Hi I've got an air leak noise from my brake pedal area 99% sure it's the brake boosters rubber seal... Heard this is very common When the brake is pressed the air leak stops When pedal released it returns It's not always there seems to come on and off.. A new booster is around...
  5. T

    E55 brake squeal (HELP)

    Evening all After a couple of months of ownership I have to say other than one random flat battery the cars been fantastic!!! Until my front brakes started squealing. I decided to put some new brembo pads in as they were pagid pads and unfortunately the squeal returned so after that I...
  6. C

    R230 SL500 Brake Change

    Evening all, About to change my discs and pads on my R230 tomorrow and (I know it's been asked lots of times but I can't seem to find a definitive answer) wanted to check what's the best thing to do about the SBC system. Some people say just unplug it, some say follow the procedure of spinning...
  7. K

    EV uni project - brake servo control module

    Hi folks The son of a friend of mine is involved in a uni project involving converting a car to electric. They are trying to sort out the brakes. He was showing me all there options for there system. Most of which involved lots of magic that I don't understand including flip flop logic thingys...
  8. R

    3rd High level brake light

    Hi all, I've been trying to measure the supply to the 3rd brake light, my multimeter registers 12v only momentarily then I have to wait before it will register 12v again. Does the Voltage switch off if an open circuit is detected as I have the light disconnected? The mechanic disconnected it...
  9. P

    Couple of parts (G/Box bush & Brake light switch)

    Lemforder 3387501 Gearbox mounting Rubber Metal Bush. brand new in box, about £25 on line, will take £15 Febi 0015450109 brake light switch, OE 0015450109, fits lots of Mercedes cars. Brand new in box, Retail about £17, will take £10
  10. G

    remanufactured rear brake callipers

    got some remanufactured rear brake callipers from euro parts, looking in Peter Russeck E class book, it mentions Piston Positioning Gauge for lining up piston cut outs, anyone know where I can get one, or should they be already setup by Pagid who reconditioned them. any help much appreciated.
  11. R

    Part number for cable rear brake wear sensor plugs into

    Both cables are missing on my rear axle. It is item 100 on the attached pic
  12. R

    Brake Caliper pins stuck - E55 AMG

    Hi, I've been trying to do the front brake disks and pads on my E55. I've done this job on many cars before but I've been beaten by the caliper pins. I've been hitting them with a drift but they seem corroded on the inside. I was hitting with a drift but the pin heads are starting to...
  13. clk320x

    R129 Shooting Brake LOL

    Saw an interesting virtualisation of a an R129 shooting brake The above image is computer generated It has however been rumoured of a custom fabrication shop across the pond making one...
  14. R

    Motor flush and brake cleaner

    Hi Can I use brake cleaner to clean my manifold/inlet? My plan is to spray it inside the manifold at 2500rev? Does anybody know crc motor flush? Good or bad? W211 e270 03 Thx Ronny
  15. T

    cl500 won't crank, won't come out of park, brake switch okay

    2002 CL 500 with intermittent issue, When it does not work I turn the key and the dashboard lights up when I go to crank, nothing, no click, nothing. I ran a hot lead directly to the starter, cranks fine. And when it's not working I cannot get the car out of park with the key on and foot on...

    New brake pads.

    Had an email from MB offering to change the front brake pads ( if needed) for £105. Car is a W212 E Class 350 CDI Sport. The dealer is MB Ayr. I presume this is a national offer
  17. D

    Brake pad part number???

    Hi, I'm after some rear pads (and maybe front) for my June 2015 Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon. I guess I'll need sensors too. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the best priced seller and supply me with the correct part number please? TIA :)
  18. M

    Girodisc Brake Discs

    I have just purchased a 2010 C63 AMG with the performance pack, which will require the rather expensive (Mercedes) 2 piece 360mm front discs at some point. I noticed that Girodisc, which has a great reputation over on the Porsche 911 forums do a fitment for this model, which retail at just...
  19. V

    Parking Brake Adjustment

    Hey guys, the foot parking brake on my 2011 W204 is poor it won't hold the car without a hell of alot of force. I removed the rear wheels​ and discs for inspection adjusted each side fine. But it looks like it's the cable that has stretched is there anyway of taking up the slack in the cable or...
  20. DelDrew

    Brake fluid change - advice needed!

    Hi all, Can I get some advice on changing the brake fluid on my 2007 CLK280 sport. I saw on a w208 topic that the sequence of bleeding those models is: Rear right Rear left Front right Front left I don't know if this is the same for our 209's and also whether this sequence is only correct for...
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