1. D

    First time Merc buyer

    Morning All, Firstly thanks to the mods for allowing me to join the site, much appreciated :D I've been having a good read for the last couple of days (yes some of the 350E threads are really that long) and so thought I'd better sign up as its getting nearer decision time. I'll keep...
  2. M

    Let the buyer beware.....

    Mercedes Navigation Sat Nav W204 | eBay Think he may be mistaken by thinking it's a satnav. I've sent him a message to ask if he's seen it working. Lets see how honest he is!
  3. rockits

    Buying an SL60 and/or R129 Pano Roof - Strange sellers or strange buyer (me!!!)

    So I enquired about an SL60 on Ebay. This one: Rare Mercedes-Benz SL60 1995 | eBay I asked politely and nicely for some answers to a couple of questions. Received a reply back with some answered and some not. I tried again with a request for a few further pictures to be e-mailed and also...
  4. C

    W202 c250td - tuning and bodywork... (Future buyer)

    Hello all, I don't own a Mercedes yet, but I'm a fan of diseasels and diseasel tuning so naturally I'm drawn towards the om605 engine. And I love the look of the saloon w202 so would like to own a diesel one, but one that isn't slow. Or petrol. I'm not in the market for one just yet but I...
  5. J

    Prospective W211 Buyer

    Hi all, I've posted here before, back when my dad had a W211 in '09, which he then replaced with an ML ('59 reg), then a 2011 CLS, which we only had for a year before we had to get rid, as his business folded. Cutting the story short, I'll be in my last year at uni next year and with my...
  6. L

    Buyer beware SH58 HCZ clocked C63 AMG

    We wanted to start this thread regarding an absolute pig of a car to save some other unsuspecting buyer being stung and extremely disappointed as we unfortunately were. Myself and partner had decided that our next car was to be a C63 AMG. We researched and looked online for suitable cars...
  7. T

    Buying MB Viano - 2.2 vs 3.0 (2010 onwards) - buyer's guide

    All, I am thinking about buying a Mercedes Viano, post 2010 so it would be post facelift. I am after either the long or extra-long version. I would be grateful to hear from Viano users about pros and cons of each engine. Viano would be used as a weekend case or road trip holiday car. It...
  8. Cousy

    C63 AMG Coupe buyer

    Hello, This is my first post on the forum, I am going to see 2 white C63 Coupes this weekend and just wanted to ask of your opinions (apologies in advance if these questions have been asked before but I couldn't find any posts) The first one I'm going to see is a 2011 61 reg, 19k, FMBSH...
  9. N

    Hello from a prospective buyer of CLK320

    Hi all, New here (obviously). I've owned Mazda RX8s and been a member of the UK club as well as a committee member for 7 years (don't hold that against me) and looking to get a 2000(ish) CLK320 Avantgarde to start my foray in to the V6 world. I wondered if someone could point me in the...
  10. Z

    First time mercedes buyer

    Hi all. Looking to purchase a merc for the first time. Have been looking at the s class 320cdi 2007. Quick question...should this car have parking sensors as standard? Thanks in advance.
  11. K

    SLK buyer - any help/tips appreciated

    Dear all, I'm hoping to buy an SLK350 2004 onwards for about £8000. Fair price? Lots of options to choose from and don't want to buy the wrong one. Coming from an MX5 2.0 which I find a bit underpowered and bumpy. Are they ok for rust from that year? I've heard the rear arches were a problem...
  12. flowrider

    No buyer details for v5

    Anyone ever sold a car but the buyer didnt give their address details for the v5. The car was collected by a Polish shipping company and the buyer wasnt present. We still have the v5. Thanks
  13. modelman093

    Towbar buyer beware!

    Was discussing the spec of a new C estate with the salesman and said that I needed a tow bar for pulling my bike trailer and was amazed to find that the £750 factory fit manually folding set up does not include any electrics . "when ordering please discuss with your dealer any specific...
  14. G

    SLK55 new buyer

    Hi, I've got my heart set on purchasing an SLK55 from the early R171 period and just wondered if there was any specific areas of concern I should look for when purchasing? Secondly I have seen one listed as being a Black Series on an 05 plate but all my research has pointed to the black...
  15. C

    Auto Trade Buyer

    My A Class is currently advertised with Autotrader and this morning I received a text message from a company called They've offered me near the asking price, I realise there will be some negotiation over the price based on the condition of the car should I invite them to...
  16. S

    Another Potential Buyer Thread

    Hi Sorry for yet another "tell me about the CLS compared to car x" but here goes. Im looking to get a newer car in the next few weeks and ive narrowed my search to a CLS, A5 Sportback and an XF. Ive ruled out an A4 and Passat CC. Im looking for a 2009 or 2010 plate. The only deal breaker is it...
  17. R

    buyer for clk sport 230 Kompressor convertible

    looking for a buyer for my mercedes clk 230 sport kompressor convertible 2.3 auto 98 r reg in silver [Ine 89000miles mot till feb 7 months mot and 6 months tax black electric heated leather seats, electric windows, central locking, cruise control, 19" slr turbine wheels good all round condition...
  18. Spinal

    Meeting a buyer halfway?

    I'm selling a car (an old S320, but as it was used in a charity event, it is covered in sand!) and have a query... It's on eBay, and within an hour of being there someone asked me what my buy-it-now price was. I suggested I would be happy with £500 as I just want it off my drive they could have...
  19. E

    New Member first time MB buyer

    Hi All, I'm about to pick up my first ever MB.I bought a 2008 E Class 280CDI on Saturday and i pick it up on Wednesday. I was disapointed to find out i had an Audio 20 head unit (CD slot at the bottom) and that it doesn't support bluetooth and i don't have AUX in the glovebox. I was...
  20. D

    New buyer's advice on C-Class

    Hello all Please forgive me for potentially asking about issues that have previously been discussed - I have searched endlessly and whilst have found some of the answers, my head is already hurting from the volume of information I have had to process. So I am resorting to the simple(r) option...
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