1. S

    C63 alloys fit C209

    Hi Folks Got a question. Has anyone put on C63 AMG alloys (18'') on a C209? Ive looked at all the info online with regards to offset etc and apparently these wheels will fit (though M14 bolts over M12) yet the offset difference to my current alloys mean they should sit 11mm further out...
  2. N

    CLK55 Convertible (c209) wanted

    Hi everyone I'm looking for a nice CLK55 Convertible (c209) in case anyone decides to sell, or knows of any for sale Many thanks Nick
  3. MWCLS

    V Belt edge frayed (C209 CLK )

    Has anyone had a new serpentine belt fray on the outer edge no more than 100 miles after changing? Reason i ask is mine has, i have noticed the last few colds starts a chirp chirp noise which if i am honest i have heard with past MB which disappears after a 30 secs a min max. This car a...
  4. MWCLS

    Setting the Analogue clock on a 2006 C209 CLK

    I just noticed my analogue clock is 3 hours behind the clock in the car's cluster menu which is correct. At some point the previous owner has replaced the Audio 20 for a Clarion NX501E head unit. So this evening the cluster menu shows 17.20 the analogue clock 14.20 and the head unit 18.20! So...
  5. 2

    Aftermarket Sound System for 2003 CLK (C209)

    Any suggestions on a Pioneer head unit that will allow me to use all 7 speakers I can place in my 2003 CLK (2 tweeters + 2 front + 2 rear + 1 subwoofer) or at least 5 speakers (2 front + 2 rear + 1 subwoofer)? I'm not looking for something very expensive or very cheap and I would like a nice...
  6. MWCLS

    Retro fitting Xenon headlights to a C209 CLK MY 2006

    I recently purchased a CLK 280 Coupe 2006 model 1 Doctor owner with 60k and full MB history the car is in amazing condition and has a good spec unusal colour bluey silver ( AMG factory body kit and wheels ) adjustable air seats. The audio 20 was outed by the previous owner for a aftermarket...
  7. B

    Performance chip Mercedes Benz CLK 270 CDI C209

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice: I have a Mercedes Benz CLK 270 CDI Elegance 2003 (C209) and just recently noticed on eBay, a performance chip to increase torque and BHP and wanted to ask you guys advice on this: Link below is to specific chip I was looking at: PERFORMANCE CHIP MERCEDES...
  8. T

    Axle Stand positions for a CLK C209

    Hi, Does anyone know the best position to place Axle Stands when lifting the front of the car? One site describes placing them under the front chassis for the W210, is the approach for the C209 the same? Is there any way to identify the most appropriate place to position them on each side? Thanks
  9. T

    Thinking of getting a CLK C209

    The wife needs to change her car and is very keen on a CLK, 2007 or so. Has anyone experience of them, good and bad? Is there anything to look out for? Petrol(200K) versus Diesel(220CDI)? What is considered too high of a millage for the engine? Any common mechanical issues to look out for?
  10. T

    C209 Alloys and Winter/All Season tyres (4)

    Guys, Ive sold my CLK, but the trade in didn't include my 'winter wheels', so they are now to be found at Mecredes C209 16" Alloy wheels (4) with Winter/All Season tyres | eBay For sale the original 16” staggered alloys from my 2003 Mercedes CLK 270 CDi. As they are 2003 they have that...
  11. F

    Buzzing from petrol tank on C209 CLK320 - Help!!

    I purchased a 2002 CLK320 Petrol (71K miles) (VIN=WDB2093652F034126) in May this year and have noticed an increasingly annoying loud buzzing/hum coming from the petrol tank that can only be stopped by turning the engine off. Whilst on holiday last week, I stopped at the Harrogate MB dealer and...
  12. K

    CLK C209 Genuine Mercedes Roof Bars

    I have recently changed my CLK for an E class so these are now surplus to requirements. They are Aluminium aero bars, part number B6 685 0265, complete with 2no. locking keys and 2no. allen keys. £75 buyer collects or will post at cost. Location, between Northampton and Newport Pagnell.
  13. G

    C209 CLK 320 Wing Mirror Indicator replacement

    Hello MB owners, Let me introduce myself. I am Dejan from Northwich and recently bought CLK 209 CLK 2004. What a nice car! However, smashed my left wing mirror indicator light (plastic cover actually), and need to replace it. Bought it on Ebay, and it came earlier this morning. I've...
  14. Clogdiver

    CLK C209 P0600 Intermittent Problem

    Hi, After 2 years I am still getting P0600 errors on my CLK 200K . It gets stuck in park but ticks over well. I can release the transmission and it will limp around the block. If I leave it for 1 day until the weather warms up then its fine. Does anyone know any bad points on a CLK to look...
  15. P

    C209 CLK 55 AMG needed for magazine photoshoot

    Hi there, Mercedes Enthusiast magazine are looking for a C209 CLK 55 AMG to shoot for a big feature in May 2015 The photoshoot will last around 4 hours and is likely to be in the Beds/Bucks/Herts/Essex area. If you have a C209 CLK 55 AMG and would like to take part please email me at...
  16. M

    Parrot MKi9200 in 2008 CLK C209

    Hi I am looking to add bluetooth and id connectivity to my CLK 220 cdi (2008) and have settled on the parrot ski 9200. I have the bog standard Audio 20 (no cd changer or phone connection in armrest). I am fairly competent and have installed parrot systems in previous cars so feel...
  17. Clogdiver

    CLK C209 Error code P205A

    Hi, Im getting a code of P205A which does not seem to be listed. The generic description is P-205A Reductant Tank Temperature Sensor Circuit Is this correct and what is it or is there a real Mercedes description for that fault code? thanks :)
  18. Clogdiver

    Thermostat C209 200K

    I was going to take a look at swapping out my thermostat because I can do 25 miles and the heater never gets hot and the display never goes above 40. Has anyone seen a fault like this? Is it normal for CLK 2006 200K to be so slow to get hot? When I change it, is there anything to look out...
  19. Halcyon Days

    C209 seat movement

    in a CLK Convertible, when you tip the seat forward to let a passenger get into the back, should the whole seat (base included) move forward electrically? The headrest goes down, which seems a little pointless, but is that it? thank you :o
  20. S

    Glovebox not closing C209

    I can no longer close my glove-box and not sure why i have taken a photo. has a bit broken off (I'm assuming)? Anyone know any good websites for getting parts like this or is it off to the main dealer. trouble is it's a 30 mile drive to our nearest one. Don't MB supply parts by post. Thanks...
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