1. Alex225

    Battery Charger - Car Outside

    So, my CLS has been sat still for some time covered up and as you'd imagine the battery is knackered. Tried charging it but not having any of it so I have an OEM one I'll be picking up today. Over the winter I know the car will be laid up and covered as I won't be using it during the winter...
  2. sarah.grandon

    12 V charger- not working

    Hey lovelies, got myself a griffin 12 V USB charger, plugged it in with new charging cable... nothing!! I am completely jinxed, I tell ya.. I know the answer ... but ... do I need to press a hidden button or roll up my trouser leg on a Tuesday afternoon for it to work??? Oh and I can't get the...
  3. vijilants

    CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger getting very hot ?

    Hi, Does anyone own one of these popular battery chargers (CTEK MXS 5.0)? I recently purchased one and used it today, but after about 3 hours of having it on charge I went to check it and when I touched the unit it was VERY hot. It was soo hot that I decided to switch it off rather than run it...
  4. V

    Trickle charger?

    Long story short I'll be an unemployed bum for a while lol.. Dry storing my C63 end of the month for a few months in a nice big garage. I'll be making sure, Cars clean inside and out Cars had recent service Fuel filled to max No parking break applied What I'm not sure about is...
  5. markjay

    Permanent 12V power source for mobile phone charger

    Looking for a convenient 12V source on the driver's side of the dashboard. Sadly on my 2013 W204 the driver-side fusebox is no longer there... There's the light switch, and it's accessible, but is it a good idea to tap into the wires? Any help or advice offered will be greatly appreciated :)
  6. E

    Trickle Charger

    Hi All Picking up my W204 C63 AMG on friday. Its not going to be used all the time so was hoping to get a trickle charger for it while its not in use. Does anyone have any recommendations. For my In the pat i have used CTEK Multi MXS 5.0 on both an W211 E55K and an E60 M5. Just...
  7. reflexboy

    CTEK 5.0 Charger and a W212-Questions

    I'm sure this has been asked many times before but I'm reading conflicting things. I want to Recond and charge the battery in my W212 using my CTEK 5.0. CTEK says I don't need to disconnect it from the car and to connect it directly to the battery terminals. MB's owners manual says to "Only...
  8. N

    Wireless Charger and NFC

    So I have my new W213, and surprised it turned up without wireless charging. Checked configurator and low and behold, now its shown as a £250 option - with all the marketing vids and stuff, it came across as a base feature to me. I wondered what the real value of the charging pad and its NFC...
  9. J

    CLS (W219) CTEK Charger Help.

    I'd like to connect my CLS (W219) up to my CTEK Charger. I can't seem to find any information about the process? Does the car have any charging points under the bonnet, rather than having to charge via the trunk? The charger has settings around AGM, would this be the type used in the...
  10. M

    Trickle charger connection S211

    Hi - need to connect a trickle charger to an S211. Is it possible/ advisable to connect via the terminals under the bonnet as access to the rear battery compartment is restricted. Have researched the point but opinions differ. Does anyone have the definitive on this? Thanks
  11. andy27168

    55k Charger Tensioner Pulley Bolt

    Has anyone changed their supercharger belt tensioner recently? that might have the old one still lying around? I need the centre pulley bolt off it as I have rounded off the internal Torx splines on mine :doh: I want to replace the bearing on the pulley.
  12. V

    Trickle charger

    I've bought a new SL and the battery is not in the boot like the previous model. Also has no fag lighter and the 12v in the boot is switched positive so no good. I think the battery is behind the drivers seat but no easy access. Only point I can find is under the bonnet, which is a bit of a...
  13. C

    Recommend a battery charger

    As above I have an SL63 which spends most of its time garaged. When it's not been used for a while the electronics are really iffy at the start so thinking it's the battery in the boot. Want to hook it up to a trickle charger but there's loads out there. Any recommendations?
  14. S

    New E class wireless charger

    I'm looking to order a new E220d this week - test drove it last week and it was really beautiful. I've read in a few reviews that there should be a feature or option to allow wireless charging of your mobile phone,but I can't find any evidence of this on Mercedes own literature. Does anyone...
  15. P

    Which CTEK charger for 2003 SL55 AMG?

    Hi, I would like to buy a CTEK charger to keep the rear battery topped up. Which model do I need and where is the best place to buy from price wise? cheers
  16. C

    PHEV house charger Essex

    Hi, due to take delivery of my first MB in May, a C350e. Can anyone recommend a good installer in the Essex area? Hopefully one who I can work won't through the grant scheme, thanks
  17. leef44

    R172 trickle charger

    I have a CTEK trickle charger and looking to get an adapter pre-installed on the battery for easy connection. Has anyone done this? I'm looking to get the eyelet connectors attached to the battery and the other end just sticking out the rubber grommet. This is to avoid having to take the...
  18. E

    Lidl battery charger 13.99 and tester 2.99

    ...from Thursday. I have had the charger for nearly 3 yrs and still going strong after being used at the weekend. The tester is for battery and alternator - has anyone used the tester before? There's some other car related offers also as per link:
  19. snow leopard

    Ultimate speed miroprocessor charger

    Can anyone give a definitive answer as to whether it is safe to connect a microprocessor type charger to the car battery without disconnecting the battery from the car? After searching the forum I have come across several members' posts which say that they do it and that it is safe. I then find...
  20. chubbs111

    which battery charger

    looking to purchase a battery charger for my 2000 e320 cdi,after looking online there are hundreds to chose from any recomendations please.
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