1. SilverSaloon

    Moving Primary School child from a city school to a rural school

    I was wondering the general opinion of fellow parent's on here about moving a child from a "normal sized" school to a very rural school which has a very small number of pupils, like the primary school with just 20 pupils etc. Comprehensive school that they would move to about 200 pupils...
  2. Gareth

    Making the W211 child friendly :)

    In preparation for the summer etc I've invested in making my W211 a bit more child friendly, some of the pics (blinds, boot mat) I thought would be of interest to some members: New Car seat (Britax King Plus Group 1) New Blinds (Genuine Mercedes) New additional rear-view mirror (I...
  3. High-Lo

    Recaro Start Pro Racer Child Car Seat

    I bought this seat new as a spare for the third car (already had one and was very impressed so bought this second one) but can honestly say that its been used about 2 times for very short journeys hence condition is like new. Cost me £195. Has an audio input for an MP3 player with built-in...
  4. oldcro

    Child's computer

    I'm going to give my oldish Sony laptop to my neighbours daughter. She is coming up to 4 years old so I need some suitable things to load on it ready for her. What sites are the best for games, fun and educational programmes for a pre-school girl? Recommendations from anyone on their...
  5. S

    Child Booster Seats for W211

    Hi, I'm after a set of MB rear child seats for the W211 estate. The ones that pop up for kids but fold back down for adults. Cheers
  6. Ade B

    Child seat legroom C124

    Anyone any thoughts/experience on what is appropriate leg room for a rear fixed child seat. Junior B is now coming up to 2 and although he's quite dinky for his age, his feet will sit flat on the back of the passenger seat in front with it pretty much fully forward (not great for Mrs B). Its...
  7. S

    Child Seats

    I'm trying to see if that car seat I've got (Mamas & Papas Pro Tech) is also compatible with my dad's C180 (2004). I know it's fine in mine because I don't have airbags in the rear, but my dad's car does - does this mean I need an official MB seat, or do you only have to disable airbags when a...
  8. 2

    Child Seats in A160

    Hi I've just bought an 04 A160 for the purpose of carting 3 children around, aged 5, 3 and 1. Has anybody been able to fit 3 child seats across the back, and if so which ones did you use? Thanks v much
  9. S

    Child car seats

    Interesting reading ...
  10. S

    Child Bike advice please

    Our older son is just coming upto 3yrs old. He is confidently whizzing around on an Early Rider balance bike & now needs a proper bike with pedals (but not stabilisers (which I do realise are easily removable). I am a keen cyclist, so do not want any old tat for him! I am struggling to find any...
  11. S

    Child Trust Funds

    Any one financially minded have any advice re the best CTF to invest in, please? Many thanks
  12. A

    W202 Child seats ...

    I have a W202 C-Class which I am very happy with but now have three children requiring child seats ... does anyone know whether there's a way to securely fit a child seat in the middle of the rear bench seat where the lap belt is? Such as Isofix, etc.? Thanks in advance for your help as I'd...
  13. O

    Child car seat? Need to use a Mercedes one?

    Hello, just told that it's not safe to have a young child at the front because the airbag or you need a special mercedes booster seat that will disactivate the airbag at the front? :confused: My daughter is 3 and love to seat at the front, will the child seat sensor not do the job ( I thought...
  14. Ade B

    Child Trust Fund

    Trying to sort our finances out, anyone any tips on Child Trust Funds.. There seems to be massive differences between different bank rates but I imagine most are better than the current arrangements which is a tin on the book shelf.. As we have the economic wherewithal of our westie, anyone...
  15. D

    Child Support

    Hi Trying to get some practical advice on my current sittuation. My partner has a 12 yr old from a previous relationship. Up until now he has lived with us and his dad has reluctantly paid maintenance for him. This has been saved for his future and I have effectively paid for everything...
  16. J

    Child Car Seats

    Has anyone fitted a non - mercedes child seat in a c class 220cdi as local dealership insist on a mercedes seat as it has a sensor in it to de-activate side airbags. Bottom line is child safety but I do get a bit annoyed when some dealers start taking advantage. Anyone know where I can get...
  17. JohnnyRob

    Merc ASCR equipped baby / child seat

    Ok, I've bought a 320ML and now need either the ASCR sensor or a baby / child seat equipped with the sensor to relocate the sensor in my daughter's Recaro seat. (Mercedes Benz Automatic Child Seat Recognition System [ACSR], which automatically disables the front passenger seat airbag when the...
  18. G

    Passenger airbag light comes on when it feels like W215 (child seat deactivation)

    Yesterday I had the passenger airbag light coming on for 5-10 mins and off for 5 mins or so. (I had the indication next to the gearbox light up and the SRS indication in the dashboard) however no malfunction is logged in to the indash display. I think this is not a fault ... as this is meant to...
  19. jadefox

    Leather seats and child seats...

    Me again, I have twins who both sit on child seats - but I'm worried about my leather. Is there anything you can recommend that I can put under their chairs which will save the leather from marking? I think in time it's possible that their chairs might dent the leather - especially as they get...
  20. WLeg

    Webroot - Child Safe

    Has anyone used this ? Or can recommend a better product ? Http://
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