1. clk320x

    Child seat with leather seats

    My sisters just got a new MB with leather seats. Before fitting the baby seat for here I thought I'd ask if anyone on here has used an protective foam etc to cushion the leather as it looks as if the leather will get indented/marked due to the pressure of the seat? Cheers Abs
  2. I

    Help please how to free Child seat from rear seat belt?

    Hi. We have a child seat in the back seat of our e-class (W212) cabriolet. We need to remove it but the seat belt is stuck in the retract position and won't let us extend it. We are stuck as we need to extend the belt to slide over an arm of the child seat to free it. Any help much appreciate on...
  3. L

    Child safety door locks

    I have a 2016 MB Vito 114 bluetec & I need to know if there is a child door lock on this model? I can't see anything in the user manual & the salesman who sold me the van couldn't tell me either. My vehicle only has 3 seats all situated in the front & my son who has special needs can open the...
  4. D

    Child seat in 2011 SLK

    I am 3 months pregnant and people have been (smugly) asking when I am getting rid of my SLK. I have (had) no intention of getting rid of my car as my husband has a jeep so we have a pratical car, but I would like the facility to be able to drive my car with the baby sometimes. Any advice on...
  5. T

    Child car seat - which one?

    Anyone can recommend a car seat for 10 months old? I'm after 360 isofix car seat but the one I wanted to buy (maxi cosi axissfix i-size) isn't compatible with my car or van. Any other ideas appreciated.
  6. poormansporsche

    Dame Edna and Katie Price Love Child ....

    :wallbash: 2004 BMW 545I SE AUTO BLACK LPG | eBay
  7. J

    W245 B Class child seat problems

    Just went to install a car seat in the back of my 2007 B Class W245 to find out it isn't suitable.... The rear seats have such a steep decline on the seated part that the child seat ends up putting the baby at an angle that is too upright, it needs to be 45 degree incline max. Seems these rear...
  8. J

    Rear facing child seats W211 stuck

    After a fruitless couple of hours searching for a solution, I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this on their rear facing child bench seats in the boot. They're stuck at a 45 degree angle, Duke of York for the non technical types like myself...the added tale of woe is that I think my...
  9. R

    S212 3 child seats in 2nd row

    I'm buying a 2015 S212 and I while it does have 7 seats, I want to be able to put 3 child seats across the 2nd row so that I can use the full boot space for holidays etc. The kids are 7, 5 and 1, so I'll have 1 group 1 seat and 2 group 2/3 seats. As with the 5 series saloon that I'm...
  10. Dave Richardson

    Today I hit a child at 20mph & realised the speed limit must be cut

    This was taken from the Skyuser site but makes you think In an impassioned appeal, Dr Nick Foreman remembers the near-fatal accident that convinced him of the need to stop motorists driving at 30mph in built-up areas This is what happens and this is how it feels. I was driving along a...
  11. RH2013

    Mercedes Child seat with chip + boot liner and tray.

    Black child seat. 18 months old. Good condition normal use. £50. With the chip that allows it to be used in the front seat. (Turns off airbag). CLS shooting brake rhino boot liner (black) £25 CLS shooting brake boot tray (black) £20
  12. Howard

    Genuine Mercedes Benz Child Seat

    Hi all The Griz has outgrown her child seat so it's time to sell it on. Genuine Mercedes / Britax seat with built in transponder for disabling the airbag when needed. In good condition. £150 Ono Prefer collection , but I could probably ship it , it would cost around £15 I expect.
  13. Deane x

    Child on board ....what's the point ??

    Child on board signs , we have all seen them but what's the point of them , does one think by putting one in there car people will drive safer or is it to advertise they have a child ..I just don't get it
  14. L

    Child seat

    Hi All, would anyone happen to know if the Mercedes child seat can be fitted to my 51 plate A class if it doesn't have isofix, just using the seat belts? Or have i just wasted my money...:(
  15. I

    CL500/600 & child seats

    Hello all. New joiner here. I currently do not own a car but have been eyeing a CL for a long time. I am now ready to buy but have a not so small concern: we have a baby on the way and I don't know how compatible a CL would be with that. Would welcome forum views. A few things: have test...
  16. Timster

    S211 built in rear child seat ( not boot seats)

    Is it possible to retro fit the built in child seats into the rear seats, not boot seats, or an s211 e320 Cdi 2003 model? Any help / info / parts gratefully received! Cheers.
  17. lisa110rry

    Wanted: Mercedes Benz child seat or just the transponders

    In another thread, Doodle has kindly explained to me that I might be able to turn off the passenger air bag when I'm transporting my small dog (in a 'designer' scarf of course (fake)) in my R107 pre face-lift SLK. Does anyone wish to sell an MB car seat? Condition not required for a child. Or...
  18. A

    2012 C class child headrest?

    Hi, does anybody know anything about the lateral support headrest for the integral child seat? Or have one for sale? Thanks, Andrew.
  19. R

    Mercdes Airbag-off Child Seat 3-12

    Hi I'm selling one of these (see picture) Mercedes-Benz of Milton Keynes Its the kind that turns off the airbag assuming your car has the auto-airbag turnoff feature (AKSE) RRP is £299, I'm after £150 or so for it. Excellent condition. I'd prefer collect from Ascot or Lightwater please as...
  20. M

    Child seat advice..

    Did any of the CLKs come with rear airbags? If so, can they be deactivated? Trying to convince my expectant wife that a 2 seater is fine for a child :D
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