1. Eddy77

    Windcsreen Chip

    Eh Up Gents. I've picked up a nasty stone chip on my screen. It's in line with the steering wheel, about 6 inches up from the bottom of the screen. It's less than a 10p piece size, but larger than a 5p!  Am I right in thinking this is OK for MOT purposes and that all I need to do is get it...
  2. BIG_G_1979

    w211 e280cdi sport brabus chip

    Well guys finally after nearly 2 years of ownership I have managed to source the correct brabus box (d5 - 211-735-00)for my vehicle. Now in my 2 years of ownership ive tried various methods of tuning, I have tried a box called race chip 2 bought from ebay but not one of the cheaper boxes cost...
  3. whitenemesis

    A £1100 Stone Chip?

    Just a couple of months into ownership of my Sonic Red RC I've collected a stone chip on the bonnet. Because of the 5 stage paint process an invisible spot repair isn't possible. Lexus have quoted £1100 for a complete bonnet and wing blend respray. Not an unexpected sum but worth spending on one...
  4. Peter103

    Is there a stone chip repair secret?

    Today I bought some Diamond Silver touch up, for a recent chip on the front of my E Coupe, thinking, it can't be that hard to make a half decent job of it, big mistake. So what is the correct procedure for what I thought would be a reasonably simple job? Any advice on DIY will be gratefully...
  5. T

    Stone Chip

    I had a stone hit my windscreen the other day and caused a small stone chip, not where it matters, but got Autoglass to repair the chip and don't know why i bothered. It doesn't look any different to me, i realise that it was never going to be perfect, but i don't think it was worth £10 and the...
  6. A

    Stone chip in screen

    Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section :confused: I have got a nasty stone chip in my windscreen and was wondering if it's fixable :dk: It's just above my sensor And a close up of the damage :wallbash: Hope Gavin's resin can fill it ;) Cheers for any advice and if anyone has...
  7. J

    Race Chip.

    Anybody had any experience of using Race Chip tuning products? I have always been very wary of these kind of products in the past, but with technology now having come so far since the old days? They are quoting 3 tuning stages for my car ranging from 30bhp to around 100bhp!, which is a bloody...
  8. JLR1969

    C43 AMG with Race Chip Upgrade

    So I am looking at the potential to chip my C43 when it arrives in October and have found a German company called Race Chip They offer an upgrade that takes the car from 367BHP to...
  9. B

    Performance chip Mercedes Benz CLK 270 CDI C209

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice: I have a Mercedes Benz CLK 270 CDI Elegance 2003 (C209) and just recently noticed on eBay, a performance chip to increase torque and BHP and wanted to ask you guys advice on this: Link below is to specific chip I was looking at: PERFORMANCE CHIP MERCEDES...
  10. V

    McLaren Chip

    Spoke to a guy today who has a friend with a SL that's had a chip fitted which gives 750 BHP at a £600 cost. Not heard of this??
  11. Sylvo

    Scuff and chip removal/advice required

    Does anyone know of a good reliable and reasonable scuff & stone chip repairer in Surrey? I have an SL280 red 1994 in very good condition. Some pratt put a very small scuff on my rear bumper in a local garden center :devil:...hardly noticeable but I see it and it is annoying as it is too deep...
  12. MSG2004

    Small ding/dent and chip - Best way forward?

    Hello Was cleaning our new gle, bought last Thursday. Noted a small ding and appropriately 1mm of paint missing. The indentation is round, front drivers door, about 18 inches off the ground inch below the contour line and 12 inches in from door edge. The ding is 12mm max and round and notice...
  13. MSG2004

    Small ding/dent and chip repairs.

    Hello Was cleaning our new gle, bought last Thursday. Noted a small ding and appropriately 1mm of paint missing. The indentation is round, front drivers door, about 18 inches off the ground inch below the contour line and 12 inches in from door edge. The ding is 12mm max and round and...
  14. A

    Lip stone chip

    Hiya all, washing my car this morning I came across quite a nasty stone chip, will this be an easy DIY jobbie? Only it's stands proud and will need a bit of felting to make neat, Was thinking a paint pen and I've got an abrasive pen for doing this type of repair. Also is this part made of...
  15. Peter103

    Chip Fat For Diesels?

    There's an Eco fuel station near me selling cooking oil at £1=12 a litre, our local high street garage sells Diesel for 99.5 a litre. Its a funny old world. :doh:
  16. jaymanek

    How to Repair A Stone Chip on a G500

    Take one G Wagen Remove all trims Make a list of all parts less than perfect and order from Mercedes. Replace all rubber items such as window seals, door seals etc. Warn credit card company of impending meltdown. Remove Interior and take to your favourite trimmer. Convince him...
  17. U

    cdi chip OM651

    mercedes cdi chip 651 4 cylinder engines) | eBay
  18. J

    GLA 220 auto recommended Diesel Tuning chip

    Hi. I'm new and as all newbies I have some questions!! :D We've had a GLA 220 diesel (165Bhp) Auto for almost a year now and would like to get a bit more out of it performance wise. My wife has used it for the past year and I've now "inherited " it and once I get the alloys repaired!!!:wallbash...
  19. DanMorgan

    W210 E300 Tuning Chip

    Hi All, Has anyone had any success with a tuning chip for the OM606 in a W210? As its an old type of engine/ecu, not many companies offer the remap (until the later 220/320 engines). I know there are some companies that do, but I go through E300s every year and that would mean remapping...
  20. rex911

    Race Chip Pro 2 - W204 180 CGI

    For sale due to selling car. Race chip for 1595cc petrol engine. +24% BHP to 193 and torque up to 313nm +25%. Really changes the car. Two connections only. Easy fit. On car since March this year. Call 07450214023 if you require additional information. £100 posted.......
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