1. B

    CLS55 Top Gear Video

    This might have been posted before, it's not great quality but gives us a few pointers on why the CLS55 is a great car, especially it's handling and braking system How can a family saloon destroy most of the times on the Top Gear track, watch the...
  2. B

    CLS55 Amg

    Found this old review on the CLS55, enjoy 2005 Mercedes Benz AMG CLS 55 ? Blown Benz ? 05 « V8 ? drag racing, hot rods, muscle cars, car shows ? NZV8 magazine
  3. B

    Petrol injector cleaning on the CLS55 and others

    Hi guys, As some of you know I stripped my car to do the cam covers, but decided to powder coat the cam covers and inlets, also removed my fuel rail, and put the injectors in for flow testing and cleaning, some of mine needed cleaning 4 or 5 times, now the flow is perfect across all...
  4. B

    Y pipe inlet for a CLS55

    Does anyone have a spare air inlet Y piece for a CLS55, lower clip has snapped off, and seems you cant buy the pipe on its own now.
  5. gunning

    Cls55 amg

    Sadly my CLS55 is up for sale. Due to the fact i now need to tow a trailer oftern now I need to sell the cls. Not looking for swaps but I will take a part exchange + cash. v10 touareg or 3.0 td6 range rover, something like that. The car: 2005 CLS55 AMG 92,000 miles FSH (mainly Mercedes) Had...
  6. B


    MERCEDES CLS55 AMG 5.5 219 SERIES V8 NGK IRIDIUM SPARK PLUGS x16 05- ILFR6A Done approx 2k miles on these plugs but due to mods I am fitting a colder set as advised by the savman these cost me approx £140, plugs run great and should last another 40k and are an upgrade on the standard merc...
  7. gunning

    18" CLS55 AMG wheels for sale

    Standard CLS AMG wheels for sale I've given them a quick respray out of my spray gun. Just a quick job nothing special. 18" wheels 8.5j et25 fronts 9.5j et28 rears Tyres 255 40 18 front decent tread 275 40 18 will need replacing when i come back from my trip this week. I'll update photos...
  8. O

    CLS55 or SL55

    I've decided the W204 isn't really for me and I miss the power of a V8 Kompressor so going to change for either a CLS 55 or SL 55. The pros of the SL would be that it's a convertible but the cons are obviously it only has 2 seats. The CLS would be newer. My budget is about £16k. Which of the...
  9. Silver CL55

    Can someone recommend the best place for OE (or OE quality) rear disks for my CLS55?

    (W219) 2005 CLS55 AMG Rears I think, getting some shuddering through the car Thanks, Colin
  10. donshl

    CLS55 AMG: Let's see where it all end up...

    Hi All, I'm just creating this thread to keep track of the progress/repairs I do as I will forget what I did. Pics will be added soon (Lost a whole bunch when I reset my phone :doh:) The spec as it came from the dealer many years ago: 5-speed automatic transmission AIRMATIC DC...
  11. A

    CLS55 check...

    Forgive me, for I have sinned; not been on here since 2004 when I sold my last Merc, but now contemplating a return to the fold. I need something a little more sedate and relaxing for monthly long-distance trips, so have been searching for a CLS55, up to around £15k. I know this is probably...
  12. donshl

    CLS55 AMG DRL Ideas

    Hey guys, So I have been bitten by the "modding" bug and I have a crazy idea... I'm thinking of replacing the standard fog lights with something like these: Swift 05-UP CCFL Projector Fog Light for SUZUKI | eBay I know the AMG ones are 3.5" and not sure how big these ones are, but...
  13. C240Sport97

    CLS55 -- to mod or not?

    the recent Eurocharged thread has really got me thinking .. Things I would like to improve on my CLS55: 1. more responsive engine and transmission. There is a very slight lag when I want acceleration now. It's not something that bothers me much, it's more that I notice it when I stamp on...
  14. aka$h

    Clocked CLS55 AMG

    Just a word of warning.. 99p start mercedes benz cls 55 amg | eBay This car as listed a few times between june and august and has a few issues on it, the mileage was in excess of 100k. A simple VOSA check would reveal the truth, you need to get either the last MOT number or V5 Document...
  15. bpsorrel


    Had a brief drive in one of these today.... OMG! Say no more... :D Now, to convince SWMBO... :D
  16. donshl

    Comand Problem on CLS55

    Hi All, I'm having this annoying problem with my comand system. The whole system seems to "reset" itself (by reset, I don't mean a full reboot with the logo etc). There's a sort of a static sound, the display blanks (still on the blue screen), loses the mobile signal, loses navigation and...
  17. I

    CLS55 Options

    Anyone know what the base spec of a CLS55 was and what options were available? Maybe have a brochure to hand? Are any deemed essential for resale?
  18. I

    CLS55 Wanted

    Looking for a standard 2005 CLS55 with ~60k miles with FMBSH. Ideally black. Not bothered about options so long as it's been looked after. Would also consider an Audi RS4 or BMW M6.
  19. A

    Original cls55 merc HT leads

    I have a 15 instead of x 16 ones gone missing, used but all good offers
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