1. Andrew W

    Cls55 sorted !!

    Had my car in Europa today for a full check up as the rear was sinking in a few hours . Turned out to be the link pipe from the air res . With a bit of pipe it was sorted ;) 2 parking sensors in op so need to sort these. I was quoted £315 fitted . The 2 front tyres have worn on the inside...
  2. M

    CLS55 Black Grille

    I have a black grille for the CLS55 that I no longer have fitted, it is this one Grille Sport for Mercedes W219 CLS 2004-2008 Glossy Black AMG LOOK | eBay I don't have any packaging so it is pickup only from london. £75
  3. M

    CLS55 AMG Caliper Bolt Torque

    Hi All, I have searched around the forums as much as I can with as many different search criteria as I can think of and have come up with nothing. I am replacing the discs and pads on my 2006 CLS55 AMG, job is no problem for me, SBC I have covered etc etc. Have done so many brake jobs in the...
  4. Andrew W

    My new cls55

    Well finally got myself CLS55 , 69k miles with 10k of options , my friend picked it up for me And put it in the garage till I returned from Cyprus . Was excited to see it and first thing I see is the Os rear wheel is under the arch !! Gutted . After starting it levels up ok then sinks over...
  5. Andrew W

    Cls55 steering wheel

    Is this wheel an option or from a different model It has the paddles and suede ,the badge was added at a later date cheers . It feels nice too
  6. M

    Cls55 030

    I am selling my CLS due to the need for an estate(CLS63 SB anyone?) It has the 030 performance package so LSD, black headlining, big brakes etc. It has been treated to the upgraded Eurocharged heat exchanger, Kleeman headers, race cats and custom exhaust, It sounds epic! All the work was...
  7. karozza

    CLS55 Losing Power

    So, I have a friend with a 2006 that keeps losing power when warm & STAR states "intake air temperature too high" & suggests to replace the electric Intercooler water pump. This has been replaced with a brand new one but the problem remains With the engine cold or just starting to warm, it is...
  8. 7om

    Misfires on CLS55 AMG

    Hi Guys, Having difficulty with my CLS. It was plugged into STAR today to try and find the fault but it's been inconclusive. The problem. Car runs fine 80% of the time but occasionally develops a misfire. This problem existed before I modified my exhaust but I have since removed all CAT's...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Brabus Replica's for a W219 CLS55 AMG - Will they fit?

    Hi Guys, Yes another one of those "Will they fit" - Alloys are one area I have no clue over: For my W219 CLS55 AMG Looking at the chart they will, can anyone confirm please?
  10. Swift1092

    Cls55 lsd?

    Hi can anyone tell me if all cls55 amgs came with lsd?? ThAnks in advance
  11. mark_le_b

    CLS55 - Check the price?!

    Link Removed due to auto-redirect to dodgy site
  12. Swift1092

    Cls55 lsd onto a e55

    Hi there can anyone help confirm what i was told at the weekend that i can replace my w211 e55 open differential with a cls55 LSD? Hence saving on the expensive quaffe lsd? Thanks in advance
  13. french

    Cls55 AMG

    God I would love one like this, but I would be scared about the cost of brakes etc still lovely though. Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 K AMG DMS Stage 2 Silver Bullet 605 Bhp / 608 lb/ft torque | eBay
  14. M

    W219 cls55 rear suspension

    Hello! I have been a very happy owner of a low mileage (58k) 2006 cls55 for the last year, it is fantastic. However just recently I have found the suspension to be lacking somewhat, particularly in the rear where it appears to roll about more than it used to. Added to this I get a small...
  15. KillerHERTZ

    My 2005 CLS55 AMG (W219)

    Time for a new project so I am considering selling my 2005 (55 Reg) W219 CLS55 AMG. 2005 Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG (W219) Here we have my 2005 Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG, a rare car being one of only 370 Right Hand Drive examples. The car is finished in Metallic Obsidian black paint (197), with...
  16. MancMike

    This CLS55 AMG...

    While browsing if I'd be happy with a CLS500 or would have to opt for the full on 55 AMG, I found this. Mercedes-Benz CLS 5.5 CLS55 AMG 4dr With it's ahem - acquired taste yellow bits. :crazy: Is this known to anyone here? Is that "styling" the Carlsson bit, or has the owner done that?
  17. L

    CLS55 Parts For sale

    I have the following parts for sale 2006 CLS55 Steering wheel (with buttons) 2006 CLS55 Powersteering Pump (new) 2006 CLS55 Resonator PM me for details Based in west sussex
  18. 7om

    Best performing aftermarket CLS55 AMG discs?

    Hello, Having had my car for a few weeks, I've noticed that the front discs are slightly warped. The CLS is heavy car so has anyone tried different disc and pad setups for fade resistance and longevity? I've searched the forum and can't find any A/B comparisons. I used to use stop tech...
  19. J

    CLS55 Eurocharged!

    :bannana: MERCEDES CLS 55 AMG 2005 BLACK - EuroCharged Tuned Stage 1 - 580BHP/620ft-lb | eBay
  20. R

    From Jap to German

    Hello everyone , first of all don't really do forums so i hope this is the correct placement , i have had a Honda Civc EP3 type r for over a year now done a couple of track days etc in it don't get me wrong nippy little car for what they are however i now work at a main german manufacture...
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