1. C240Sport97

    what is replacing my CLS55?

    I can't believe that I have actually ordered my new car. It's been 3 years of searching for a convertible/roadster; and the same amount of time thinking that I can't sell the CLS55. Well, I know I will regret it, but I can't have 3 cars, and I must have the top down experience this year...
  2. Lee1092

    Air con pump - cls55

    Finished washing my car this afternoon and when I started it up to move it back on the drive it made a Big Bang noise and then a really bad knocking. At closer inspection it looks like the pulley is knackered on the air con pump. Tried to take a picture but it's not very obvious. The cars...
  3. M

    Cls55 amg

    I am selling my CLS55, It has the rare 030 factory performance package, details below; AMG front bumper wth special mesh inset and body modifications for rear tyres Alcantara AMG sport steering wheel 186 mph (300 km/h) top speed (electronically limited) AMG "Nurburgring" suspension system...
  4. 7om

    CLS55 AMG - IRO 600bhp with a few mods

    Hi, Had my CLS for nearly a year now. It's been good fun and I've enjoyed working on it but it's reached a level where I can't go any further in the passion of engineering and hobby stuff without spending silly money on a Weistec charger etc Black FSH Cream interior 74k miles Headers...
  5. C240Sport97

    CLS55 bits

    chap on PH bought a CLS55 for the engine .. he's putting the engine/gearbox into an old Merc. but the rest of the bits are for sale 1950's Merc 220s Saved from the grave - rat rod restoration  -  Gassing Station - PistonHeads
  6. rockits

    CLS55 or CLS500?

    My work XJ has gone now so looking for a replacement daily. Was looking at a Maserati QP V but the ideal would be a ZF Auto that is a little more than my ideal budget for a nice one. Also not sure about the variator issues they can suffer from. Got my attention to a CLS55 or CLS500 as a...
  7. Lee1092

    Cls55 supercharger rebuild

    I'm after rebuilding my supercharger but can't seem to find any info on doing it?, have many people on the forum had it done or even done it themselves? Want to know if there's a kit you can buy or even if there's any popular specialists that do them? Whenever I search online i end up at the...
  8. Andrew W

    Cls55 airmatic pump

    I want to change the piston ring in my pump as it's got lazy due to the leek I had . Can I just take the pump off . Was wondering if it had a valve on the system to keep the air in or will I need to support the car when it's all released . Cheers
  9. Andrew W

    Cls55 gear change

    Do find my car seems rather slow to go up the gears in manual mode , it feels like an age to feel the next gear , I know you can have a map on the Soft wear but would this speed it up or is it just how this old rugged box is !!
  10. Andrew W

    Cls55 Engine room .

    Gave the engine bay a freshen up today. The alloy was looking tied so gave it a coat of graphite grey which looks factory fresh . Going to clean the rockers when I do the plugs .
  11. Andrew W

    Cls55 supercharger pump fitted.

    Well finally got around to fitting my S/c pump today , overall about 11/2 hr job , pretty straight forward if you have all the proper tools , Good pliers , pipe clamps and some 10/8 mm sockets .0h and a couple of led torches ;)
  12. O

    Will coilovers designed for w211 amg fits CLS55 amg?

    Can anyone comments on the above? As I do believe they both shares the same chassis? I am currently looking to fit a set of BC coilovers for my cls55. But they only do this for w211. To fit the coilovers over the airmatic cars i will need the rear control arm from a non airmatic car, can...
  13. Andrew W

    Cls55 ownership

    So in 2 months of my cls ownership I've had to Have A new battery New S/C cooling pump (to be fitted ) New parking sensors x4 (to be fitted) New rear air shocks x2 ( to be fitted ) 4x continental 5ps fitted . Phew ;)
  14. Andrew W

    Cls55 fitting new rear air shocks

    I I've decided to get both rear air shocks done and I'm having trouble getting someone to do the job ! Tried a few garages with MB experience and they say we will have to do some research into how it's done and the time we need . One said 5hrs per shock , but I know when your doing one the...
  15. C

    Wanted sl55 e55 cls55 air intakes

    As per title ....for a upgrade on my c32 Cash waiting Thanks
  16. Andrew W

    Cls55 phone connectivity

    I've bought a cable to connect my IPhone 5 to the the car through the AUX port but cannot get it to work , this is the second one I've been sent . There is a cable hard wired in for a iphone 4 , I just want this to work for my music any help appreciated .
  17. Andrew W

    Cls55 rear airmatic .

    Does anyone know if the airmatic shocks On the 55 are the same as the other cls models the 500 ect , I'm guessing they might be stiffer !! Mine keeps dropping on the rear driver side , I fixed a leek on the res but it's still slowly dropping ;(
  18. SPX

    CLS55 AMG Wanted

    Budget is £10k to £20k, which will mean either a W164 ML or W/S211. Anything considered, even if it needs a few quid spending on it, I don't mind. I'm scanning the usual sites and also have my feelers out elsewhere.
  19. donshl

    Fog light for CLS55 Driver side

    I have an original used foglight (driver side) as fitted to CLS55 AMG for sale. £20 + postage ONO. ( I have both of them, but passenger side lens is broken but the connector and housing good) Thanks
  20. S

    CLS55 AMG - No start/No crank

    Hi all, Apologies for making my first post on here a problem post but the guys over on Pistonheads recommended this forum. Love the car, except its stuck on my driveway going nowhere fast as it stands. Background - fairly new owner of an 05 plate CLS55 AMG. When purchasing the vehicle, the...
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