1. B

    How to replace A/C compressor on R230 SL

    Hi, The compressor on my SL has started to whine and I have managed to obtain a replacement. My question is, is this a job that I could do myself, or is it one that is best left to my local garage ? I am fairly competent on mechanical things. Bob
  2. B

    Air con compressor noise

    Hello, My R230 350 SL has got a noisy whine coming from the AC compressor, so I guess it must be the bearing that`s gone. What is the best solution to this without going to MB for a (Expensive no doubt) new one. Can somebody recommend a place that could rebuild it, or supply a...
  3. G

    w221 Air-conditioning compressor replacement with newer type unit

    Hi I am wondering if its possible to fit the new late 2008 type compressor onto a 2007 model S500. My local guy says yes but I know the clutch is different. I also remember when you carry out the telematic update you have to tick which type of compressor is installed. Anyone have this issue?
  4. C

    Spring Compressor and Ball joint press

    Hello All, I am contemplating changing the ball joints myself, quite handy with a spanner and fancy a go. Firstly, I need a spring compressor. Clearly there is the Klann tool at one end of the price spectrum at the other there are the kits such as the ones on ebay and amazon about £60-£70.00...
  5. A

    Whining AC compressor W203 C320

    Good afternoon. My newly bought C320 Coupe has got a whining noise that starts when engine warms up, stays on low revs but disappears on higher . I had a look at the Climate control fan, it was quite, I had a listen using a stethoscope in engine bay and found the source of the noise to be...
  6. S

    Air suspension compressor repair

    Hi all I'm currently down in Portugal my air suspension collapsed, the local dealer diagnosed the fault as compressor failure, and the quote for repair is 1450e approx £1000, is this the right price seems very high to me! Thanks
  7. flat6buster

    advice sought for air compressor

    Hi - can anyone give me some pointers on what to look for when I buy an air compressor. It is to run a small piece of machinery that requires a 30 litre/minute supply. It will be used inside so needs to be quiet and electric I guess. Anything I should look for? Just go to machine mart...
  8. brucemillar

    Spring Compressor Wanted - Kent

    Hi Is there anybody in Kent, who would be happy to lend me a spring compressor for a couple of days please? I need to fit new front struts to my BMW e39 tourer. Many thanks Bruce
  9. S

    W208 Air Condition - Possible Compressor Issue

    Hi all, I have a 2000 W208 230K For the past few weeks, I've been battling with a local garage looking into my AC issues... When the system is charged, it lasts for 2-3 weeks before the AC no longer works / coolant is lost. The garage used a dye and identified initially some seals that...
  10. ringway

    Small Air Compressor Advice.

    I need a small but powerful air compressor. It won't be used to power any tools but will be used for blasting dust out of nooks and crannies. Adjustable pressure and a long hose would be ideal. The less expensive, the better. :thumb: TIA. Paul.
  11. M

    Ac new compressor will not start error code 9006 help/advice please

    My car 2007 GL320CDI I just replaced my ac compressor, expansion valve and the receiver/drier due to not cooling low pressure was at 60-70 psi and high pressure was at about 125. The new compressor is SSB (chinese version of Sanden/Behr C011280C, Perfect fit) All is connected and charged...
  12. merc69man

    Valve compressor

    Hi everyone I own a 190e 2.6 can anyone tell me which valve spring compression tool you use to remove the valves and also how much lateral movement there should be or not be on the pistons thanks.
  13. lisa110rry

    Sorry, another question: Original tyre compressor

    I made my previous thread "Fixed" and don't know how to unfix it so I had to start another! Having packed away my new skinny spare wheel, I realised what the "hole" to the left hand side of the boot is for! The compressor for said skinny wheel! Now, I do have a compressor, but it doesn't...
  14. Harrington13

    Puzzled with air compressor anybody help thanks

    Took this off front end of my e500 2002 on a 52 w211 does anybody know where the other end of the pipe goes or if its just a breather and why was there ball bearings and small bits of metal inside the white filter type i think and is there more than one compressor thanks see photo
  15. rockits

    Air Compressor & Nailer Recommendations/Advice

    I'm going to be extending the garage and will be doing some framing/stud work then cladding the outside. To make the job as easy and quick as it can be I am looking at getting a framing nailer. It seems the air option seems to offer the best performance/price ratio. This works well as I can...
  16. F

    W220 Airmatic Compressor Mounting Bracket

    Hi, everyone..I am in need of the metal mounting bracket for the air compressor for a W220 (2000 MY) Airmatic Suspension, please...the vertical mounting studs, where the rubber bushes are, have sheared on mine :-( Thanks, Frank
  17. D

    Rear air suspension - compressor

    Hi there, Maybe someone here can help me in understanding how often it is normal to hear the air pump on a W212 Estate. In the past I don't remember even hearing it but after the last service 29k miles, I don't know why but I hear the pump. I hear it sometimes in the morning and then...
  18. P

    Brake pads for SLK 200 compressor

    Just bought a Merc. SLK 200 compressor 2007, 184hp. The front brake pads are well worn and the disc vents are badly clogged up. Discs should be O K but the pads need to be replaced, any recommendations welcome. ,
  19. S

    Ml 270 Air Conditioning compressor

    Hi As posted earlier I have recently purchased a ML270 it has a couple of problems. Quick question .... When the compressor is running the two metal pipes from compressor to the cabin ..should 1 pipe be cold and the other 1 pipe is hot .. really hot?? does this sound right. If not what should...
  20. ChrisEdu

    Compressor recommendations

    I'm considering adding a compressor to my tool collection, for use with nailers, staplers, sanders, some inflation, etc... It needs to be fairly portable, and ideally easy to maintain. Budget, possibly upto £200, although it would be nice if that included a tool or two. Any suggestions?
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