1. M

    W211 E320CDI Turbo intake cracked. What now?

    While I was trying to refit the turbo intake pipe it develop crack. Yes my fault as I was rushing and push it to hard :fail:wallbash: Now the question. Mercedes wants £275 for new part. It it safe to glue it? If yes what to use for that? Or buy new one??
  2. A

    London recommendation - cracked rim

    Rear tyre on CLS55 went flat yesterday - no sign of a puncture, but noticed a hairline crack on the back of the alloy which seems a likely culprit. Normally I use PCS for the car, but they're a bit of a trip with the wife's car to get something small done. Obviously getting a wheel fixed...
  3. T

    2009 E500 coupe H/L cracked

    Morning All I noticed that my drivers side headlight cover is cracked, do I need to replace whole thing or can I just change the cover?? thanks Teresa:dk:
  4. C

    Cracked rear light

    Ok someone when reversing out of a parking space has dented the rear panel and cracked the light. I wanted to get tinted versions as will switch the alloys at one point to all black but don't know if anyone has fitted tinted rear lights to a uk registered estate. Lots of options for saloons and...
  5. JohnEclass

    Cracked Alloy

    Well after reading a few posts.... this is not going to be a surprise to anyone! I took my car for a puncture repair as front offside was losing pressure every 2-3 days not flat just enough to trigger the pressure sensors. Took it to garage, they looked said egg on side wall needs new tyre...
  6. P

    W163 ML 500 | Cracked block?

    I appreciate diagnosing these kinds of things is very difficult over the internet, but I'm wondering if anyone has any bright ideas before I give up on the infernal thing. Around 7 months ago head gasket failure was diagnosed due to over pressurisation of the cooling system causing coolant to...
  7. H

    CL600 Cracked Windshield

    I just noticed a long crack in my windshield on my 2004 CL600. It is a strange one in my opinion.. I have never seen crack like this in any windshield.. it is horizontal just above the firewall almost from windowpost to windowpost. there is no sign of any impact so am just wondering what might...
  8. D

    Cracked C63 wheels

    I have a set of genuine 19" c63 wheel and both rear have cracked on the inner walls was looking at replacing with 4 replica wheels does anyone know if they are any better or still possibility of cracking cheers.
  9. D

    ML270 cracked overflow coolant tank

    Hi guys noticed this tonight that the overflow tank is leaking. Anyone know best place to get them?
  10. JonoF1amg

    Windscreen cracked

    Hi, Can anyone give me some advice regarding windscreeen replacements? Travelling down the motorway today and a stone has caused a large crack on the bottom of the windscreen. The car is still under warranty (just over 2 years old) if that makes any difference and I want a genuine MB OEM...
  11. S

    W221 S320 2007 Cracked windscreen

    I need to replace the windscreen on my 2007 S320 W221. Idaelly wish to replace it for like for like - which i assume will be v expensive? Car has rain sensor and i am told heat shield? (is this a refelective tint built into the glass?) Thinking of going through the insurance however...
  12. AMGeed

    Cracked Windscreen

    Found this crack today that certainly wasn't there when I used the car yesterday. It was about 2" long to start with and since using the car for a short journey I'd say the crack is now about 4" long running from the top of the screen across towards the drivers side window.:wallbash: Anyone...
  13. rpepper1973

    2013 E Class Estate cracked headlight perspex

    Hi, I have a 2013 E Class Estate and have a cracked perspex headlight cover. The Mercedes dealership want to replace the whole unit for 770 pounds! Are there magic glues that repair such a thing? Many thanks, Richard.
  14. MancMike

    If insurance companies were honest - cracked video

    Cracked is a cool satirical channel presented well. Here's a video on insurance, which made me chuckle as it's all very true... zfdSTyAcXfs
  15. MWCLS

    Cracked windscreen W219 CLS

    I had the misfortune of cracking my windscreen today as a skip lorry flew past me and deposited a stone on my windscreen leaving a chip with a 3 inch crack low down, tax disc area. I called my insurers ( out of hours ) they were helpful although the nice lady said that's all done and booked...
  16. John

    Cracked key.

    So on my 2004 W211, I have the usual key but as you can see below, it is cracked and now breaking up. What are the options these days for replacing this? I suspect I can spend £4m at MB but is there an alternative which won't cost that?
  17. D

    s211 windscreen cracked for the 3rd time....

    I'm at my wits end with this. The 3rd genuine screen to need replacement for the smallest stone mark I've ever seen. Screen actually cracks a few days after the event. Think my insurance company may well refuse this one. Are MB screens totally crap now??? My original screen was peppered with...
  18. M

    Cracked 2015 C250d headlight

    Hi all, this is my first post here. I had a search but couldn't find any info. I hit a deer last night, my family and I are ok, the car is surprisingly ok , can't say the same for the poor deer. ( i very nearly managed to stop, the brakes are amazing!!) I'll get to the point , all it's done...
  19. 46thedoctor

    C63 w204 19" alloy cracked

    As above, crack appeared, MB won't warranty, anyone else has this and / or success with warranty?
  20. Lee C63

    C63 cracked multi spoke time for new wheels

    Had the car in for a A service at MB Sunderland and they spotted a cracked alloy on the rear!!!!! They recommended a couple of places for a "weld repair" but stated the MB official line is a new wheel......and to be fair I wouldn't be comfortable knowing I had a repaired alloy on the car...
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