1. Davo

    Cradles, Blue Teeth and Comand APS (again)

    I know there are many threads, but I want to make sure i get the right phone before I spend money. I have never used hands free, I still pull over and answer my mobile, honest officer. My 2006 C320cdi has Comand APS, an MB cradle in the armrest, a sharks fin aerial, a mike for handsfree and...
  2. M

    Replacing phone cradles S211

    All, Just a quick question. I've just changed the phone cradle in my S211 (from Nokia 6230 to Sony Ericsson K700). I was thinking it would just be a straight swap. But with the replacement cradle in place, I don't get any sound. Can dial out ok (called my mobile) but don't hear phone...
  3. A

    Phone cradles for clk430

    Who sells phone cradles? I presume you can buy cradles for different phone makes and models?
  4. GrahamC230K

    Mobile Cradles

    I read in a thread not too long a go a URL for a company that sold cradles for all sorts of different mobile devices. Can't find it now, any suggestions as to who it was? It wasn't dashmount.
  5. Broken_Cross

    pre-wired cradles with bluetooth

    I have noticed some ebay listings stating that cradles such as the samsung d600 also pair with phone k750i - is there any truth in this?
  6. A

    THB Bury hands free cradles (various)

    I'm having a bit of clearout, prior to listing on ebay is anyone interested in any of these? Surprised I've been through so many phones! They are for the THB Bury Handsfree system and will not work with the Mercedes factory fit systems. Nokia 6300 cradle @ £30 2 x Nokia 6020/6021 cradle @...
  7. P

    Bluetooth cradles and newer phones

    I am about to buy a cradle for a pre-wired 2005 E Class we have just bought.. I have a Sony Ericsson W950i and wife has 850i. The HFP cradle is said to work with the 850i (and i assume the 950i as it has much the same software driving it).. But, we are also due to change phones.. me to a...
  8. jpskiller

    Car Phone Cradles

    Found thgis site by accident not sure if already posted.. if not may want to add to fav's
  9. A

    Phone's & cradles, advice please

    I have recently swapped my W203 for a W204, both with telephone pre wire and cradle for Sony Ericsson K750i. I am also due an upgrade of my phone from Orange. My question is this, "W204 has Bluetooth as standard, should I just use a new phone (SAP Bluetooth), or do I go for one that I can get...
  10. crockers

    Bluetooth Cradles

    Any latest reports from anyone using these? Does anyone use them with Motorola phones? If so do they work ok?
  11. F

    Phone cradles on a 2002 Year Merc

    I will be picking up my pre owned Mercedes E55 AMG on Sunday. Can't wait :bannana: It has the 380 Pre Wired phone installation, but no phone. Is this the same as the UHI cradle, as I have a Nokia 6820 which I could use, and so would just need the right cradle. Or Is it an older version...
  12. A

    Bluetooth Cradles

    Just defected from a BMW M5 to an ML63 and have to say the bluetooth side of things is just not confusing enough on this side of the fence. Car im getting does have telephone pre-wiring but no one seems to be able to tell me what i need to enable bluetooth. Do you have to buy a specific cradle...
  13. R

    SLK 350 comand and phone cradles

    Ive recently purchased a 2 year old SLK 350, which has almost every extra in the book on it. An absolutley stunning car and a dream to drive. It has the comand system and phone pre wiring. Is it just a simple case of getting a cradle installed and running the phone through the comand system? Do...
  14. SportsCoupeRich

    Phone cradles - nokia 8800

    :confused: Do these exist?
  15. S

    Phone Cradles for Pre-Wire ( Code 386 ) UHI

    Looking for a phone cradle for you Mercedes but don't want to pay the dealers £131 ?? I stock many of the phone cradle and trade them on Ebay at prices from £49.95 - great saving over dealer prices. You can pay securely to PayPal ( the Ebay money transfer agent ) by credit card or from your...
  16. S

    Same old question - Mobile Phone Cradles

    This must be the bain of the spares desk at Hughes Mercedes in Beaconsfield, but it’s about the mobile phone cradles for a pre-wired CLK or any other Mercedes for that matter. I’m onto my fourth new Mercedes – a CLK 320 convertible – and I always get the pre-wiring option for mobile phones...
  17. G

    Part number conflicts o phone cradles ?

    Thought my 6310i factory fitted phone wiring & phone cradle was UHI - the booklet supplied with new car in April 05 states B6 787 5822. However, the cradle itself has the following numbers on back: A 171 820 04 51 05W02 Q9 HW:0404 SW:1104 PEIKER acustic 154237 022611 Any...
  18. M

    Mercedes UHI cradles for October 2005 - New Phones !

    B6 787 5853 for the Siemens M75 B6 787 5854 for the Siemens CX75 B6 787 5860 for the Ericsson K750i B6 787 5862 for the Sony Ericsson W800 B6 787 5848 for the Nokia 9300
  19. M

    Pre wired phone cradles

    Help!!!!! Have just bought a second hand 04 C class coupe with the command and pre wired fascility.However the car never came with a phone cradle.The thought of paying £112 for a piece of plastic to sit my phone in leaves me a bit cold.Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative or place where...
  20. R

    UHI Phone Cradles, Availability?

    Does anyone know which UHI cradles are currently available to purchase now?
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