1. WDB124066

    Low speeding tolerance could increase crashes...

    Seems the Australians have thought it relevant to study this in some detail. Low speeding tolerance could increase crashes - study
  2. Marvin16x

    Dash Cam Crashes: Mercedes Edition ...

    Happy new year to all of you. May you be save on the road and spared from encounters of this sort: h5NBFztA_Vs 4:20 is your typical W140 crash. Unfazed af.
  3. lfckeeper

    Many many crashes

    Saw three quite serious crashes on route to work this morning (thankfully they were serious for the cars not the drivers) and a car ass shaking as it slowed from 50mph for traffic lights. My first though was 'idiots, you should be more careful in this weather'. However, as the roads had not...
  4. M

    Mercedes AMG GT Race Car Crashes Hard At The Nürburgring - Video

  5. J

    Young bike rider crashes into Mercedes and causes road rage in Dartford
  6. The _Don

    Driver crashes £1 million Ferrari moments after leaving the dealership in Hungary
  7. M

    Mercedes AMG GT crashes while drag racing - Video

    Mercedes AMG GT crashes while drag racing E6LDHpNk4eY
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Vintage Lister crashes with a 300SLS at Goodwood

    Noone hurt Couple of million £££ of cars in that crash!
  9. M

    Drunk Mercedes G55 AMG driver crashes into six cars

    from the article: An intoxicated driver behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG crashed into no less than six cars. 6 pictures and full article .
  10. W

    rider crashes when being stopped by the police

    Don't let the title cloud your judgement, but I can see this being a lively debate :) For my thoughts: 3 points to the second rider for the collision. 3 points to the policeman for contributing to the collision. Uk8yl_07Keo
  11. grober

    Michael_Schumacher crashes!

    The need for speed? Michael_Schumacher reported to have sustained a head injury while skiing solo off piste----wearing a helmet so initial fears he was seriously injured are receding.
  12. swannymere

    Police helicopter crashes on Glasgow Pub

    Not looking good. Police Helicopter crash
  13. ringway

    10 Motorbike Crashes.

    Worth watching if only for the first one. :D _bCruDGzspk
  14. WDB124066

    Lewis Hamilton crashes brand new F1 Mercedes
  15. ringway

    Hard shoulder driving cuts crashes.

    Aped from Yahoo News. Allowing hard-shoulder running (HSR), where drivers can use the hard shoulder of motorways during peak times, has cut accident rates and reduced journey times, Government figures show. The statistics were produced as Roads Minister Mike Penning officially...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    2012 Mercedes CLS crashes on the Nürburgring

  17. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes SLS GT3 AMG Crashes during Racing Debut

    The racing debut of the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 didn't go as planned as the highly-prized race car was involved in an accident on the Nürburgring. While details are limited, one of our spy photographers was at the race and saw everything happen. Apparently, just one minute into the race, Bernd...
  18. Iain

    Mercedes crashes through London car park wall

    BBC News - Mercedes crashes through London car park wall
  19. npuk

    9ff GT9R crashes in the UK

    Brake failure at 220mph, yet no-one was hurt when the 9ff GT9R crashed in the UK. 9ff GT9R crashes at Bruntingthorpe in the UK :eek: Lucky they missed them trees.
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Fatality as 2012 M-Class Prototype Crashes On Autobahn

    One man was killed and a Daimler test driver was injured in an accident on Autobahn A81 near Rottweil, Germany. In the early morning hours of the April 23 the 52-year-old Daimler employee was testing a 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class prototype SUV when he struck a 26-year-old man exiting his...
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